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[08/10/17, via Forks Forum]
Another week in Paradise Back in the day … and when things got into full swing, as they often did at Art's Place, you could often hear shouts of “Nurse! bring me another and fresh horses for my men!” Good times were If you normally wear eyeglasses, keep them on. Put your [...]

WWL [08/07/17, via WWL]
Man wanted for robbery near Jackson Square, police say Investigators describe the man as a white male with long hair held up by a ponytail. He has a chin-strap style beard and sleeve-style tattoos on his arm. He was last seen wearing a red and white jersey type shirt with jeans, eyeglasses, and piercings [...] [07/22/17, via]
Only on 3: Man serving 132 years for robbery speaks out Witnesses interviewed after the robbery could not give exact descriptions, but they did remember that one of the men was wearing eyeglasses. Two weeks after the robbery, the salon owner spotted a then 24-year-old Messiah Johnson, who was wearing his  [...]

[08/07/17, via Markets Insider]
My Eyelab Enters Texas with First Location in Mesquite The new store in Mesquite, Texas will have a continuously changing assortment of over 2,000 frames for men, women, and children along with an ample selection of sunglasses and contact lenses at affordable prices. My Eyelab provides its customers with [...]

GR|MAG [07/31/17, via GR|MAG]
BYOP: Bring Your Own Prescription Honest Eyes offers a selection of women's, men's and some children's options. “Eyeglasses are a lot about the style you like but also the right fit—petite faces or larger heads and different facial features come into play so the glasses have to fit [...]

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Movie Plot: Subterranean monsters invade Los Angeles. Also riffed was the short: "Commando Cody: Radar Men from the Moon, part 6."
Intro:: Crow turns out to ba a chipper, morning person. Segment One: In Deep 13, the Mads invent cotton candy that screams as you eat it. Joel invents cartoon-style eyeglasses. Segment Two: The 'bots put Commando Cody on trial for crimes against reality. Segment Three: the 'bots try to understand the movie and pitch a script about a guy stranded on an island with robots. Segment Four: The 'bots fill the SOL with smoke to imitate the movie. Segment Five: Gypsy eats half of Joel's diode pie.

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RT @caroleannmarie: Dollger Fashion Brand Designer Big Square Flat Top Sunglasses Women Men Mirror Glasses rose gold Frame Retro… t… 

AORON Retro Cat Eye sunglasses Women men Brand Designer Vintage Lady Eyeglasses Sun Glasses men Optics Clear Lens…… 

AORON Retro Cat Eye sunglasses Women men Brand Designer Vintage Lady Eyeglasses Sun Glasses men Optics Clear Lens…… 

AORON Retro Cat Eye sunglasses Women men Brand Designer Vintage Lady Eyeglasses Sun Glasses men Optics Clear Lens…… 

AORON Retro Cat Eye sunglasses Women men Brand Designer Vintage Lady Eyeglasses Sun Glasses men Optics Clear Lens…… 

Hats & Eyeglasses Hats & Eyeglasses
Published by Penguin 2008
ISBN 9781440632143,1440632146
256 pages
Twelve Angry Men Twelve Angry Men
Published by Penguin 2006
ISBN 9781440627187,1440627185
96 pages
Collectible Eyeglasses Collectible Eyeglasses
Published by Editions Flammarion 2016
ISBN 2080304372,9782080304377
373 pages
180 pages

Update from Faithful Servant Missions – Costa Rica

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The last update was written last July. Debbi and I returned home in early August, but came back to the mission for 10 days in early December for the annual Christmas parties for each age group. In addition to celebrating the end of the school year, the purpose of these is also to reward those who faithfully attend the education program or their ministry group throughout the year. The gifts each person receives are predominantly items that they really need such as school supplies, toiletries, and home goods. An additional highlight for us was being able to attend the 6th grade graduation ceremony at the local school. We know many of the kids that graduated, and one in particular is one of the children that we personally sponsor.

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Wrestling Videos I Watch Over and Over and Over (Ides of March Edition)

glasses olympusstylusepic watch cellulare mobilephone eyeglasses cigarettes orologio playingcards occhiali sigarette kodakportra400 olympusmjuii cartedagioco analogicait lomographyandvintagecameras Photo by Minchioletta on Flickr

Bobby can't wait to get some knuckles on Aaron, and he doesn't wait a second. It's a modern classic in the art of the one-on-one Pier 6 brawl, never better than when, beginning at its midpoint, Bobby and Aaron settle in for some serious work on each other in the center of the ring, like the protein-rich arm bar in the third... Bobby's pale fleshy body back in July of 2012 was and still is a fascination of mine, all the more so (a subsidiary kink of mine) when I saw a photo of him in eyeglasses, looking hip and intellectual as well as brawny. This one hits. Dash Decker vs Colt Stevens , Catalog 20 (Rock Hard Wrestling). Last week, Rock Hard broke a long silence with the release of Ballard vs Brewer.

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[03/16/16, via CBS Miami]
Pair Of Crooks Make Off With $10K In Eyewear At Broward Mall PLANTATION (CBSMiami) — Investigators are trying to identify two thieves seen stealing thousands of dollars worth of merchandise at a prescription eyewear shop in Broward. These two men were caught on camera stealing more than $10,000 worth of frames at ... [...]

[03/16/16, via Inquirer Lifestyle]
A minimalist aesthetic for designer Francis Libiran’s atelier He opted for a series of frames to hang his clothes ... An encased pedestal beside the designer’s desk features a diamond-encrusted men’s watch. The eponymous timepiece is one of four variants that appeal to both men and women. Since Libiran introduced ... [...]

[03/15/16, via FOX News]
Booming firearms sales driven by 'tiny guns,' conceal-carry laws 380 semi-automatic handgun has become all the rage in firearms, as more states relax conceal-carry restrictions and men and women alike turn to a palm ... “The smaller, more compact frames are more difficult to shoot and their durability is lower than ... [...]

[03/16/16, via North Jersey]
Passaic County Sheriff’s detectives charge two with receiving $60k in stolen party store goods Both men were charged with receiving stolen property ... He added that there, his detectives recovered 25 tables, 183 chairs, 10 commercial-grade tents, tent jacks and tent frames, a commercial grill, a heater and assorted lighting equipment and extension ... [...]

[03/16/16, via Daily News and Analysis]
Fashion & lifestyle to become Rs 3,94,000 crore market by 2020 time wear and eyewear would grow from 8.8% to 14% in the next five years," he said at the two-day India Fashion Forum (IFF) 2016 currently on in Mumbai. According to Mukherjee, while men's apparel currently dominates the space, it is the women's apparel ... [...]

Solar-eclipse fever means counterfeit glasses are flooding Amazon’s market

One reason a total solar eclipse is so compelling is that it’s the one time humans can turn their soft, sensitive eyes to the sky and gaze directly upon the celestial body that gives life to us and everything else on Earth.But that’s only for two minutes or so, and only for the people who will be in the so-called “path of totality” that cuts across the US. In the time leading up to and following those few moments on August 21, and for everyone else in the US, there will be many more minutes...

Mens Glasses Fashion You into an Enchanting Megastar at One Stroke

In terms of fashion accessories, the scarcity of men’s style demonstrator stands in a marked contrast to women’s plenitude of ornaments. Men with or without 20/20 vision, thus, are cast in the deplorable situation. Apart from watches and hats, men have little, if any, to display their fashion potentials and parade their personality. As of today, men’s glasses take advantage of such scantiness and make all their way to the top rank of men’s favorite embellishment at one stroke. Whether or not...

Drinking a few times a week 'reduces diabetes risk'

People who drink three to four times a week are less likely to develop type 2 diabetes than those who never drink, Danish researchers suggest.Wine appears to be particularly beneficial, probably as it plays a role in helping to manage blood sugar, the study, published in Diabetologia, says.They surveyed more than 70,000 people on their alcohol intake - how much and how often they drank.But experts said this wasn't a "green light" to drink more than recommended.And Public Health England warned...