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OCEAN PACIFIC Eyeglasses 45-18-135 Wipe Out Silver F279 $42.00

OCEAN PACIFIC Eyeglasses 45-18-135 Wipe Out Silver F279


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[08/17/18, via ]
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[08/13/18, via]
Fundraisers DIAPER BANK OF SKAGIT COUNTY: Unopened diapers, opened packs of diapers, loose diapers and unopened containers of wipes can be dropped off at two Skagit County collection boxes to be distributed to families in need. Cloth diapers are accepted to be [...]

Los Angeles Times [08/09/18, via Los Angeles Times]
Ready for an evacuation? What you might want to think about packing This includes prescription medication as well as eyeglasses, contact lenses and vitamins. Don't forget toiletries such as toothbrushes, toothpaste and contact solution. If you have very young family members, make sure you've packed diapers, wipes and [...] [05/04/18, via]
How to Clean Glasses Without Scratching Them If you often find yourself with smudged glasses while out and about, don't be caught off guard: "There are glass wipes you can tuck in your bag for a quick cleaning on the go," Forte says, like Care Touch Lens Cleaning Wipes ($17 for 210 individually [...]

New York Magazine [03/21/18, via New York Magazine]
Everything I Use to Keep My Glasses Spick-and-Span My life has gotten seriously better this year, and here's why: I decided to finally take my eye doctor's advice to wear my glasses as much as possible. Wearing glasses that often, though, also means my spectacles are often getting greasy, smudged, and  [...]

Fact: I always have basic necessities in my purse: snacks, eye drops, face wipes, lip balm, mints, sunscreen, eyegl… 

Onhand Anti rad eyeglasses 230. 00 with wipes and pouch Replaceable Black/gold, white/silver

Clean It! Fix It! Eat It! Clean It! Fix It! Eat It!
Published by Penguin 2001
ISBN 9781101173657,1101173653
288 pages
Joey Green's Fix-It Magic Joey Green's Fix-It Magic
Published by Rodale 2008
ISBN 9781605299174,1605299170
416 pages
I'm Free, I'm Free, I'm Free: Now What? I'm Free, I'm Free, I'm Free: Now What?
Published by Publication Consultants 2014
ISBN 9781594334825,159433482X
160 pages
Lefty Kreh's Presenting the Fly Lefty Kreh's Presenting the Fly
Published by Globe Pequot 2006
ISBN 1592289746,9781592289745
352 pages

Promotional Wipes: Make Your Brand More Visible

film 3g shield install 3m iphone invisibleshield bodyguardz Photo by Gerald_Oh on Flickr

Promotional products are the best way to market your brand image. Your business brand is recognized by its logo, mission and vision that can be reflected using some promotional item. But, custom wipes are in great demand greater section of society depends on electronic gadgets. Undoubtedly, promotional items like shirts, pen drives, pens, lip balms, mugs, pencils, candles provide you with a great opportunity to enhance the visibility of your brand. This will strengthen your customer loyalty as well as make your brand globally visible. Make sure to consider the following points while selecting the best product for promoting your business, such as the cost of the product, availability,.

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FEBRUARY 22, 2016

whatsinyourbag whatsinmybag whatisinyourbag bag Photo by j.michael on Flickr

, our Business Education students presented their design inquiry projects in our F. I. R. E – Fair of Innovation Re-igniting Entrepreneurship. One group of students designed an idea for turning salt water into fresh water and distributing it directly to houses. There were projects on affordable shelter for homeless people, flying cars, warming gloves, a shoe with built in blue tooth speakers, a hi-tech pen, handi-wipes for your cell phone and many others. The Envision Jazz Festival took place February 19-20 at The Bell Centre and our Junior and Senior Jazz Bands both participated in this annual event which showcases Jazz Bands from all over. This event combines two days of jazz performances by 2,000 secondary school jazz musicians with two nights of superb jazz performances for the public.

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[03/14/16, via]
Open house: 3 tips to sparkling kitchen appliances If wiping the appliance, dry gently along the grain so you don't leave water spots behind. Next step, glass cleaner. "Fingerprints on stainless steel is one of the biggest complaints and it's a valid concern," RISMedia noted. "No matter how careful you try ... [...]

[03/14/16, via]
3 Tips to Keep Stainless Steel Shining If wiping the appliance, dry gently along the grain so you don’t leave water spots behind. Use glass cleaner. “Fingerprints on stainless steel is one of the biggest complaints and it’s a valid concern,” the article at RISMedia notes. “No matter ... [...]

[03/14/16, via US News and World Report]
Video Shows Man Urinating on Kellogg's Cereal Conveyor Belt [READ: Huggies Under Fire for Reported Glass Shards in Wipes] By now, these items are past their expiration dates, which means, according to WMC, they were "likely already eaten by people who had no idea this happened." “Kellogg takes this situation very ... [...]

[03/13/16, via St. Louis Post-Dispatch]
Top 10 places to start deep cleaning 9. Windows: Wipe down windows with a squeegee and glass cleaner to get a streak-free finish. Use an all-purpose cleaner and degreaser to remove dirt and mildew from windowsills and frames. 10. Trash cans: Remove debris and pour a few squirts of dishwashing ... [...]

[03/12/16, via RISMedia]
Kitchen Counsel: Tips to Keep That Stainless Steel Shining Just be gentle. Alternatively, using white vinegar as a cleaner has also been proven to work. Try it out – that stuff is like magic! Glass cleaner is your friend. Fingerprints on stainless steel is one of the biggest complaints and it’s a valid concern! [...]

Today's Wine Glasses Are Almost Seven Times Larger Than They Were in 1700

Scientific breakthroughs of 2017 truly spanned a gamut, manifesting themselves in nearly every discipline—cosmology, biology, and anthropology, to name a few. They ranged from astonishing revelations about Jupiter's famous rings to discovering a new continent on our own planet. Human cellular and embryonic sciences were in the limelight: Researchers fixed a disease-causing gene in human embryos in one experiment and grew human cells in pig embryos in another. Here on Earth, scientists...

Air gun eye injuries rise 169% among kids, study finds

Miguel Villagran/Getty ImagesMiguel Villagran/Getty ImagesMore health news(CNN) - He removed his goggles for just a moment, to wipe away the colorful paint splattered across them, and then his life changed forever.At that moment, the 12-year-old boy, who would become Dr. Douglas Fredrick's youngest patient with an air-gun-related eye injury, was hit in the face a second time while playing at a paintball range in New Hampshire, Fredrick said.Without the goggles to protect him, the paintball...

Which Cleaning Products Pollute Your Home the Most?

Which Cleaning Products Pollute Your Home the Most?This post is adapted from the blog of Ode to Clean, a Priceonomics Data Studio customer. Does your company have interesting data? Become a Priceonomics customer.***When you use a household cleaning product, to what extent are you releasing pollutants into your home?Many common cleaning products rely on petroleum-based manufacturing and release toxic compounds into your home. The EPA broadly classifies these chemicals as...