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Vintage Frames Company Presents: The History Of Eyewear With Dj Jazzy Jeff

As current fashion is an almost exact emulation of the past, it is important to understand where we came from. As part of an ongoing series, The Vintage Frames ...

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[08/05/18, via ]
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Chain Store Age [08/02/18, via Chain Store Age]
Hudson's Bay Co. to open new pop-ups—with emphasis on local talent The pop-ups will be at five locations across the country, including two stores in downtown Toronto, and one each in Montreal, Vancouver and Calgary, according to the Financial Post. The pop-ups coincide with Toronto Fashion Week, and will stay open for  [...]

Network World [07/31/18, via Network World]
Google, Cisco amp-up enterprise cloud integration | Network World Cisco and Google last October teamed up to develop a Kubernetes, hybrid cloud offering. Kubernetes, originally designed by Google, is an open-source-based  [...]

Computerworld Australia [07/16/18, via Computerworld Australia]
Cisco shares dive after reports of AWS networking kit move Shares of Cisco Systems and other network equipment makers fell on Friday after a report that Amazon's cloud services business was considering selling its own network switches to business customers at much lower prices. Cisco's shares were down five [...]

Computerworld Australia [07/30/18, via Computerworld Australia]
Why autonomous vehicles are risky business Autonomous vehicles used to be fictional concepts in movies. These days, thanks to the likes of Tesla and Google, there are several autonomous vehicle pilot schemes already underway. Australia's transport ministers are currently preparing for a 2020 [...]

Brands and Their Companies Brands and Their Companies
ISBN 078767057X,9780787670573
Human Resource Executive Human Resource Executive
Hoover's MasterList of Major International Companies Hoover's MasterList of Major International Companies
Hoover's Masterlist of Major International Companies, 1998-1999 Hoover's Masterlist of Major International Companies, 1998-1999
Published by Hoover's 1998
ISBN 1573110434,9781573110433
324 pages

[03/09/16, via]
McGinn scores in debut, Ducks beat Canadiens 3-2 in shootout If Montreal is allowed to play their preferred game ... either a professional solar filter in front of a telescope or camera, or special eclipse-viewing glasses. And if you really must click an eclipse selfie, Just make sure you're not looking over ... [...]

[03/05/16, via Los Angeles Times]
How Viceland plans to reinvent what a cable network means in the 21st century From its humble origins as a Montreal alternative magazine started in 1994, the company's websites and phone apps ... almost incognito beneath a black beanie and big eyeglasses. And true to the Vice aesthetic, she keeps it real for viewers, frequently ... [...]

[03/02/16, via Globe and Mail]
How to see live shows without paying Broadway prices The self-described “short lady with glasses and a funky cane” has been ushering ... Her first job as a volunteer usher was at Theatre Plus, the now-defunct Toronto company that performed in the 500-seat Town Hall of the St. Lawrence Centre. [...]

[02/02/16, via]
Arrest Made In Revision-Aided Sting Operation Against Chinese Counterfeit Ballistic Eyewear The company, which began with eyewear, has expanded to face ... with additional offices in Montreal, Canada, The UK, and Luxembourg. For more information, visit, write, or call +1 802-879-7002. [...]

[08/24/15, via Globe and Mail]
Handmade eyeglasses land on celebrity faces Business Pivots looks at how a switch in strategy helped catapult a business forward. Within a year of launching their company, the founders of 9Five Eyewear, based in Chula Vista, Calif., realized they weren’t crazy about their product – cheap ... [...]

Meet the Montreal optician on a radical mission to make glasses affordable for everyone

Sunday March 05, 2017more stories from this episodePhilippe Rochette is a Montreal optician on a radical mission. While a pair of glasses in a stylish shop can easily cost you more than $1,000, Rochette sells his for $100 or $200. But for customers who cannot afford that much, he will sell prescription glasses — frame and lenses — for $20. Or give them away for free. Sunday Edition producer David Gutnick's documentary is called "Two Sticks and Two Circles."Phillippe...

5 Online Retailers That Have Opened Real-World Stores In Canada

TORONTO — Companies often launch online stores without a physical presence in order to save on costly overhead expenses from stores or to avoid being tied down by geography. But many e-commerce operators eventually look to expand their reach beyond the nimble digital realm. Physical stores offer digital retailers something the Internet cannot...

International boutique eyewear retailers see prescription for growth in Canada

TORONTO — Boutique eyewear retailers from around the world have set their sights on Canada as a hotbed for growth, hoping to capitalize on the country's aging population and what they say is its taste for haute couture.Several companies including Hong Kong's Mujosh, U.S.-based Warby Parker and Bailey Nelson of Australia have plans to open dozens of new stores over the next few years."Canadian people focus more and more on fashion trends, which makes Canada a promising market for us," said...