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Wichita Eagle [09/02/18, via Wichita Eagle]
Need eyeglasses but don't have insurance? This optometrist office wants to see you. For the third year, Child and Family Eyecare is giving away free eye exams and a free pair of frames with lenses to the area's uninsured during its annual five-hour charity event, “Eyecare from the Heart.” All you have to do to receive the help is show [...]

The Boston Globe [09/06/18, via The Boston Globe]
Street art, a repair cafe, and documentary films Proceeds will benefit the pediatric programs of the South Shore Health System. The party takes place at 238 Webster St. on Saturday, Sept. 15. Registration is 1 p.m. and the mallets swing into action an hour later. For tickets, visit southshorehealth [...]

Business Insider [08/25/18, via Business Insider]
Scientists are working on a device that could one day harvest up to 10 gallons of drinking water per hour from thin air To do that, the team is developing a prototype water harvester that can essentially produce up to 10 gallons per hour of drinking water from thin air. "Every human To illustrate the example, Wong said it's similar to wearing eyeglasses in the [...]

Artsy [09/06/18, via Artsy]
At 70, Playful Provocateur B. Wurtz Is Finally Having His Watershed Moment Thin and lanky, with a white-grey beard and distinctly round, red eyeglasses, he could be mistaken for a particularly sympathetic Jungian psychologist. There's a gentleness about his bearing that's in keeping with the joyous, light touch of his [...]

Eyeglasses In An Hour

Robert Edwin Clark (June 16, 1888, Springfield, Ohio – February 12, 1960, New York City), known as Bobby Clark, was a minstrel, vaudevillian, performer on stage, film, television and the circus.
He was known for his painted-on eyeglasses. Clark may be best thought of as a clown. In the early years, 36 years in all, Clark teamed up with classmate Paul McCullough.
They made a series of about 35 short comedy films, for FOX and RKO, some of which are still extant. The comedy is surprisingly broad and ribald, given the era.
Clark & McCullough performed together until McCullough's suicide in March 1936.
In 1939 Clark appeared on Broadway in The Streets of Paris, sharing the stage with a new comedy act: Abbott & Costello.
Clark appeared on television during the...

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The 4-hour Chef The 4-hour Chef
Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt 2016
ISBN 9780547884592,0547884591
671 pages
The Hour of Sunlight The Hour of Sunlight
Published by Nation Books 2016
ISBN 9781568586311,1568586310
344 pages
New York Magazine New York Magazine
216 pages
OM 5 OM 5
Published by Cengage Learning 2014
ISBN 9781305478060,1305478061
432 pages

Health mystery: A child's odd teeth -

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Before she plunged into research for a psychology paper, Rennon, who was working 20 hours a week and carrying a full load of undergraduate courses, decided to spend a few minutes online searching for the subject that had become a preoccupation:... “The teeth looked just like Erica’s,” she recalled, as she pored over the article by an international team of researchers, who suggested they had uncovered a new disorder based in large part on dental anomalies.


Sanders Puts $15 Minimum Wage to Super Tuesday Test | Women's ... - Women's eNews

1920s woman man halloween hat vintage fur photo fox eyeglasses droop twenties Photo by clotho98 on Flickr

(WOMENSENEWS)—As the 2016 presidential campaign moves to states where the impact of free trade agreements on wages is a major issue, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is emphasizing how his proposal for a $15 minimum wage would benefit the 35 million low-wage Americans—the majority of them women—whose financial security has been decimated by the outsourcing of well-paying jobs to China, Mexico... Sanders hopes that his unconditional opposition to the $7. 25 federal minimum wage and his criticism of the North American Free Trade Act, or NAFTA, signed by former President Bill Clinton and the Trans-Pacific Partnership, or TPP, negotiated by...


[03/16/16, via Gizmag]
Four hours with PlayStation VR: Good headset, potentially great games – horrible motion controls After spending four hours today playing various launch games ... And, again, since it uses the gamepad, the horrible optical tracking doesn't come into play here. We'll wrap up with an open letter to one of our favorite companies in gaming: You have ... [...]

[03/15/16, via Village Soup]
Auctions and flea market set at Delaware Ag Museum March 19 "This auction takes over 600 volunteer hours to pull off every year ... spacious facility. Items such as jewelry, frames and prints, seasonal items, lawn and garden goods, kitchen wares, pots and pans, fabric, and bric-a-brac are organized in sections ... [...]

[03/15/16, via 8 ABC]
Optical Systems and Nondestructive Testing Systems for Inspection and Maintenance The optical systems and non-destructive testing systems used for ... preliminary research suggests. Long hours at the office may raise your heart disease risk Long hours at the office may raise your heart disease risk Working long hours may raise your ... [...]

[03/15/16, via Dener Westward]
Fires, Hangings, Madness: Is Florence SHU the Worst Cellblock in America? Rashod James claims that, while guards are supposed to make rounds on the SHU every half hour, they often can't be found for ... he swallowed glass from his eyeglasses. One risk assessment noted more than 400 contacts with psychology services since he ... [...]

[03/15/16, via PC World]
This one patch panel trick will make all your cables the right length 6 with snagless connectors, while the optical cables come in OS2 ... He gave the example of a busy hotel conference center, where the network manager spends an hour or more each day reconfiguring the network to accommodate different events. [...]

Daughter, 24, writes an open letter to the Prime Minister after her 84-year-old father waits for 3 HOURS in an ambulance outside an A&E unit as her eye-opening clip shows 15 ...

Annie White penned a Facebook note to Theresa May following her father’s delayHe fell at his home in Barwell, Leicestershire, on Tuesday and was forced to waitMs White has written an open letter to Mrs May to raise awareness of the crisisShe posted it with a 12-second long video showing 15 ambulances waiting outside the casualty unit at the Leicester Royal InfirmaryBy Stephen Matthews For MailonlinePublished: 08:20 EST, 5 January 2018 | Updated: 11:41 EST, 5 January 2018 A woman...

Mom Says She Lost Sight in One Eye Just 12 Hours After Mud Run

A Texas mom is hoping to have her sight restored after a bacterial infection left her with an irreparably damaged cornea. Brittany Williams,23, took part in a mud run in Dallas on June 7 and said that after the race she felt that something was in her eye. She flushed her eye out and took Tylenol, but 12 hours later she was horrified to find she could not see out of one eye. "I woke up and my eye was white and you couldn’t see out of it," Williams recalled. She initially stayed calm until...

Firefighters rescue 66 riders on stalled Orlando Eye

A team of firefighters Friday rescued 66 people from The Orlando Eye, a 400-foot observation wheel in the city's tourist district that broke down for more than three hours.There were no reports of injuries.The wheel stopped working about 3:45 p.m. because of a computer malfunction, said Robin Goodchild, general manager of The Orlando Eye. That's when park officials reverted to a backup generator that slowly moved the ride's gondolas to the platform, two at a time.Rescuers then climbed in...