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After VidCon I had fun researching video and moving images. I hope you have fun too! In this episode: Household Hacker: ...

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The Verge [09/19/18, via The Verge]
Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 review: 4K gaming is here, at a price Nvidia's price premium for its Founders Edition cards, which have a three-year warranty and are overclocked by default, pushes the RTX 2080 Ti up to an eye-watering $1,199. Smartphones made the $1,000 jump last year thanks to new tech, and it's now [...] [09/20/18, via]
The best gaming monitor 2018: Digital Foundry's favourites The Predator XB321HK incorporates all of the essential elements of a 4K monitor: an expansive 32-inch diagonal that makes the most of the resolution, an IPS panel with excellent colour reproduction and G-Sync support to ensure that even low frame rates [...] [09/20/18, via]
Pocket hole joinery ideal for DIY They're first-rate for building fireplace mantels, box newels for staircases and other architectural details where one face of the assembly remains permanently hidden. The one drawback of pocket joints is that they don't Pocket hole joinery offers [...]

Mashable [08/29/18, via Mashable]
Acer adds built-in eye-tracking to its powerful StarVR One headset It's still got the same 5K-resolution, super fast 90 frames per second refresh rate, and 210-degree horizontal and 130-degree vertical field of view (FOV) as the original StarVR headset. Just for comparison's sake, the Oculus Rift and even the newer [...]

Eye Frames Rate

The refresh rate (most commonly the "vertical refresh rate", "vertical scan rate" for CRTs) is the number of times in a second that a display hardware draws the data. This is distinct from the measure of frame rate in that the refresh rate includes the repeated drawing of identical frames, while frame rate measures how often a video source can feed an entire frame of new data to a display.
For example, most movie projectors advance from one frame to the next one 24 times each second. But each frame is illuminated two or three times before the next frame is projected using a shutter in front of its lamp. As a result, the movie projector runs at 24 frames per second, but has a 48 or 72 Hz refresh rate.
On CRT displays, increasing the refresh rate decreases flickering, thereby...

Source: Freebase, licensed under CC-BY.

@LinusTech Ps. all movies and television shows need to be 60fps. 24 is just the lower limit of frame rate that tric… 

Digital Video: An Introduction to MPEG-2 Digital Video: An Introduction to MPEG-2
Published by Springer Science & Business Media 2007
ISBN 9780306469824,0306469820
441 pages
Computer Vision Systems Computer Vision Systems
Published by Springer Science & Business Media 2009
ISBN 9783642046667,3642046665
456 pages
Video Game Optimization Video Game Optimization
Published by Cengage Learning 2016
ISBN 9781598637335,1598637339
356 pages
Digital Video Editing with Final Cut Express Digital Video Editing with Final Cut Express
Published by CRC Press 2013
ISBN 9781136070068,1136070060
448 pages

The 12 Principles of Animation

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These principles came as a result of reflection about their practice and through Disney’s desire to devise a way of animating that seemed more ‘real’ in terms of how things moved, and how that movement might be used to express character and... Squash and Stretch The first basic principle of animation is called ‘Squash and Stretch’ the action of which gives the illusion of weight and volume to a character or object as it moves. This principle is useful for a wide range of animation, from animating dialogue and creating facial expressions to animating a bouncing ball or expressing the body weight of a person when they are moving. when a character is about to run or jump, if they crouch down before jumping or lean back before they are about to run it gives the audience that.

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Capital Shield 2016

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It's that time of year again where fanatical sports geeks from all around the country converge on Wellington for a weekend of beer and Blood Bowl. Gamers came from Auckland to Christchurch and everywhere in between to catch up, drink excessively, talk smack and somewhere in between play some games of Blood Bowl. While I'm having to cut back a bit on my travelling to gaming events this year being in Wellington meant this was one I could actually attend without an exorbitant cost. It was a whole lot roomier and breezier than last year's venue as well which was a welcome change as the upstairs area at JJ Murphys tends to get quite warm when it's filled up with sweaty geeks. The build allowed me a 1,100,000 gp team with 51 Star Player Points spread amongst the players.

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[03/16/16, via Eyeopener]
Patrick Tatham: The Coach of the Year His massive frame swivels in his chair as we sit down for an interview ... At the beginning of this season, you wouldn’t have been wrong to doubt the success rate for the Rams in their upcoming season. Not only were they faced with the loss of their ... [...]

[03/15/16, via Pocket lint]
PlayStation VR preview: Affordable virtual reality for the gamers Some rivals use higher resolutions and different panels for each eye. However, by restricting the resolution - and let's face it, the PS4 is only capable of outputting 1080p video anyway - the headset can maintain a frame rate of up to 120fps. That's ... [...]

[03/15/16, via Gamasutra]
Shiny: From Oculus Rift to GearVR (Well you can have some fast and some slow frames, but you want to have a consistent frame rate.) I will talk now a lot about some ... as long as it seams to be correct for the human eye or in this case the human ear. I mention this, since sometimes ... [...]

[03/13/16, via Eurogamer]
Broforce has performance issues on PS4 This one caught our eye. Broforce is a gleefully bombastic 2D side-scrolling ... and it's this dynamic that ultimately brings the frame-rate to a crawl. At peak action, Broforce's main selling point sadly ends up reducing the game to a nearly unplayable ... [...]

[03/15/16, via D Healthcare Daily]
Conversation With: Dr. Jeffrey Whitman, President Of Key-Whitman Eye Center Things that we can do to rate how much cataract somebody ... Johnson: Have you priced a pair of glasses lately? If an insurance company could make a one-time investment in somebodies eye… Whitman: You think about someone who wears a daily wear contact ... [...]

Air gun eye injuries rise 169% among kids, study finds

He removed his goggles for just a moment, to wipe away the colorful paint splattered across them, and then his life changed forever. At that moment, the 12-year-old boy, who would become Dr. Douglas Fredrick's youngest patient with an air-gun-related eye injury, was hit in the face a second time while playing at a paintball range in New Hampshire, Fredrick said. Without the goggles to protect him, the paintball caused one of his eyes to rupture. "It was unfortunate," said Fredrick, who...

Analysis of January interest rate action

Speculators are approaching the new year with an eye toward stock market gains and a tightening Federal Reserve. This is a tough combination for interest rate futures to rally against. However, commercial traders are holding their most bullish position since last April. Therefore we expect the decline in interest rate futures, specifically the 10-year Treasury Notes and 30-year Treasury Bonds to be a temporary effect of speculative exuberance, and for interest rate futures to rally through...

This Year's Top Eye Stories: Detergent Burns, Solar Retinopathy, and More

Ocular burns from detergent pods, retinopathy after the solar eclipse, undiagnosed macular degeneration, and mortality in older women who had cataract surgery led the list of JAMA Ophthalmology's most popular articles in 2017.These stories were in the top 5% of resource outputs scored by Altmetric, a company that measures how much attention scientific and scholarly articles receive by tracking social network mentions, mainstream media coverage, and other references.Detergent Pods Lead to...