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Murdoch Mysteries' Yannick Bisson raises a glass to the detective show's 11th season

The Montreal native returns as erudite and dashing detective William Murdoch, and has revealed one of the character's rare failings.

Cinema Eye Names Subjects from ‘Faces Places’ and ‘Jane’ Among 2017’s ‘Unforgettables’

The nonfiction organization Cinema Eye and its nominations committee of top international documentary film programmers, curators, and filmmakers has picked their annual list of “Unforgettables” who helped to define documentary cinema in 2017. They selected 30 individuals from 15 different films to be in the running for this year’s Cinema Eye awards. Like the DOC NYC shortlist, many of the films on this curated list are in the running for the year’s top awards, including the Oscar. “Jane,”...

Toronto’s VideoCabaret brings your history textbook to life with wit and charm

Photo courtesy of VideoCabaret.Walking into a small room, I am greeted by an usher as songs about Louis Riel and Canadian identity foreshadow the upcoming play. I take my seat across from the centre of what I assume is the stage. Scarlet curtains frame a black window made to look almost as if you are peering into a TV screen. Above the stage, Comedy and Tragedy Masks take the shape of maple leaves, accentuating the name of the theatre company responsible for the next two hours of hilarity and...