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Oakley Halifax Weekender Bag (Worn Olive)

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Marchon eyewear redefined - presented by opto.com and Marchon

Marchon Eyewear presents their new redefined house brand. The glasses and eyewear are available in most optometrists affiliated with opto.com, your choise ...

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[04/20/18, via ]
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[04/12/18, via Canada NewsWire (press release)]
Daniel Beaulieu - Les Mercuriades 2018 - "I am proud of this recognition for L'Entrepôt de la Lunette" L'Entrepôt de la Lunette is the first eyewear store in Quebec to offer a "Bring your prescription" concept. The company was created based on the promise of offering optical products that were "simply less expensive than elsewhere". Its primary mission [...]

Toronto Star [03/19/18, via Toronto Star]
Specialty eyewear a potential game-changer for those who are colour blind There were no eureka moments, but there were some pleasant ones. As the world went about its business, four people and accompanying family members converged on an optometrist's office in north Oakville Thursday morning for a potentially life-altering [...]

WRAL.com [08/15/17, via WRAL.com]
Can't find eclipse glasses? No need to panic! 3 alternatives to experience the eclipse By Sarah Lindenfeld Hall. The only safe way to view the total solar eclipse, which will pass across the United States on Monday, Aug, 21, is with NASA-approved eclipse glasses, which are specially designed to protect the eyes from damage and even [...]

CBC.ca [08/10/17, via CBC.ca]
How Canada will experience the solar eclipse While fascinating to witness, it's dangerous to look directly at an eclipse without proper protective eyewear. Looking at the sun anytime can be damaging because it outputs more energy than our eyes can handle. But in the event of an eclipse, the [...]


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RT @bottsboutique: We are back from a worthwhile trip to Milan choosing some great eyewear collections. Come in and talk to us about how we…

Brands and Their Companies Brands and Their Companies
Published by Gale Cengage 2007
ISBN 0787622877,9780787622879
3798 pages
Brands and their companies Brands and their companies
ISBN 0787622915,9780787622916
455 pages
Eyeglass Retrospective Eyeglass Retrospective
Published by Schiffer Pub Limited 2016
192 pages
Brands and Their Companies Brands and Their Companies
ISBN 078767057X,9780787670573

TfL say motorists' uncertainty on unmarked roads found to make them drive more carefully - Daily Mail

In some roads in London, the traffic-calming measure reduced speeds by 13 per cent, according to Transport for London (TfL). Meanwhile, plans for a pilot scheme across 200 sq miles of north Norfolk could see centre lines removed on minor rural roads and a blanket 40mph speed limit imposed instead of the current 60mph. The initiatives follow the creation of 'shared space' schemes on minor roads in towns and cities, where road markings and even physical boundaries such as kerbstones between the carriageway and footpaths are removed to slow drivers down. TfL says that since white lines were not reinstated on parts of the A22 and A23 in south London and the A100 in the centre of the capital last year, it has achieved a 13 per cent fall in vehicle speeds.

[via www.dailymail.co.uk]

Nicola Dandridge blocking reveal of salaries to public gets secret pay rise - Daily Mail

University chief campaigning to block bosses' salaries being revealed to the public is given a £7,500 pay rise in secret University chief Nicola Dandridge took a £7,500 pay rise last year Her wage rise was not fully declared in the Universities... But her wages and pay rise were not fully declared in accounts, with details only emerging after questions from the Daily Mail.

[via www.dailymail.co.uk]

[02/29/16, via The Chronicle Herald]
SattVa boutique brings socially-conscious style to Halifax Halifax isn’t as big with fashion as Montreal or Toronto ... The idea of profit sharing or give-back mandates is important for Andrews. “Like if you buy wooden eyeglasses, you in return teach a child to read. If you buy rainboots and however much ... [...]

[01/23/16, via hamiltonnews.com]
Newsroom on the picket line at Halifax Chronicle Herald after talks fail HALIFAX — Roughly two dozen newsroom employees at Canada's largest independent daily newspaper held signs and waved to honking cars on the first day of a strike. The union representing 61 editorial staff at the Halifax Chronicle Herald says the work ... [...]

[01/13/16, via BlogTO]
The top 7 Halifax donair in Toronto For some it's an acquired taste, while others will say it's the holy grail of drunk food. Here are my picks for the top Halifax donair in Toronto. This east-side public house makes their donair ($12) with spiced ground beef that is baked then shaved thin ... [...]

[12/07/15, via waterloochronicle.ca]
Halifax Explosion’s 98th anniversary marked on Citadel Hill with single canon blast HALIFAX — Ken Hynes walked through the courtyard of Halifax's Citadel Hill Sunday toward the exact spot his grandfather stood 98 years ago at the moment two ships collided in the narrows of the Halifax harbour, causing a massive explosion that left much ... [...]

[12/06/15, via waterloochronicle.ca]
Halifax Explosion anniversary marked HALIFAX - Ken Hynes walked through the courtyard of Halifax's Citadel Hill on Sunday towards the exact spot his grandfather stood 98 years ago the moment two ships collided in the narrows of the Halifax harbour, causing a massive explosion that left part ... [...]

Gaudet’s Halifax optical shop warrants good look

Photo Sooner or later, we all realize the same old same old ain’t working. That we need to up the game. Raise the bar. Expand the business. We can do P90X. Or we can read Marcus Aurelius. I decided to hunt for cooler shades because, dang it, those other things take effort. Doug Gaudet takes one look at my black-framed Ray-Bans — part of a two-for-one deal from a countrywide optical franchise — and nods his assent. "Someone walks by you on the street and sees you wearing great glasses and...

Halifax County schools extend hours for eclipse

Halifax County Public Schools will be holding their students until 4 p.m. on Monday hoping to provide a safe, learning space for them to view the Great American Eclipse.The experience will be a learning opportunity for all students when the moon will start moving across the sun’s face about 1:15 p.m. and will reach its maximum coverage at about 2:40 p.m. The moon is expected to clear the sun’s face at about 4 p.m.With it occurring during school hours, Superintendent Dr. Mark Lineburg...

Radiohead are suing US singer Lana Del Rey - You won't believe over which song?

Lana, 32, has now confirmed rumours on social media that the Oxfordshire band are set to launch legal action against her after her attempt to settle out of court was seemingly given short shrift.“It’s true about the lawsuit,” she says on Twitter.“Although I know my song wasn’t inspired by Creep, Radiohead feel it was and want 100 per cent of the publishing [royalties]. I offered up to 40 over the last few months but they will only accept 100. Their lawyers have been relentless .”It’s not the...