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[05/09/18, via ]
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CNET [05/06/18, via CNET]
How to find your eyeglass prescription without getting an exam Thankfully, if you have a pretty basic prescription (meaning they're not bifocals, progressives or Coke-bottle lenses), there's a free tool from that can scan your current glasses. I took it for a spin with my son's glasses and the [...]

Forbes [04/24/18, via Forbes]
Buying Glasses Online Is Becoming The Norm -- But Growth Will Explode Once Eye Exams Go Digital In 2017, eight million pairs of prescription eyeglasses were sold online. That's a lot of glasses but it's only 4.2% of the total prescription eyeglass market. The vast majority of prescription eyeglasses are still sold the old fashioned way, with [...]

Entrepreneur [05/08/18, via Entrepreneur]
With Tech First Attitude, Lenskart is Looking to Invest in Early-stage Eye-tech Startups Discussing the deal, Bansal in a statement said, “ThinOptics is a revolutionary product that solves the problem of people forgetting to carry their reading glasses everywhere and often losing them too. At Lenskart, our vision is to revolutionise [...]

[05/08/18, via The 405]
The 405 meets Ambr Eyewear: "We were the first to really marry style and function - and it really took off." You've probably invested in a standing desk, or an ergonomic chair in the hope to keep back pain away, but what about your eyes? Have you really thought about the implications of staring at a screen for hours on end? The folks over at Ambr Eyewear have. [...]

Eye Vision Frames

A movie projector is an opto-mechanical device for displaying moving pictures by projecting them on a projection screen. Most of the optical and mechanical elements, except for the illumination and sound devices, are present in movie cameras.
According to the theory of persistence of vision, the perceptual processes of the brain and the retina of the human eye retain an image for a brief moment of time. This theory is said to account for the illusion of motion which results when a series of film images is displayed in quick succession, rather than the perception of the individual frames in the series.
Persistence of vision should be compared with the related phenomena of beta movement and phi movement. A critical part of understanding these visual perception phenomena is...

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Y’all I forgot to post earlier. But I went to the eye doctor today and 1. My vision got a whole quarter worse… 

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Perfect Sight Without Glasses Perfect Sight Without Glasses
Published by Mary I. Oliver, Clark Night 2013
ISBN 9781479118540,1479118540
480 pages
Ten Steps for Clear Eyesight Without Glasses Ten Steps for Clear Eyesight Without Glasses
Published by Mary I. Oliver, Clark Night 2011
ISBN 9781466432154,1466432152
232 pages
Use Your Own Eyes, Normal Sight Without Glasses and Strengthening the Eyes Use Your Own Eyes, Normal Sight Without Glasses and Strengthening the Eyes
Published by Mary I. Oliver, Clark Night 2011
ISBN 9781468029307,1468029304
334 pages
Seeing Eyecharts Clear - Natural Vision Improvement for Clear Close, Distant Vision & Astigmatism Removal Seeing Eyecharts Clear - Natural Vision Improvement for Clear Close, Distant Vision & Astigmatism Removal
Published by Mary I. Oliver, Clark Night 2011
ISBN 9781466443716,1466443715
192 pages

Deep Optics glasses track the wearer's eye movements to adjust focus - Daily Mail

eye sunglasses canon glasses see frames vision sight gatorade oakley wesleychan 1dmarkiii Photo by recompose on Flickr

Deep Optics glasses track the wearer's eye movements to AUTOMATICALLY adjust their focus Sensors in the frame track the pupils to calculate where eyes are focusing Tiny electrical current is sent to a see-through liquid crystal layer in lenses The... But a new technology promises to deliver glasses that can adapt to whatever the wearer needs by automatically adjusting their optical power. The lenses use a layer of see-through liquid crystal technology that can change the way it bends light when an electrical current passes through it. Deep Optics said its omnifocal.


New "omnifocal" glasses adjust to focus on what you're looking at ... - Digital Trends

canon sigma 365 30mm 2470mm hsm strobist 450d 2011inphotos 2011in365 2011en365 2011enfotos Photo by anieto2k on Flickr

For the old (or rather, more seasoned ) among us, vision is often one of the first things to go. As years pass, the lenses of your eyeballs gradually begin to thicken and become less flexible. The company is working on a set of concept lenses called “omnifocals,” which have the capability to change their power in real time in order to ensure that the wearer has the clearest vision possible for whatever they’re looking at. It’s a... while bifocals work admirably, there’s a “sweet spot” where you’ll have the clearest focus. Move your eye out of that area and you’re likely to find things a bit more blurry. Related: X-Ray vision developed by MIT researchers.


[03/16/16, via Patch]
Illinois Eye Institute at Princeton Elementary School Celebrates Five Years of Serving Chicago Students failed a vision screening, have broken or lost their glasses, are in the process of being assessed for special education needs, are in need of a comprehensive eye exam for entrance into CPS, or have been identified by a parent as having possible vision issues. [...]

[03/16/16, via The Advocate]
Vision clinic examines more than 400 EBR students More than 400 East Baton Rouge Parish students received free eye exams and new glasses during OneSight’s Vision Clinic at the Instructional Resource Center on South Foster Drive from Feb. 15-19. The clinic was hosted by OneSight, a vision care nonprofit ... [...]

[03/16/16, via IndiaTimes]
This Bionic Eye Lens Can Give You Superhuman Vision With An 8-Minute Surgery! 2.2k Shares A perfect human eye is supposed to have 20/20 vision. Which means a person can read a line ... Dr. Webb says that ever since he got his first pair of glasses in Class II, he's been obsessed with the idea of having perfect vision for all without ... [...]

[03/15/16, via]
Chinese boffins grows new eye lenses using stem cells However, while new technology has much improved cataract replacement surgery, many patients still need to wear glasses for driving ... transplanted on to a rabbit's eye where it was functional, achieving recovered vision", study co-author Andrew Quantock ... [...]

[03/16/16, via The Daily Express]
Dr Rosemary: Is an eye test at my age really necessary? For example, I have an astigmatism which means that the front surface of my eye is slightly irregular and although cheap reading glasses help me to read small print my vision is much better with the special lenses prescribed by my optician. An eye test can ... [...]

Shared vision: a new luxury eyewear brand with an impeccable pedigree

From the surfers on Malibu Beach to the kale-munching tech entrepreneurs in Venice, sunglasses have always been mandatory in LA. The big blue skies demand you protect your eyes, and the culture of cool encourages you to underline your allegiance to a ‘tribe’. The choice of silhouette, frames and lenses helps define your place in the sprawling citywhere denim and T-shirts remain de rigueur.‘LA has a mystique that has always existed because of the entertainment business, but beyond the red...

The doctor who has a vision — to fix everyone else's

Himadri Bora is a 40-year-old homemaker in Central Assam whose failing eyesight would have forced her to discontinue the ages-old household tradition of weaving, weren’t it for a pair of eyeglasses — a rarity in her part of the world.“For many of us, buying a pair of eyeglasses only boils down to what kind of frame should we buy for the budget that we have. There is a large segment of the population that cannot even afford them,” said Parveez Ubed, founder of ERC, which provided the...

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Suggestions to Use Now for Nixing Stress and becoming Healthy Many folks are so consumed by trying to live a healthy life that in the end they will really inhibit themselves in order to live the home chef. The explanation for this is because stress may be defiant against any stabs you adopt at bettering your personal health. The reality is that we now have lots of small steps that one could consume order to better your overall health Air Jordan 13 For Sale Online , that do not effectively...