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Eye Color Changer

Eye Color Changer

Colored Contact Lenses: an Easy Consumer's Guide

Colored Contact Lenses: an Easy Consumer's Guide

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iCOLOUR Color Changing Eye Drops - Change Your Eye Color Naturally - 1 Month Supply - 9 mL (Blue)

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NiceEyes - Eye Color Changer

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DMV Soft Lens Handler, colors may vary

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[02/14/18, via ]
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MyRepublica (satire) (press release) (blog) [01/26/18, via MyRepublica (satire) (press release) (blog)]
The case for contact lenses Yes, you need specialized check up and care before getting contact lenses. The thing you have to remember before you use contact lenses is that you are wearing this thin flimsy plastic over your eyes and if they go in wrong or cause trouble you can [...] [10/24/17, via]
How those Halloween colored contacts could hurt your eyes Contacts that have been reviewed by the FDA, on the other hand, still can cause vision problems if sold without a prescription, meaning that they have not been fitted to the wearer's eyes. They can be too tight or too loose, leading to rubbing [...]

Healthline [10/29/17, via Healthline]
Pretty Scary: Colored Contact Lenses Can Damage Your Eyes They don't correct your vision, but can change the color of your eye. But experts are warning consumers to be careful this Halloween season and ensure they only purchase contacts from a reputable supplier who requires a prescription. “It doesn't matter [...]

Merced Sun-Star [10/22/17, via Merced Sun-Star]
Wearing spooky contacts for Halloween? Here's why eye doctors say you shouldn't If one of the accessories this year to your Halloween costume are spooky contact lenses, optometrist in Merced say the potential eye damage is not worth the Instagram photos. Non prescription contact lenses, popularly used during the month of October [...]

First day of 2018: I'm gonna try to save money and not spend needlessly Two weeks later: spends $50 on non prescri… 

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[11/09/15, via Food World News]
£7 Contact Lenses Ripped Out a Teenager's Cornea Halloween is a popular time for people to use colored contact ... Fortunately, the contacts did the leave a lasting damage to her eye and she was given antibiotics. Tia is now warning others to stay away from the cheap, non-prescription contacts. [...]

[10/25/15, via LAist]
Those Colored Contacts For Your Halloween Costume Could Make You Blind A Department of Justice statement says that some of these colored, cosmetic contact lenses were "contaminated with dangerous pathogens that can cause eye injury, blindness and loss of the eye." Not only that, but non-prescribed lenses can also cause ... [...]

[10/21/15, via]
Social Media Library Message: Don’t let an eye infection be the scariest part of your Halloween. Audience: Designed for young adult contact lens wearers. To download this button, right-click the image and then click "Save picture as." The image can then be saved to your ... [...]

[10/19/15, via TOLEDO NEWS NOW]
Beware of decorative contact lenses this Halloween: Warning from Attorney General Attorney General Mike DeWine issued a warning against buying and wearing non-prescription optical ... Legally, all contact lenses should be available to people with a prescription. However, contacts that are color-changing or merely decorative have been ... [...]

[10/19/15, via Portsmouth Daily Times]
Attorney General warns of illegal contact lenses for halloween As a U.S. senator, DeWine sponsored the legislation that requires consumers to obtain a prescription from a licensed professional to purchase contact lenses, including corrective and non-corrective lenses. Reach Frank Lewis at 740-353-3101, ext. [...]

Beware costume contacts to avoid a scary Halloween, doctors say

If you're trying to freak out your friends by wearing eerie-looking red contact lenses as part of your zombie Halloween costume, or any contacts that change the shape or color of your eyes, medical experts have some scary warnings.They say decorative contact lenses that are marketed and sold without prescriptions can cause serious eye infections or, in some cases, blindness."It's extremely concerning," said Joseph Calderone, an ophthamologist at Better Vision New Jersey, based in...

Let This Guy's Story Serve as a Warning: Avoid Costume Contact Lenses This Halloween

In order to put the finishing touches on our Halloween costumes, some of us might consider popping in some head-turning freaky colored contacts. It turns out you may want to revisit the drawing board, though, because health experts are warning people about the damage that these costume contacts can cause. In 2005, the U.S. Food & Drug Administration made non-prescription contact lenses illegal, yet it's easy for people to get their hands on them online or in specialty retailers, and...

Freedom from glasses and contact lenses ... without surgery?

Many people have heard of Lasik, which is a surgical laser procedure to correct vision. It works by reshaping the cornea, which is the clear “window” in front of the colored iris, and is an excellent surgical option for those who want freedom from glasses and/or contact lenses. While many people desire this type of permanent vision correction, there is another non-surgical option to consider for some to consider: ortho-keratology.Freedom from glasses and daytime contact lenses without...