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Color Contact Lens Guide and Review (for Dark Eyes)

Hi guys! So heres a quick video showing the color contact lenses I'm using. Angel Series BROWN- ...

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[09/21/18, via ]
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Bristol Live [09/13/18, via Bristol Live]
Bristol woman nearly went blind after swimming with contact lenses in during training exercise A trainee air stewardess had to undergo a cornea transplant after contracting a rare eye infection caused by swimming with her contact lenses in. Natalie Rance wore her lenses while taking part in a training exercise to simulate a plane ditching in a [...]

ZUMI Nigeria (blog) [09/21/18, via ZUMI Nigeria (blog)]
Style Lessons: Toke Makinwa Shows How To Rock Shades Like A Boss Bold coloured tinted lenses gives off serious 90's vibes and are a great way to add a pop of colour to your outfit. Go for a colour that For a more personalized, unique look, you can pick your cat eye shades with embellishments like studs, chains [...]

BBC News [09/03/18, via BBC News]
Kuwaiti shop caught sticking googly eyes on fish one of the fake eyes slipping off, have been shared on social media by local bloggers and newspaper Al Bayan. Rival Kuwaiti fish sellers reacted by advertising fresh fish "without cosmetics" with a picture of a fish and a selection of coloured [...] [09/06/18, via]
Kuwaiti fishmonger shut down for sticking 'googly eyes' on old fish A Kuwaiti fishmonger has been shut down for sticking plastic googly eyes on his fish to make them look fresher. Police closed the operation at the weekend, according to the Al Bayan newspaper. Photos released by the newspaper clearly showed the  [...]

Disguise for your eyes. Top quality and made in Canada. Only $29. This weekend get a free case if you say you saw t… 

There has got to be a learning here. Geckos have Camouflaged Eyeballs while Humans buy coloured contact lenses to… 

The Journal of the Institution of Engineers, Australia The Journal of the Institution of Engineers, Australia
The Make-up Book The Make-up Book
Published by Cengage Learning EMEA 2016
ISBN 1844801446,9781844801442
267 pages
The Illustrated Optical Manual, Or Handbook of Instructions for the Guidance of Surgeons in Testing Quality and Range of Vision, and in Distinguishing and Dealing with Optical Defects in General The Illustrated Optical Manual, Or Handbook of Instructions for the Guidance of Surgeons in Testing Quality and Range of Vision, and in Distinguishing and Dealing with Optical Defects in General
239 pages
Theory And Practice Of Optics And Refraction Theory And Practice Of Optics And Refraction
Published by Elsevier India 2008
ISBN 8131211320,9788131211328
460 pages

Everything you should know about coloured lenses before you opt for them -

iris eye lens blackwhite eyelashes daughter colourful samantha pupil selectivecolour cornea blueribbonwinner supershot abigfave theunforgettablepictures spiritofphotography rubyphotographer daarklands Photo by slaup on Flickr

Coloured lenses are designed to help you in changing your eye colour and creating a look that’s subtle, bold or anywhere in between. The beauty of these lenses is that they can be worn by virtually anyone who wishes to enhance or completely change their eye colour. Whether you are looking for a crazy and unique colour for a costume or interested in enhancing your eyes dramatically, coloured lenses can help you do it. You can find these lenses in both plano and prescription forms. - Plano contact lenses are worn solely for cosmetic purposes as they can change your eye colour, but don’t have any vision correction or lens power. The cost of coloured lenses is a bit higher than regular contact lenses, but they are well worth is as they give you the ability of changing your eye colour. Types of Coloured Lenses: Most coloured contact lenses are.


'Selfie expert' looks stylish but camera app is limited - AsiaOne

color eye lens splash Photo by Teeejayy on Flickr

Such phones usually come with a higher-resolution front camera, and bundled software to spruce up plain selfie portraits with skin-smoothening or eye-enlarging features. The 5-inch F1's 8-megapixel front camera - the one that will be snapping those all-important selfies - is sharp enough in bright daylight, and focuses reasonably quickly compared to other mid- range shooters. When I tried taking a selfie in slightly darker conditions - such as under my office table - with no flash, the picture was quite grainy and a lot of facial detail was lost, with my usually wispy eyebrows turning up as a solid block of colour. It fares much better using the Screen Flash feature, which converts the entire display into a flash.


[03/16/16, via]
These are Kim Kardashian's favourite sunglasses Gold mirrored lenses? WE LOVE. Plus, the fact that these Karen Walker sunnies hide your eyes make them the perfect pair for when ... Kim's not regularly seen in coloured eyewear, but she is a fan of nude and beige! And we don't blame her, because those ... [...]

[03/14/16, via Philstar]
Sunglasses anytime Purchase gray-colored lenses. They reduce light intensity without altering the ... sunglasses are a popular essential - for any of the reasons of visual comfort, eye protection and fashion. And this is not only true for summer, but all year round. [...]

[03/14/16, via]
Case Study: Plano tinted lens-fitting While the exact mechanism of visual stress in reading and its treatment with coloured lenses is still not fully understood there ... none provide an accurate objective VVID. Using the Volk Eye Check I was able to obtain accurate measurements of the VVID ... [...]

[03/11/16, via Chicago Tribune]
Sunglasses from Under Armour eyewear protect your eyes with STORM lens technology It has a scratch resistant hard coating that is easy to clean. STORM polarized lenses remove glare for clearer vision, less eye fatigue and color retention. The Under Armour STORM collection uses the only ANSI Z87.1 rated sport lens to protect the eye from ... [...]

[03/04/16, via Outside]
We Tested Vuarnet’s New Glacier Glasses on an Actual Glacier They do this by cutting the amount of light that reaches your eyes, damping it down to manageable levels. But, depending on the color of the lenses, they can also affect color perception and enhance contrast. Additionally, lenses can reduce glare by ... [...]

Freedom from glasses and contact lenses ... without surgery?

Many people have heard of Lasik, which is a surgical laser procedure to correct vision. It works by reshaping the cornea, which is the clear “window” in front of the colored iris, and is an excellent surgical option for those who want freedom from glasses and/or contact lenses. While many people desire this type of permanent vision correction, there is another non-surgical option to consider for some to consider: ortho-keratology.Freedom from glasses and daytime contact lenses without...

Best iPhone Camera Lens for Macro and Telephoto

One of the key selling points of iPhone is the powerful camera. The iPhone X launched with 12MP resolution and competing with the color filter and deeper pixels. However, we are not utilizing the power of this camera in full extent. With right combination of iPhone Camera and the additional lens, you can capture amazing pictures of landscapes and macros. You can consider the fisheye, wide angle, macro combination lenses that can easily clip onto the iPhone. These iPhone camera lenses are...

How specialty glasses allow some colorblind people to 'perceive color better'

When 17-year-old Cole Williams was surprised by co-workers with the Christmas gift of Enchroma colorblindness glasses, he was just excited to be able to match his clothes for high school. Williams is one of many who has benefited from a growth of options for people who are colorblind to see a new world of color. The internet is filled with videos, like Cole's, which went viral in December. But how do the lenses work? Every case of colorblindness varies, meaning the eyewear's effectiveness...