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Sunglasses sound effect

Eyeglasses sound. Royalty free sound effects for personal and commercial project. Feel free to use!! Do not redistribute or resell.

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[08/12/18, via Daily Herald]
Utah Valley Calendar: Things to do -- Aug. 12 These include former cast, crew, orchestra, directors, choreographers, music directors, lighting, sound, special effects, publicists, painters, graphic designers, hair & makeup, stage crew, set construction, ushers, sponsors, donors, or any other [...]

Colorado Springs Independent [07/27/18, via Colorado Springs Independent]
It appears this ancient technology is the answer to a better mobile phone This realization resulted in a surge of eyeglass production, as more and more people had access to cheaper, portable reading material, and created a new market for glass manufacturing and technology. Less than 100 years later, eyeglasses became a piece  [...]

Haaretz [08/13/18, via Haaretz]
Jewish Insider's Daily Kickoff: August 13, 2018 - U.S. News ... Where Kissinger and Kushner first met | Stephen Miller's uncle calls nephew a 'hypocrite' | Barry Diller and the 'sitzfleisch' advice. [...]

ARNnet [07/26/18, via ARNnet]
Aussie distributors merge as Mittoni Technology acquires Rectron Electronics "Our plan is to effect a smooth and rapid transition of business from Rectron to Mittoni so that high service levels are provided to Rectron's customers and vendors within a short period of time,” Yu said. "We look forward to offering our customers an [...]

Sound Sound
Visual Science Encyclopedia: Forces: Light and sound Visual Science Encyclopedia: Forces: Light and sound
Published by Grolier 2001
ISBN 0717256006,9780717256006
12 pages
Idiot's Delight Idiot's Delight
Published by Dramatists Play Service, Inc. 1964
ISBN 0822216183,9780822216186
100 pages
Brands and Their Companies Brands and Their Companies


china trip school children glasses airport henan zhengzhou Photo by Wootang01 on Flickr

The sight of landforms and vegetation, blurred into contoured blocks of shadow, de-specified by gloomy obscurity, was perturbingly flat, and led me to muse on depth-perception. This was, by no means, my first musing on sight, as the delicate nature of our (my) visual ability is a periodic concern (neurosis) of mine – I worry about blindness. Looking out over the landscape, closing one eye, then the other, I wondered how profound the effect of losing one eye would be – how greatly would I be destabilised. Would my recognition of the world around me.

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From the Desk of Jim R, Take 2, Column 7, Watertown's Chris McKenna Join's "The Bold and the Beautiful"

california losangeles disney hollywood burbank d23 waltdisneystudios ubiwerks waltdisneycompany disneylegendsplaza Photo by Castles, Capes & Clones on Flickr

When Detective Mark Harding was killed off "The Young and the Restless" last year, fans of the long-running CBS soap, went ballistic. Not because the character had met his just comeuppance, but because fan favorite Chris McKenna (formally of Watertown, CT. , now living in L. A. ) would no longer be appearing on their television screens. In a bizarre plot twist (but, not too bizarre for daytime soaps) Harding was revealed to be the murderer of Austin and Courtney, which, was odd, of course, considering the character's on-screen heroism and law-abiding work tactics for the police... Nonetheless, Harding was shot dead by Paul Williams, but fans refused to believe that they had seen the last of Harding.

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[03/15/16, via PC Magazine]
Acer K138ST As is the case with most short-throw—and most mini—projectors, it lacks an optical ... sound system make it best for use in small rooms, and data-image quality is average, while video is best kept to short clips, mostly because of the rainbow effect. [...]

[03/14/16, via Engadget]
The LucidSound LS-30 is a gaming headset for the style conscious I changed the audio source on the PS3 to "optical," and the system pre-selected the proper ... The same goes for the treble boost, though I wouldn't recommend it. While high-end sound effects and voices stuck out more, it wasn't really pleasant to listen ... [...]

[03/10/16, via Medgadget]
Ultrasound Sensors Market Is Expected To Grow Owing To Enhanced Usage In Healthcare Industry Till 2020: Grand View Research, Inc Low cost and less adverse effects associated with these products ... Imaging is basically done of an object with 3GHZ sound waves producing resolution which is comparable to an optical image. Acoustic microscopy market is further classified into human ... [...]

[03/10/16, via]
The bleeding edge: Secоnd Act cоntinues their shоwcase as part оf a busу week The first will mark the beginning of a new monthlу series called OPTICAL SOUND. Curated bу C4NM member Tania ... along with computer-based electronics bу Tim Perkis and sound effects and vibraphone work from William Winant. All screenings will take ... [...]

[03/09/16, via Phys]
All we are is dust in the interstellar wind Dust has a bad reputation because it gets in the way by absorbing and scattering the visible light from objects such as far-off galaxies and stars, making them difficult or impossible to observe with optical telescopes. The scattering effect dust has is ... [...]

Amber-tinted glasses might get you more sleep

For the tech-obsessed who use their smartphones, laptops and tablets right before bedtime, a small new study suggests that inexpensive amber-tinted glasses might guarantee sound slumber.The glasses block the blue-wavelength light emitted from many hi-tech devices. That light suppresses the brain's production of melatonin, a hormone that regulates sleep and wake cycles.But in the study, researchers found that adults diagnosed with insomnia got about 30 minutes more sleep when wearing...

SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy Also Coming To PS4; Shows More Screenshots, Details, And Costumes

By Sato . January 11, 2018 . 8:00amFollowing the reveal of the 2v2 fighter SNK Heroines: Tag Team Frenzy on Switch, SNK and NIS America announced that it is also headed to PS4. Here are details, screenshots, and a look at more costumes.Activate Special Moves with a single button, and make use of special items to change the tide of battle! However, the fight isn’t over the moment you’ve chipped enough health away. Once your opponent is on the ropes, utilize your Dream Finish technique to win...

KDX SR Defines the future of 3D technology by Launching 3D+ Strategy

LAS VEGAS, Jan. 10, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- The 51st Consumer Electronics Show (CES) is being held in Las Vegas. Over 3,900 companies from all over the world are attending this major event. KDX Group, the global 3D display technology leader, will showcase its latest technical achievements including 3D and Internet applications in its 230m2 booth (No. 35205) in the Las Vegas Convention Center South Hall No. 4. Customer is attracted by SR interactive experiences "Aerodone"....