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Native American Beaded Eyeglass Chain with Stone Carved Mix Fetishes $45.00

Native American Beaded Eyeglass Chain with Stone Carved Mix Fetishes

Native American Beaded Eyeglass Chain with Fetishes, Mother earth the Turtle $35.00

Native American Beaded Eyeglass Chain with Fetishes, Mother earth the Turtle


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[09/26/18, via ]
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Glamour [01/12/17, via Glamour]
The Case for Keeping Your Glasses on During Sex Maybe you just have a later-in-life glasses fetish—which totally makes sense because glasses are great. Whatever the case, you have a great time but can't help but think that something is slightly amiss. And that's because there is, my friend—there [...]

Voice of America [03/05/18, via Voice of America]
The Oscars' Most Intimate Celebrity Moments Occur Off-Camera Still, Dern worried about having worn her eyeglasses. "No, they FOOT FETISH: Comedic actresses Maya Rudolph and Tiffany Haddish had planned to wear comfortable footwear onto the Oscar stage even before it became part of their lines Sunday night. [...] [03/22/15, via]
Hitchcock's fetish for glasses and desire for 'total control', as revealed by his leading ladies Bergman wears glasses, as does Madeleine Carroll in The 39 Steps (1935), and Barbara Bel Geddes in Vertigo (1958). Ingrid Bergman said that if she came on the set without her glasses on, “it irritated the devil out of Hitch. He had a fetish about [...]

The Portland Mercury [02/15/18, via The Portland Mercury]
The 24 Best Concerts to See in Portland This Week: February 14-20 In the track's music video, the Black and Native rapper rocks rectangular wire eyeglasses, oversized crew necks, and gold name chains while flashing cars on a freeway overpass with friends and rapping about the magic of her pussy—it's an anthem that  [...]


Meganekko is a Japanese word which translates to "glasses girl". It is used in its most straightforward way to describe people where wearing glasses can be considered one of their characteristics. It is also often used in anime and manga fandom to refer to geek chic females who wear glasses, especially when it is considered their most attractive trait. However, it does not automatically mean that the female would not be considered attractive without the glasses. Their usage may or may not have anything to do with a character's eyesight, and they are often a "neutral" costume not as closely associated with more obvious fetishes such as meido or seifuku. They sometimes have the connotations of geekish or bookish behavior, but in a complimentary fashion. A stereotypical example would be...

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I have an eyeglasses fetish.

@LadyKiara2 Foot fetish Eyeglasses stomping

She has a fetish for eyeglasses. Wodofok

Spy Spy
100 pages
Media and Communication Research Methods Media and Communication Research Methods
Published by SAGE Publications 2015
ISBN 9781483377582,148337758X
440 pages
The psychology of physical attraction The psychology of physical attraction
Published by Psychology Press 2016
ISBN 0415422507,9780415422505
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Spellbound by Beauty Spellbound by Beauty
Published by Crown Archetype 2008
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London Stone will finally gets it due again

tattoo fetish lesbian decolletage curls lingerie redhead transgender lgbt freckles eyeglasses queer androgyny gender picnik genderqueer genderplay widowspeak intersex transfeminine Photo by IdentityTBD on Flickr

London Stone doesn’t look like much. It’s an irregular chunk of oolitic limestone hidden behind a grate on the footing of a 1960s building on Cannon Street. To actually see the stone, you had to go inside whatever business was occupying the storefront — at various times a Bank of China branch, a sporting goods store and most recently a WH Smith — and look into a knee-high glass case. The case wasn’t even visible when it was in a WH Smith because it was blocked by a magazine rack. It’s been said to be the stone from which Arthur drew the sword that made him king, a druidic altar, a piece of the palace of the Roman governor of Londinium, the plinth for the Palladium brought to the city by Brutus of Troy, legendary founder of...

[via The History Blog]

A FROST-y Valentine

boots over cowgirl eyeglasses redheads bootfetish bootsboots hairsexy jeansredheadsred Photo by Fanta_Productions on Flickr

Why the fuck couldn’t designers make ties long enough to hold together a peignoir made for more curvaceous frames. Pieces of material the size of mailing labels might work for runway X-rays, but they abso did not work for real women. She took her irritation out on the male already cracking open her apartment door to make his getaway, and shot him her patented look from point-blank range. Randolph McNeer tapped his foot, waiting for her answer, the picture of impatience, one jaded eye already turned toward the elevator down the hall. Yet, sure enough, as the halves of her wrap gapped open again, his gaze dipped to her cleavage. Hers dipped to the erection straining the denim of his jeans. Still, this one usually managed to scratch her ever-present itch.

[via Taryn Kincaid]

[08/28/09, via The Huffington Post]
Glasses Fetish: Man Steals $45K In Eyewear Because He 'Really Likes To Be Around Glasses" MILWAUKEE — An Illinois man was accused of stealing more than $45,000 worth of eyeglasses from suburban Milwaukee stores because he enjoys being around eyewear. Jerry Lowery, 38, was charged with three counts of armed robbery and one count of fleeing an ... [...]

[07/27/09, via Chicago Tribune]
Look at that! Eyeglass fetish MILWAUKEE — A Chicago man is accused of stealing more than $45,000 worth of eyeglasses from suburban Milwaukee stores because he enjoys being around eyewear. Jerry Lowery, 38, is charged with three counts of armed robbery and one count of fleeing an officer. [...]

[07/27/09, via Boing Boing (blog)]
Eyeglass thief with spectacle fetish Jerry Lowery, 38, of Illinois was charged with stealing more than 500 pairs of eyeglasses from suburban spectacle shops. Apparently he has a fetish. rom the Associated Press: Prosecutors said Lowery walked into three shops between April and July and said ... [...]

[03/11/09, via Seattle Post Intelligencer]
Police searching for robber with eyeglasses fetish Police are searching for a man with an eyeglasses fetish who allegedly stole a man’s glasses Saturday at Neighbors nightclub on Capitol Hill. A witness told police and he saw the man push two people toward a photographer on the dance floor and grab the ... [...]

What Is Japan's Fetish This Week? Glasses

In game after game, comic book after comic book, manga after manga, there they are: characters with glasses. And Japan is totally gaga for them.Of course, glasses fetishism is not unique to Japan as it's widespread in the West as well. Universally, glasses represent intelligence as well as authority, giving rise to stock characters in popular culture like the brainy geek or the school teacher. Take Sarah Palin, who was able to elicit a certain degree of glasses fetishism during her...

The most outrageous American Music Awards moments ever

American Music Awards</a> ceremony airs live on ABC this Sunday, and will feature performances by such heavy hitters as Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera, Kelly Clarkson, Selena Gomez, Niall Horan, P!nk, and even Diana Ross. The AMAs are, of course, always wild and unpredictable … but will any of this year’s&nbsp;moments be as memorable as these shockers&nbsp;from the awards show’s history, listed chronologically below? We’ll soon find out." data-reactid="30">The 45th annual...

Vanderpump Rules Recap: Lala’s Revenge

What the hell is wrong with the men of Vanderpump Rules, a party boat invaded by braindead pirates? I feel like we’re stuck in a Rube Goldberg machine of cheating where they do something stupid, lie about it, get found out, barely assuage the tears of their wronged partners, and then do it all over again so that everyone can pout, complain, wail, and drown their sorrows in a never-ending whirlpool of sadness and regret.First, we must continue to deal with Jax and his dalliance with Faith,...