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Sticker shock: Why are glasses so expensive?

One factor: the world's largest eyewear company, the Italian firm Luxottica, controls a big chunk of the business. Lesley Stahl reports.

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Observer-Reporter [07/27/18, via Observer-Reporter]
Eye doctor honored by North Strabane police for help with investigation Police said Betonte entered the residence of a 60-year-old woman about 3:30 a.m. April 4 and told her he had a gun he would use if she didn't comply. He then choked her with a bedsheet and proceeded to assault and rape her for 90 minutes, police said. [...]

Global Sisters Report (blog) [08/07/18, via Global Sisters Report (blog)]
Franciscan sisters run emergency lifeline for needy in West Virginia Earlier this summer, she gave talk at St. Agnes Parish in Louisville, Kentucky, where she said that Kermit, with a population of 392, is known as the opioid capital of the U.S. "We have been featured on '60 Minutes' regarding this crisis — a single [...]

Orlando Sentinel [08/11/18, via Orlando Sentinel]
Green algae, red tide: Florida's summer colors Last week: Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer celebrated his 60th birthday last week by delivering “60 Reasons to Love Orlando. . Last week: Google Glass, the recently phased-out hardware, is essentially is computerized eyeglasses equipped with a camera [...]

The Sociable [04/05/18, via The Sociable]
Why Eyeglasses Continue To Be Unaffordable, And What Can Be Done About It Mark Agnew is CEO and Founder of, a leading online retailer of eyeglasses, prescription lenses, and sunglasses. On October 7 2012, the CBS television program 60 Minutes broadcast an attention-grabbing piece on the unaffordability of  [...]

RT @Kokomoschmoe: Much better than 60 Minutes flying in Oprah to read a prepared script in her "I'm smarter than you" designer eyeglasses h…

Much better than 60 Minutes flying in Oprah to read a prepared script in her "I'm smarter than you" designer eyegla… 

Advertising, competition, and the price of eyeglasses Advertising, competition, and the price of eyeglasses
18 pages
Restrictive and Anticompetitive Practices in the Eyeglass Industry Restrictive and Anticompetitive Practices in the Eyeglass Industry
1499 pages
Do You Really Need Eyeglasses?
Published by Station Hill Press 1991
ISBN 0941683125,9780941683128
144 pages
Journal Journal

George W. Bush returns to campaign trail to boost brother Jeb Bush - CBS News

newyork sunglasses ipod boots broadway headphones upperwestside hood eyeglasses peeps earphones verdisquare greensunglasses greeneyeglasses Photo by Ed Yourdon on Flickr

Bush returned to the campaign trail on Monday for the first time since he left the White House, mounting a defense of his legacy and his brother Jeb's campaign after both were targeted by Donald Trump during the South Carolina Republican debate... Donald Trump clears up his Bush-9/11 debate remarks George Bush featured in super PAC ad backing Jeb Bush Donald Trump, Jeb Bush spar over Bush family legacy "I understand that Americans are angry and frustrated but we do not need someone in the... Bush never mentioned the Republican frontrunner's name, but the contrast he drew between "his big little brother" and Trump was obvious as he defined "real strength".


Around Billerica - Wicked Local

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Want to see your event listed in "Around Town". 1) Visit our website homepage (billerica. com) and scroll down to the "Events Calendar" box on the right side. 2) Register or, if you've visited before, log in. Then click on "Add Event" at the top of the page. 3) Follow the instructions to fill out the event form, and click "Submit Event. " That's it. To see the full list, just click on "More Events" on the website. Storm-related tree debris: A drop off location for residential storm-related tree debris (branches) is set up next to the Billerica Highway Division, 250 Boston Road. Residents can drop off loose branches during daylight hours until March 13. No bags are accepted. “Swinging Our Way to Victory: American Popular Music of the WWII Era”: 7 p. m. March 10, Billerica Access Television, 430 Boston Road.


[01/27/16, via Reuters] CEO Cautions Consumers About Vision Coverage; Calls for Lawmakers to Take Action based, is cautioning consumers on the implications ... According to Agnew, on average those with vision coverage pay $60 in premiums in addition to $90 in co-pays for a total of $150, and are limited to just one use of the benefits per ... [...]

[01/11/13, via Reuters]
Moscot and Warby Parker: How two small eyewear companies saw their way to success Profiled in October on "60 Minutes," the company founded by Leonardo Del Vecchio is now the world's largest eyewear company ... (Co-president Wendy Simmons handles Moscot fashion shoots.) Reuters spoke with executives at Warby Parker and Moscot to learn ... [...]

[12/09/12, via Kaptiall WIre]
Free Press: 60 Minutes Exposes Eyewear Monopoly Held by LUX On Sunday evening, CBS’s 60 minutes devoted a piece of their program to eyewear company Luxottica Group (LUX). Luxottica Group was founded in 1961 in a small town in Italy and designs, manufactures and sells eyeglasses and sunglasses worldwide. [...]

[10/09/12, via Kansas City Legal Examiner]
Glasses, Optics & Eyewear Monopoly: Luxottica's Illusion Of Global Competition This may be slightly off-topic from my normal topics, but I found this story fascinating. I happened to catch 60 Minutes report on global eyewear company Luxottica and its near total domination of the global market for eyewear – prescription glasses and ... [...]

[10/06/12, via CBS News]
Sticker shock: Why are glasses so expensive? October 7, 2012, 12:33 PM |One factor: the world's largest eyewear company, the Italian firm Luxottica, controls a big chunk of the business. Lesley Stahl reports. GO [...]

CRITIC'S NOTEBOOK; '60 Minutes,' Kevorkian and a Death for the Cameras

It is not a gracefully composed camera shot: Dr. Jack Kevorkian blocks the camera's view as he injects his incurably ill patient, Thomas Youk, with lethal drugs. Sitting upright, wearing his glasses and a plaid shirt, Mr. Youk has been given a sedative and his head has lolled back out of camera range; perhaps because we cannot see his face, the off-camera voices commenting as they watch this videotape are more chilling than anything on screen.''Is he dead now?'' Mike Wallace asks.''He's dying...

Can these ‘smart glasses’ make cyclists go faster?

By Scott Kirsner Globe Correspondent  January 06, 2018If you have kids or grandkids, you hear the term “screen time” an awful lot. How much is too much? Is reading a book on an iPad bad, or maybe a bit better than watching YouTube videos on dad’s phone?The tech industry has been pretty successful at selling us all kinds of screens, from laptops to 60-inch TVs to smartphones to e-readers to Apple Watches. And each successive wave of technology is hyped at the annual Consumer...

8 Eye-Popping Gadgets at CES 2018, From Robots to Augmented Reality Glasses (Photos)

Image 1of/1CaptionCloseImage 1 of 18 Eye-Popping Gadgets at CES 2018, From Storytelling Robots to Augmented Reality Glasses (Photos)Back to GalleryTech companies have gathered at CES in Las Vegas to show off their latest gadgets for 2018. From Samsung’s massive new 146’ TV to the first fingerprint sensor smartphone, check out what has caught our eye so far.Samsung has taken the big screen to a whole new level. “The Wall” is literally bigger than most walls, coming in at 146’ wide. The picture...