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[11/19/17, via ]
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The New Yorker [11/13/17, via The New Yorker]
How to Get Rich Playing Video Games Online Yet when Garcia appeared—bearded, stout, and wearing aviator sunglasses—he was convivial but composed. “I just watched my girlfriend lose nine hundred dollars in about three minutes,” he announced cheerfully. Garcia led us up to the .. When [...]

TIME [11/06/17, via TIME]
Puff Daddy Was Definitely Feeling the 'Love' When He Announced a New Name Change I've been praying on this, and I decided — I knew it was risky, and it could come off as corny to some people,” he begins in the clip filmed in a tropical location, his aviator sunglasses reflecting the pristine beach in front of him. “I decided to [...]

Roanoke Times [10/22/17, via Roanoke Times]
Visit Oysterville on the Long Beach (Wash.) Peninsula for fresh oysters and a slice of history Last spring's razor clam-digging opening on the 28-mile-long Long Beach Peninsula's ocean beach was a big deal because state fisheries honchos temporarily upped the daily limit after a long closure assured a good harvest. of the Pioneers to tell [...]

GQ Magazine [10/30/17, via GQ Magazine]
Stranger Things' Joe Keery on the Show's Second Season and His Now-Famous Head of Hair He was having this party—I think it was on a beach, because it originally took place in Montauk, Long Island. And he was a total, total "I still looking relatively young for my age, so I find myself going in for these teenage roles. But as time [...]

RT @Rockystravels: Where are my sunglasses? . #bullterrier #brighton #marina #dogsoftwitter #bully #beach . Like the shirt? Find it at htt…

SOS can't find my favorite sunglasses and we leach for the beach in 7 hours

Where are my sunglasses? . #bullterrier #brighton #marina #dogsoftwitter #bully #beach . Like the shirt? Find it a… 

Pork loin roast stars in Easter feast - The Intelligencer

sea seascape nature landscape coast cornwall wildlife seal britishwildlife gwithian hayle Photo by midlander1231 on Flickr

net From her delectable – and easy – recipes to her chic date-night style, Shereen Pavlides pulls out all the stops to help her followers entertain right, whether it’s Wednesday night dinner with the kids or a Sunday brunch party. Each week on “Cook This with Shereen,” she whips up fresh and healthy gourmet dishes. 2¼-2½ pound boneless pork loin roast, tied. Buerre manié: 2 tablespoons room temperature unsalted butter and 2 tablespoons all-purpose flour. 2 tablespoons fresh thyme leaves, plus extra sprigs for garnish. Heat oven to 400 degrees. Season the pork roast all over with 3 teaspoons salt and 24 turns on the pepper mill. Heat a 12-inch oven-safe fry pan over medium heat. When the oil is heated and shimmers, add the pork roast and sear until golden brown, 2 minutes, on four sides, 8 minutes total time. Roast in the oven until cooked medium doneness, 15-20 minutes.


Clients have option of choosing exercise location for new fitness business - Sanibel-Captiva Islander

ocean new beach point nj shore jersey boardwalk pleasant Photo by Wootang01 on Flickr

A mobile fitness team has arrived on the island offering personalized training sessions for all ages either inside their home, or outside under the bright Florida blue sky of the Sanibel Causeway Island, parks, trails, or any desired location of... Be outdoors in the beautiful sun, breathing the fresh air, viewing the stunning Florida island and beach settings. People tend to stick with it (exercise) more and adopt this outdoor physical lifestyle," Organic Fitness Solutions Owner Bryan Giordano said. The business is named Organic Fitness Solutions, not only because Giordano is a big promoter of organic foods, but because he wants people to get back outside. The mission of Organic Fitness Solutions focuses on strategies and solutions to encourage people to start exercising and keep exercising regularly their entire life. The business caters to all fitness levels and ages because scientifically every function of the body can be improved.


[03/15/16, via BBC]
How airline pilots beat jet lag On the day of travel and on the flight, avoid light – wearing sunglasses ... my bed at home by 11am, then I’ll have a nap for an hour or even two. Anything later and I’ll stay up until a normal bedtime. Whether or not I sleep on arrival, though, if I ... [...]

[03/16/16, via Village Soup]
Photo Doggies for Me I do not exaggerate when I say my Yahoo account has 145,284 saved messages, dating back 13 years. I am glad for endless storage most of the time, because I often go back to my old emails to find things ... of shelties with sunglasses on! [...]

[03/15/16, via]
How To Tell If Your Sunglasses Are Actually Protecting Your Eyes In fact, that sweet pair of "wayfarers" you bought on the beach that time are probably doing absolutely nothing when it comes to protecting your eyes. "Sunglasses are every ... In terms of how to find out whether glasses are polarised or not, the best ... [...]

[03/13/16, via Stuff]
Surviving a week-long screen detox Sitting on the beach while breastfeeding ... and Gary Shteyngart until my stomach flip-flops with envy over their success.) After work, Mike drops his papers on the hallway bench and immediately helps Elke fashion a pair of sunglasses out of sparkly ... [...]

[03/12/16, via Daily Life]
Screen detox Sitting on the beach while breastfeeding ... and Gary Shteyngart until my stomach flip-flops with envy over their success.) After work, Mike drops his papers on the hallway bench and immediately helps Elke fashion a pair of sunglasses out of sparkly ... [...]

Thanks to VR, your office will resemble a tropical island

For most of us, when we think of virtual reality, we think of a technology that is only being used for specific purposes such as gaming, in medical fields, for different types of training, or for virtual tours such as in the real estate industry.Companies using virtual reality to help train their employees was the initial way to introduce VR into the workplace. Now, it’s not uncommon to see companies exploring additional ways to incorporate virtual reality into the workplace, some of which...

Diddy Changes His Name Again: Find Out What It Is

Farewell, Diddy. The 48-year-old rapper announced on his birthday that he has changed his name once again, this time to Love, a.k.a. Brother Love. Stars — They’re Just Like Us! “Ayo, what’s up, y’all? I have some very serious, serious news,” the Grammy winner (real name Sean Combs) said in a video uploaded to his Twitter account on Saturday, November 4. “I’ve been praying on this and … I knew it was risky ’cause it could come off as corny to some people, [but] I decided to change my name...

Let the Sunshine In, but Not the Harmful Rays

SUNGLASSES are not just for summer. A consumer checks his look as he tries out a pair of sunglasses in Manhattan. Ophthalmologists agree that the ultraviolet protection matters more. Skiing on fresh snow, skating on reflective ice or hiking at high altitudes can be harder on your eyes than a day at the beach. Snow, as many East Coast readers may have noticed this week, reflects nearly 80 percent of the sun’s rays. Dry beach sand? Just 15 percent....