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How to make a simple eyeglass case

How to make a simple quilted eyeglass case. Using an 8" square quilt block or single square of fabric make this fun eyeglass case/pocket.

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WIRED [11/03/17, via WIRED]
Verizon's $10 'Premium Video' Plan Charges For Hi-Def That Your ... Starting Friday, Verizon's charging an extra $10 per month for high-definition video that your eyes can't even see. [...] [10/30/17, via]
Don't Miss Binyon Vision Center's Upcoming Anne & Valentin Trunk Show He tries on several options from a line of French eyewear newly offered at Binyon: Anne & Valentin. Caitlin's excitement about the bold, creative line is contagious as she later shows me the display case and talks about the practice's upcoming Anne [...]

CNET [10/09/17, via CNET]
With the new iPhone comes a fresh take on case design and innovation Both series of cases are equipped with impact-resistant PC frames, shock-absorbing TPU covers, and rugged, dual-layer design. And your inner Spielberg will An Amazon bestseller, Caseology keeps a close eye on affordability. The company maintains a  [...]

Men's Journal [10/27/17, via Men's Journal]
Yes, Cool-Looking Prescription Running Sunglasses Exist, And They've Changed My Life You are able to call a real live Optician to guide you through the process of finding the right pair. In my case, I needed a sturdier frame to handle the thickness of the lens my poor eyes require. I settled on the Nike Fleet frame with a rose-tinted [...]

Eye Frames Case

The 30° rule is a basic film editing guideline that states the camera should move at least 30° between shots of the same subject occurring in succession. This change of perspective makes the shots different enough to avoid a jump cut. Too much movement around the subject may violate the 180° rule.
As sachin and Patricia White suggest in The Film Experience, "The rule aims to emphasize the motivation for the cut by giving a substantially different view of the action. The transition between two shots less than 30 degrees apart might be perceived as unnecessary or discontinuous--in short, visible." (2004, 130)
The rule is actually a special case of a more general dictum that states that the cut will be jarring if the two shots being cut are so similar that there appears to be a...

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80pcs/lot Fishing Rod Guide Guides Tip Set Repair Kit DIY Eye Rings Different ... 

80pcs/lot Fishing Rod Guide Guides Tip Set Repair Kit DIY Eye Rings Different ... 

The Canadian Patent Office Record The Canadian Patent Office Record
The Optical Review The Optical Review
Montgomery Ward Catalogue of 1895 Montgomery Ward Catalogue of 1895
Published by Courier Corporation 1969
ISBN 9780486223773,0486223779
648 pages
Mosby's Textbook for Long-Term Care Nursing Assistants Mosby's Textbook for Long-Term Care Nursing Assistants
Published by Elsevier Health Sciences 2014
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How not to organise a bike race: The ongoing chaos of the inaugural Tour of Sarawak

portrait india closeup canon eyes streetphotography streetportrait bombay mumbai streettogs craigboehman streettogweeblycom streettogorg boehmanphotography Photo by Craig Boehman Photography on Flickr

Teams locked out of hotels, race officials stranded in airports across Malaysia and event organisers nowhere to be seen – the inaugural Tour of Sarawak has ticked all of these boxes effortlessly while continuing to demonstrate, with astonishing... Livid team managers are looking to the UCI to take action as yet another Asia Tour event in Malaysia descends into farce. Though eventually admitted into accommodation at the team hotel on Sunday evening, Brett Dutton’s team was one.

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Titus Welliver Keeps Michael Connelly's Bosch Properly Screwed Up in Amazon Series

portrait india closeup canon bombay mumbai streetphoography streettogs craigboehman streettogweeblycom streettogorg boehmanphotography Photo by Craig Boehman Photography on Flickr

Overcoming himself is a different kettle of demons, and that's the adversary Harry is confronting in the second season of the taut and engaging series Bosch , which just dropped on Amazon. Titus Welliver, well known to TV and movie fans for playing tough characters in muscular, often dark shows like Sons of Anarchy , Brooklyn South and Deadwood , makes Bosch hard-nosed and flawed, just as Michael Connelly has written him in a... Season two starts with Bosch returning from a six-month leave of absence, and Welliver says that has focused him on more than just the brutal crimes he routinely becomes obsessed with solving. "He's trying to come to terms with himself," says Welliver. "He has trouble with any kind of intimate relationship," says Welliver.

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[03/15/16, via Uproxx]
The Knife Recovered From O.J. Simpson’s Former Estate May Not Have Any DNA On It To recap, a former LAPD cop kept a knife from O.J. Simpson’s property, and then around a month before the show started airing, he wanted to frame the knife and engrave the frame with the LAPD case number ... So, keep an eye out for the actual conclusion ... [...]

[03/15/16, via Gamasutra]
Shiny: From Oculus Rift to GearVR Having lower frames can cause the game to feel imprecise ... as long as it seams to be correct for the human eye or in this case the human ear. I mention this, since sometimes you think “oh this will be much if I change X to Y”, but in the end it ... [...]

[03/15/16, via]
Electronics-screen time: harmful to eyesight? Or not? One study shows most cases of eye strain are among those under age 30 who spend a ... If you are concerned about exposure, a possible solution is getting glasses with blue-light blocking lens filters. [...]

[03/15/16, via Red Bluff Daily News]
Everyday Cheapskate: Prescription eyeglasses at bargain prices I’m trying hard to wrap my head around all this because — in case you’ve forgotten — cash is my favorite ... She questioned whether she should order prescription eyeglasses and frames online. I knew she was old and rigid when she said that ordering ... [...]

[03/15/16, via Marketwired]
Baltimore Eye Surgeon Answers Frequently Asked Questions About LASIK Surgery This trend also proves to be true at Grochmal Eye Center ... In the rare occurrence this is not the case, he adds that the majority of individuals should still not require contacts or prescription glasses to perform most everyday activities. [...]

Alana and Marielle bring Hadid eyewear to the UAE

The Hadids continue to conquer the fashion industry: while Gigi and Bella are dominating catwalks, the elder Hadid daughters, Alana and Marielle, who are the half-sisters of the famous models, have launched an eyewear brand in collaboration with their father, Mohamed Hadid. Naturally, the trio used their shared name as the moniker of the brand. “Hadid was the idea from the beginning, because my dad, he’s the Hadid, and it really represents our brand and our family,” Alana explains.Although...

PogoCam, the World’s Smallest and Lightest Attachable Eyewear Camera, Now Available for the Holidays

NEWPORT BEACH, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--In time for holiday gift giving, today PogoTec announced the availability of PogoCam, the world’s smallest and lightest attachable eyewear camera. At $149, the PogoCam attaches magnetically to most glasses so consumers can maintain their own signature style without being forced into less fashionable eyewear options. The small, lightweight, and easily removable camera lets users discover the world from their...

Cat eye, itty bitty sunglasses are on trend

Now you can have it made in the shade. We’ve got sunglasses so hot that Katy Perry’s wearing them and the “Bad Moms” are gushing about them. Oh — by the way — we shot this story on Española Way.This season everything old is new again in sunglasses.Charlie Demos: “A lot of these fashions and styles, especially sunglasses that were popular in the ’80s and ’90s, are now coming back. Small frames and cat eye glasses are really what’s hot right now.”Who can forget when Madonna rocked the cat eye...