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Where to Buy Your Next Pair of Glasses, According to 7 Stylish Women I remember, when I was running an eyewear blog about eight years ago, attending one of the biggest eyewear trade shows in Europe and discovering Garrett Leight there. Each of these three brands are so genuine and truly put their heart and soul into  [...]

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Montblanc ditches Marcolin in favor of Kering Eyewear in licensing deal Montblanc's first eyewear collection with Kering Eyewear will be unveiled to the fashion industry in September, at trade show Silmo Paris, then launched internationally in January 2019 -- when Montblanc's current contract with Marcolin comes to an end. [...]

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Global Eyewear Market Forecast 2018-2025 By Manufacturers: Bausch & Lomb, Marchon Eyewear, Signature Eyewear ... The Global Eyewear Market Research Report 2018 apprises crucial and distinct factors to offer target audience with the fresh perspective on market and fill in the knowledge gaps using processed information and opinions from industry experts. The report  [...]

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Sportfishing Industry Presents the ICAST 2018 New Product Showcase Awards Produced by the American Sportfishing Association (ASA), the industry's trade association, ICAST - in its 61th year as the association's trade show - is the annual destination for representatives from the global recreational fishing industry to see the [...]


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We request the honour of your #company for an event to show case the New range of Velocity frames and sunglasses at… 

RT @dunelmoptical We're delighted to be making our annual appearance alongside the Silmo optical trade show in… 

RT @dunelmoptical: We're delighted to be making our annual appearance alongside the Silmo optical trade show in #Paris . . View by appointm…

We're delighted to be making our annual appearance alongside the Silmo optical trade show in #Paris . . View by app… 

Vera Wang Vera Wang
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Published by Stanford University Press 2011
ISBN 9780804771412,0804771413
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Trade Shows in the Globalizing Knowledge Economy Trade Shows in the Globalizing Knowledge Economy
Published by OUP Oxford 2014
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Vera Wang Vera Wang
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Revision glasses block laser attacks on pilots -

show girls people ny beauty look fashion female fun clothing women dress legs modeling crowd culture style scene event fabric convention trendy gathering accessories cosmetics trade cultural fabrics 2014 jno pier26 manhattannyc nytcap jamesnova httpwwwflickrcomphotosjno httpblogspotnytcap beautycon Photo by j-No on Flickr

ESSEX JUNCTION - On Sunday night, a blinding flash of green laser light filled the cockpit of Virgin Atlantic Flight 25 as it climbed out of London, bound for New York, causing a "medical issue" with one of the pilots, and turning the airplane... Lasers, highly concentrated, powerful beams of light, can cause permanent eye damage, and one of the pilots was reported by the BBC to have been "shot in the eye" during takeoff. The incident marked the first time a laser attack — thought to be carried out by pranksters, rather than terrorists, with easily available laser "pens" — altered the course of a flight. The Federal Aviation Administration reports more than 7,000 such incidents at U. S. airports for 2015, through Dec.


Retinal scanning display glasses developed for weak-sighted people - Japan Today

show booth video lasvegas international convention ces trade consumerelectronicsshow 2012 eyewear vuzix Photo by Doug Kline on Flickr

QD Laser Inc has developed a prototype of glasses using retinal scanning laser eyewear technology, which it co-developed with the University of Tokyo. The prototype was exhibited at the 1st Medical IT Solutions Expo of Medical Japan 2016, a trade show for medical devices, last week. QD Laser said it plans to commercialize the new glasses as an eyewear that supports weak-sighted people or as an AR (augmented reality) device that superimposes information on part of the user’s field of view. The company is currently asking PMDA (Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency) whether the eyewear for weak-sighted people would be certified as a medical device according to Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Act (PMD Act), planning to file an...


CES 2018: Alexa AR Glasses Features Stock Prices, Weather Updates

A New York-based company is preparing to showcase the first augmented reality (AR) glasses to feature Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant at this week’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. The device is designed to present wearers with pertinent information directly in their field of view.Over the weekend, Bloomberg learned that Rochester, New York-based company Vuzix is unveiling its Alexa-enabled smart glasses at the largest consumer technology trade show this week. The 75-employee...

AR Glasses Coming Soon To A Face Near You

On business trips, Pete Jameson gets odd looks from fellow airplane passengers when he's in his seat typing on a keyboard with no screen to be seen.But Jameson is looking at a jumbo-size display, thanks to augmented reality glasses that project images for his eyes only. His headset looks like slightly oversized sunglasses and what he sees is not visible to others.Jameson is chief operating officer of ODG, one of a host of companies pursuing the emerging market of augmented reality, or AR,...

Vuzix to unveil first Alexa-enabled smart glasses to be unveiled next week — and the company's stock is popping

Vuzix will unveil a set of smart glasses powered by Alexa next week, as Amazon's smart assistant continues to pose a threat to leading platforms from Apple and Google. Shares of Vuzix popped 18.6 percent Friday afternoon on the news. The $1,000 glasses are aimed at a "prosumer" market, such as golfers or business customers, the company said, but will eventually come down in price and incorporate new features.Voice assistants are key on smaller devices, such as glasses, where swiping is...