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[09/17/18, via ]
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Take a sneak peek at Warby Parker's first New Jersey store, in Paramus The company had no showroom at the time, but invited the customer to co-founder Neil Blumenthal's apartment, where the customer could see a selection of glasses laid out on a dining room table and place an order on a laptop. As the customer asked [...]

HuffPost [05/09/18, via HuffPost]
7 Of The Best Places To Buy Glasses Online For Cheap Before you purchase new glasses online, you'll need a copy of your most recent glasses prescription. (And no, your contact prescription won't work for new glasses, sorry). You'll also want to learn how to measure your PD, or pupillary distance. It's [...]

Refinery29 [09/16/18, via Refinery29]
A Week In New York City On A $150000 Income I'm pretty fast at getting ready, but the place we picked in Brooklyn requires me to take the L train, which means I need to walk to 14th Street. L. orders pasta. I haven't caught up with her in awhile, and it's always fun to hear what's going on [...]

Forbes [07/22/18, via Forbes]
How (And Where) To Buy Prescription Glasses Online This determines where to place the center of each lens in your frames in order to customize the optics in your eyes, according to the American Optometric Association,. Where To Find Glasses Online. There are actually tons of virtual eyewear shops [...]

If I have my eye prescription then where is best place to order glasses with prescription online?

Take Off Your Glasses and See Take Off Your Glasses and See
Published by Harmony 2011
ISBN 9780307795366,0307795365
288 pages
Travel Glasses (The Call to Search Everywhen, Book 1) Travel Glasses (The Call to Search Everywhen, Book 1)
Published by 2014
ISBN 9780990379966,0990379965
240 pages
Relearning to See Relearning to See
Published by North Atlantic Books 2000
ISBN 9781556433412,1556433417
521 pages
Song Reader Song Reader
ISBN 0571299407,9780571299409
112 pages

[03/15/16, via Daily Mail]
The Queen's power struggles with the mother she adored: They shared a mutual love of horse racing, but Her Majesty and her mother were far from alike If I was you, I would find some dark glasses and a good disguise next time to come anywhere near this place ... order at the youthful age of 51, it meant something very different. Suddenly, their regal positions were reversed. Both did their best ... [...]

[03/15/16, via Slate]
Donald Trump Wears Red Hats When He’s Cranky, According to This Bonkers Profile of His Butler If it was red, it was best to stay away.” Senecal offers no indication in the article as to how the staff might have interpreted the black, blue, and camouflage caps available in the Trump campaign’s online store ... horn-rimmed glasses, a walrus ... [...]

[03/09/16, via NASDAQ]
50 Ways to Save $500 This March One of the best ways to save money at the grocery store is ... so you can do something fun on a budget. For the price of two glasses of wine at a restaurant, you can buy a decent bottle and have four to six glasses at home, depending on how heavy you ... [...]

[03/07/16, via]
John Rosemond: Spouses should pay more attention to each other than to children Most recently, a significant number of folks — women, all — were outraged over something I posted online: In a family ... keep their cute faces safe from scratches! When's the best time to buy? A month-by-month guide to finding bargains For those ... [...]

[03/04/16, via Los Angeles Times]
Stalking wildflowers in the Anza-Borrego desert to forecast the Big Bloom By January, the early online reports are posted ... that tells callers the best places to find flowers in the park on a given day, as well as the state of the year's bloom. Back in the early 1980s, tourists could buy a 20-cent postcard, add their address ... [...]

6 Cool Places To Buy Eyeglasses In Los Angeles

For those of us looking for something a little nicer than whatever you can pick out on the cheap rack at LensCrafters or Costco (hey, no shame), here are some (mostly) local options where you can get your prescription checked, get your broken frames lovingly fixed and find something fun, sophisticated or vintage. As always, leave your own favorite shops in the comments.Society of the SpectacleThis is a fun shop to visit even if you don't need your glasses to better read your Marxist critical...

The future of smart glasses comes into focus

Will smart glasses fog when I drink my morning coffee?So many questions about the future of smart glasses remain unanswered.As we slouch toward the end of the smartphone era, it’s important to consider what comes next — and plan accordingly.Here are the questions technology professionals like us should be asking, with the answers we know so far (many of which have emerged in the past week).Q: Will Apple make smart glasses? Yes.I told you in January why Apple needs to make smart glasses in...

Here's Where You Can Still Buy Real Solar Eclipse Glasses

Anyone who waited just a little too long to buy their eclipse glasses is now likely finding that many places are sold out. But don’t give up hope — and don’t resort to buying fake eclipse glasses. (To watch without eclipse glasses, check out TIME’s livestream of the total eclipse beginning at 12 p.m. ET on Monday.)Watching the Aug. 21 solar eclipse directly without proper eye protection is not an option, as it can cause temporary or permanent damage to your vision. It can also be dangerous to...