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Speed Art modeling Ray Ban Glasses [3d modeling]

programas/programs google sketchup photoshop 3ds max 2010 i was bored, and i just stared modeling these glasses. im new to making 3d models in sketchup ...

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International Eyewear extends collections for men, women and children International Eyewear has launched new styles in its Hero for Men, Eyestuff and Puccini collections. The Hero for Men '4275' model (pictured below) has a sporty acetate front with a 3D linear side design that is made from aluminium to create a [...] [05/23/18, via]
Wires Glasses Bring a New 3D Printed Flair to Eyewear 3D printing has significantly impacted the eyewear industry, allowing manufacturers to create custom frames or even letting customers 3D print their own frames. Several producers of 3D printed eyewear have arisen with innovative products, but so far [...] (blog) [02/01/18, via (blog)]
Esma & Special Platings to 3D print customized titanium eyewear with 135K CrossRoads2 subsidy Feb 1, 2018 | By Tess. Flemish metal 3D printing company Esma and Dutch company Special Platings have announced they will be partnering with the goal of manufacturing customized titanium glasses frames using 3D printing technologies. The companies  [...] [01/30/18, via]
3D Print Your Own Glasses at Home Thanks to and Janne Kyttanen Partnership is now announcing not just the launch of their 3D printable glasses, but files and 3D templates that are offered to consumers free, allowing them to make their own frames at home. Frames allow so many of us to make a statement about our  [...]


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A new chapter in sports eyewear has begun. Introducing 3D printed sunglasses from Adidas. Ultra-lightweight due to… 

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Published by Advantage Media Group 2016
ISBN 9781599323251,1599323257
296 pages
Augmented Reality Law, Privacy, and Ethics Augmented Reality Law, Privacy, and Ethics
Published by Syngress 2014
ISBN 9780128005248,0128005246
360 pages
Digital Modeling Digital Modeling
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International Women's Day Highlight: 20 women making a difference with 3D printing - (blog)

The day is an occasion to honor and recognize women from all walks of life who have made a positive impact on the world, no matter how big or small, and to keep showing that women, who are still struggling for equal rights around the world, are... In honor of International Women’s Day, we have compiled a list of some women who have truly inspired us within the 3D printing industry, from scientists, to company founders, to makers and engineers, to designers. Despite the 3D printing industry being a male-dominated field, we are hoping to highlight some truly amazing 3D printing projects and companies made possible by women to not only recognize their achievements, but to inspire other women and young... It is not by chance that Israeli designer and architect Neri Oxman is at the top of our list of women in 3D printing as she has been responsible for some amazing advancements.


Capstream Provides Update on Qualifying Transaction and Announces Loan to Innovega Inc. - Yahoo Finance UK

Capstream has made its initial filing with the TSX Venture Exchange (the "TSXV") for conditional approval to the terms of its proposed Qualifying Transaction and acquisition of the investments in Innovega Inc. ("Innovega") and Axion Games Limited ("Axion"). Capstream continues to work diligently towards completion of a filing statement in respect of the proposed transactions in accordance with Policy 2. 4 of the TSXV, which filing statement will be filed on SEDAR at www. As previously disclosed, Capstream is proposing to make an investment in Innovega by way of a convertible loan in the amount of US$350,000 (the "Innovega Investment"). Capstream further announces that in accordance with Section 8. 5 of TSXV Policy 2. 4 and with the approval of the TSXV, Capstream has entered into an agreement with Innovega whereby Capstream has made a bridge loan of US$75,000 to Innovega (the...


[03/15/16, via PC Magazine]
Acer K138ST This lets you place the projector a bit closer to the screen for a given image side than a standard-throw model ... You can project 3D content with the K138ST, but you'll need DLP-link active-shutter 3D glasses for each member of your audience. [...]

[03/15/16, via The Institution of Engineering and Technology]
VR in the workplace Hexagonal icons stuck on the bodywork tell the applications which make and model they are dealing with and help orient the software to the live image so they can overlay the animated graphics correctly. As digital eyewear becomes cheaper and robust enough ... [...]

[03/15/16, via Extreme Tech]
2016 is turning out to be an amazing year for augmented reality Demoing the creation of a 3D model from simply sweeping across a room with a device ... Meta, for example, is demoing its Meta 2 — claiming a 90-degree FOV for the glasses which are now available for pre-order. Unfortunately, the Meta 2 glasses are ... [...]

[03/14/16, via World Nuclear News]
Holographic 3D for nuclear training According to the blog, this effort is being complemented by new technology in the shape of NettleBox systems that display highly realistic 3D models described as ... like a tabletop combined with 3D glasses that the system uses to track ... [...]

[03/13/16, via Vietnamnet]
Virtual reality glasses: now for the masses With VR glasses and a smartphone, users can fully get immersed in 3D movies and games, or check out the ... they had to spend a lot of time learning how to design the model, which they really didn't know well enough. "Moreover, a lot of people seemed ... [...]

Luxexcel and Roboze Announce Expansions of 3D Printing Businesses Into New Territories

It’s a new year, and with it comes new beginnings for many companies in the 3D printing industry. Those new beginnings include expansions into new territories, as is the case for Netherlands-based company Luxexcel, which specializes in 3D printed ophthalmic lenses. Luxexcel announced today that it will be opening its new United States headquarters in Alpharetta, GA, in the Atlanta area. Chief Commercial Officer Guido Groet has relocated to Alpharetta to lead the operations there.“We are...

AR Glasses Coming Soon To A Face Near You

On business trips, Pete Jameson gets odd looks from fellow airplane passengers when he's in his seat typing on a keyboard with no screen to be seen.But Jameson is looking at a jumbo-size display, thanks to augmented reality glasses that project images for his eyes only. His headset looks like slightly oversized sunglasses and what he sees is not visible to others.Jameson is chief operating officer of ODG, one of a host of companies pursuing the emerging market of augmented reality, or AR,...

Luxexcel to 3D print optical prescription lenses for Vuzix AR headsets

Jan 5, 2018 | By TessLuxexcel, a Dutch company that specializes in the production of 3D printed lenses, has announced a new partnership with augmented reality company Vuzix through which it will manufacture and supply 3D printed prescription lenses for the new Vuzix Blade AR headset.The announcement will undoubtedly come as good news to AR/VR enthusiasts who have been hindered by their less than 20/20 eyesight while using virtual reality headsets or goggles.“60% of the US population needs eye...