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The Best Glasses For Your Face Shape

Glasses should enhance your face! Not conceal it! So here's a guide on how to find the right glasses for your face shape! Sorry for the late upload. My hard drive ...

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Business Insider [08/17/18, via Business Insider]
The best women's T-shirt brands The best women's sunglasses you can buy. Sunglasses double as a fun fashion statement and protective eyewear. You could just get a cheap pair that'll break in a week, or you could go all in on a nice pair of sunglasses that will last for years if not [...]

Vanity Fair [09/05/18, via Vanity Fair]
Vanity Fair's Best-Dressed 2018 What is personal style? A distillation of mood, influences, and wardrobe to create the outward version of your best inner self. As fashion has democratized, so have our wardrobes. Traditional dress codes for gender, occupation, and occasion no longer [...]

euronews [09/07/18, via euronews]
5 stylish weekend breaks Multiple shopping streets criss-cross the city's interlinking islands, but on a weekend break the boutique-lined Drottninggatan or Götgatan are good place to start, both fully pedestrianised and the latter home to luxury Swedish brand Filippa K [...]

CNET [09/02/18, via CNET]
4 of the best package tracking apps for Android And if there's a product recall or a price drop on something you've purchased, Slice can automatically get you a refund on that product and credit the difference to your attached payment method, without you ever lifting a finger. Best of all, it's [...]


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Best Buy: If you are seeking brand sunglasses or other accessories the Miami Merchandise Mall on the Plaza Level at… 

Spring 2016: The Season Of Boho-Chic Fashion - Uloop News

newyork sunglasses rain manhattan broadway upperwestside peeps umbrellas wellies Photo by Ed Yourdon on Flickr

Yes, my fellow readers, Spring is finally coming. This wonderful season might be known for colorful flowers and the buzzing of bees, but I’m more focused on a different aspect of the changing seasons: the newest and coolest trends. Ladies, I suggest that you start reorganizing your closets by putting your heavy winter sweaters in storage because I am going to give you the inside scoop on the hottest up-and-coming fashion trends of Spring 2016. Just a heads up … Spring 2016... Over the past season, kimonos have become a major feature in young women’s closets. The best part about this trend is that you can truly personalize it and make it.


Why Your Dad Is This Season's Biggest #Influencer - FashionBeans

park newyork grass sunglasses female student mac women manhattan laptop bryantpark workfromhome macbookpro axzz2omm9zpqfuwvxg7lirg ixzz2tylyyopd Photo by Ed Yourdon on Flickr

Unless you’re North West, being told you dress like your dad is more playground insult than sartorial co-sign. But this season’s runways were awash in your dad’s staples, as fashion suddenly championed the kind of practical garms that, when he rocked them, made you ask him to drop you off round the corner from school. Fleece There’s a reason your dad’s stuck by his zip-up fleece and that’s because it’s goddamn warm. The fabric’s fluffiness traps heat without bulk, which is why he layers his under everything from a blazer to an anorak (see below). How To De-Dad It Fleece doesn’t age well. So buy new and hand-wash to stop it sticking down.


[03/07/16, via The Yucatan Times]
Top Ten spots, the very best Mexico has to offer UNESCO World Heritage status listed Guanajuato was once a silver mining town and is best explored by foot. A great place to buy beautiful arts and crafts ... a sarong, a pair of sunglasses and a hat. Choose a boutique cabana on the beachfront or go for ... [...]

[03/07/16, via The Huffington Post]
10 Places You Should Visit In Mexico UNESCO World Heritage status listed Guanajuato was once a silver mining town and is best explored by foot. A great place to buy beautiful arts and crafts ... a sarong, a pair of sunglasses and a hat. Choose a boutique cabana on the beachfront or go for ... [...]

[03/06/16, via Examiner]
Best places to view the St. Patrick's Day Parade in Savannah If you were in the mind to do it and only have a few hours, going out to Forsyth and parking four blocks south or just riding your bike or walking, is one of the best ways to take in ... then Bay Street is your place to be. If you want a more family ... [...]

[02/09/16, via Investor Place]
Swatch Sunglasses Are Coming Back Swatch sunglasses are making a return in 2016. Swatch sunglasses will start being sold again in Spring under the “Swatch The Eyes” line. The new sunglasses will be promoted via an advertising campaign called “I Always Want More Looks.” The new ... [...]

[04/15/14, via MadeForMums]
12 of the best children's sunglasses If you're heading abroad or having a 'Staycation' this summer, be sure to invest in a decent pair of sunglasses for your child - and even for your baby (See our 7 of the best sunglasses for ... to the sun’s rays takes place before the age of 18. [...]

How Pinterest uses AI to learn (and sell) your style

Pinterest’s computer vision tools can be used to identify things you see in the world, but the real goal is to be able to recognize your style, even if it doesn’t have a name.“We don’t have to know the name of your style but we [can match it], and I think that’s the magic part. That’s why we believe Lens is the first baby step to encourage users to use your phone and camera as an input of what you’re thinking; then we will figure out what we can do for you to finish the journey,” Li Fan,...

Kasey's Korner: Five Places to Buy Stylish Sunglasses

One of our favorite summertime fashion accessories is a great pair of shades.  Not only are they practical (especially when you live in the Sunshine State!), but they also add a chic, stylish look to any outfit.  But finding the right pair can be tricky—and it can cost you.  With most designer brands retailing for upwards of $200, this is one splurge we're not buying into.  Here's the good news: Many stores in the area are stocking up on great styles, at a fraction of the...

Avoid the scams: Where to buy safe solar eclipse glasses

School children use special glasses to look into the sky at a partial solar eclipse on March 20, 2015 in Glasgow, Scotland.  (Photo by Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images) (Photo: Jeff J Mitchell, 2015 Getty Images)( - Eclipse blindness is no joke.So if you’re on the hunt for those chunky sunglasses to protect your kids’ eyes while viewing the solar eclipse on Aug. 21, good for you.But you shouldn’t buy just any glasses. There are tons of fakes and knock-offs that could damage...