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Shiratori New Vintage Classic Half Frame Semi-Rimless Wayfarer Clear Lens Glasses black $7.50

Shiratori New Vintage Classic Half Frame Semi-Rimless Wayfarer Clear Lens Glasses black


A New Pair of Glasses

Ray-Ban RB2132 New Wayfarer Sunglasses Unisex (Matte Black Frame Blue Mirror Lens, 52) $155.00

Ray-Ban RB2132 New Wayfarer Sunglasses Unisex (Matte Black Frame Blue Mirror Lens, 52)

The Glass Menagerie $8.35

The Glass Menagerie

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My.Monkey 2016 New Retro Fashion Womens Heart-shaped Wayfarer Sunglasses(C7) $17.49

My.Monkey 2016 New Retro Fashion Womens Heart-shaped Wayfarer Sunglasses(C7)

Philomena's New Glasses $11.73

Philomena's New Glasses

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Pro Acme New Wayfarer Non-prescription Glasses Frame Clear Lens Eyeglasses (Brown) $19.99

Pro Acme New Wayfarer Non-prescription Glasses Frame Clear Lens Eyeglasses (Brown)

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By Chuck "C" (Chamberlain) A New Pair of Glasses $6.86

By Chuck "C" (Chamberlain) A New Pair of Glasses


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[11/08/17, via ]
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CNBC [11/08/17, via CNBC]
Here's how I think Apple's new smart glasses and rOS software will work, and why we should be excited Now cut out the iPhone entirely and put those experiences in a pair of glasses. Instead of peering through a smartphone screen, you'll look around you naturally and see whatever it is Apple's new operating system, reportedly called rOS, enables. A [...]

CNBC [11/07/17, via CNBC]
Warby Parker's new iPhone X app tries to scan your face to recommend glasses -- here's how it works Warby Parker, which makes its business sending samples out to customers who can then select and buy the glasses they like most, is now using new tech in the iPhone X. With the 3-D face scanner in the iPhone X, Warby Parker thinks it can get a better [...] [11/08/17, via]
New Brunswick pre-schoolers to get free eye exams, corrective glasses The New Brunswick government says it will provide free eye exams and corrective glasses for all four-year-olds who are not covered by a public or private health insurance program. Premier Brian Gallant says the government will also pay the deductible [...]

The Verge [11/07/17, via The Verge]
Warby Parker's app is cleverly using the iPhone X's face mapping to ... The iPhone X has only been out for a few days, but we're already seeing people take advantage of the face mapping technology on the phone in numerous  [...]

I need to go get my eyes checked, I need new glasses

my new glasses are finally in YESSSSSSSSSSS

RT @Kristendior__: I cant wait to get new glasses in January

RT @Seditious_medic: A schoolteacher who could not teach anymore because of his deteriorating vision. These new glasses will help him teach…

RT @rachel_royall: every time I clean my glasses it’s like i’m seeing a whole new world

My New Glasses My New Glasses
Published by The Rosen Publishing Group 2002
ISBN 0823959457,9780823959457
23 pages
A New Pair of Glasses
201 pages
My New Glasses! My New Glasses!
Published by Pacific Learning Inc 2011
ISBN 9781604577396,1604577398
Santa Gets New Glasses Santa Gets New Glasses
ISBN 9780976932123,0976932121
23 pages

New glasses technology could eliminate need for reading glasses - WAAY

glasses miumiu newglasses dg perscriptionglasses d1128b Photo by Nikita Kashner on Flickr

When you hit your 40s, you may have to pick up a pair of reading glasses to see things close up, but take them off when you look at things far away. If that's you, no one needs to remind you how frustrating that can be. Deep Optics, an Israeli company, calls its new technology "omnifocals. The company’s YouTube video explains the OmniFocals, saying the glasses have two hidden optical sensors on the glasses frame that constantly analyze the eye's pupillary distance which changes whenever we try to focus on a different depth in our... The sensors then send the information to processors that eventually adjust the lens to bring things in focus, no matter where you look. The company says a person wearing the glasses can see words in a book clearly and when the user looks up at another person or a television, the sensors adjust the lens so it is in focus.


New Japanese glasses are designed for bedtime smartphone browsing - CNET

glasses newglasses mrjorgen briller nyebriller Photo by mrjorgen on Flickr

Most of us know this habit is the cause for many a disrupted night's rest, but a new set of glasses from Japan may give us the protection we need. ns' Screen Night Use glasses claim to be able to reduce blue light exposure by 60 percent. While there are other glasses that shield our eyes from blue light, these are slimmer and specifically designed for bedtime use. Naturally, this isn't helpful at night as we're getting ready to sleep. Blue light, the type of light emitted by smartphones and tablets , is even worse, reducing our secretion of melatonin (a hormone that helps us sleep) more than regular light -- and up to twice as long as green light, according to Harvard research. ns' Screen Night Use frames come in four.


[03/17/16, via Gizmodo Australia]
Epson's Moverio BT-300 Smart Glasses Are Coming To Australia Google Glass may be dead, but Epson is still keeping the dream alive; its Moverio BT-300 smart glasses are the third and best iteration in a consistently evolving set of augmented-reality specs. The new glasses will be coming to Australia this year ... [...]

[03/17/16, via]
Henry Cavill claims the Clark Kent glasses ‘are enough’ … but are they? Cavill got us wondering though … are the glasses good enough? Join us in this little Internet ... Dean Cain played Superman in ABC’s “Lois and Clark.” Advertised as the “New Adventures of Superman,” it’s easy to see why Cain was tapped ... [...]

[03/17/16, via]
Henry Cavill Shows Why Clark's Glasses Are Good Enough In today's day and age, some people have been complaining that Clark Kent's glasses wouldn't do much to help disguise ... And with Batman and Superman at war with one another, a new threat quickly arises, putting mankind in greater danger than it’s ... [...]

[03/17/16, via Movie Web]
Batman v Superman’ Star Proves Glasses Are a Good Disguise But here in 2016, who even needs glasses to go unrecognized? That's the point Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice star Henry Cavill makes in a new Instagram video. Obviously, Henry Cavill is tired of getting the same question about Clark Kent's lame disguise. [...]

[03/17/16, via The New Indian Express]
The Evolution of Cataract Surgery Earlier method was to cut half circumference of the cornea to bring out theentire lens, later prescribing the thick glasses.This technique was modified by leaving the support intact so that an IOL can be placed and glasses are required though not as thick ... [...]

How to pick the right glasses for your face

Australia’s grand dame of fashion, designer Carla Zampatti, staged a gorgeous Winter 2018 runway show in Sydney last week.A sea of smartly dressed women took their seats, all eyes fixed on the willowy, shiny haired models who began to glide down the runway.“Oooh, they’re nice,” I said to the journalist sitting next to me. “And those too!”“Yes, I was just thinking the same thing” she replied enthusiastically. “I want all of them.”We weren’t, however, talking about the fashion, although it was...

A whole new world: Heart-rending clip captures the moment a colorblind 30-year-old experienced the full beauty of a sunset for the first time after his wife surprised him with ...

Todd Manke, from Cape Coral, Florida, usually sees nothing but dull brown and tan shades when he looks at the sky at dusk So his wife Emily, 28, decided to gift him a pair of special Enchroma glasses for their two-year anniversary, which help colorblind people to view colorsBy ReporterPublished: 15:24 EST, 17 November 2017 | Updated: 16:01 EST, 17 November 2017 An emotional video clip captures the heartwarming moment that a colorblind man experienced a sunset in...

Here's how I think Apple's new smart glasses and rOS software will work, and why we should be excited

Apple is building a new operating system to power a new augmented reality headset that may be ready for consumers by 2020, Bloomberg reported on Wednesday. What does that mean? Here's what I think.Apple's headset is supposed to employ augmented reality, which means it will take elements from the digital world, such as apps, and place them on top of the real world.It might work like Google Glass did, whereby the user could see messages, directions and other commands while also looking through...