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Link do produto - http://goo.gl/sXsttC Parceiro - http://www.aliexpressfutebol.com Óculos Quiksilver The Ferris Aliexpress Unboxing Data da compra - 12/09/2014 ...

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[03/14/18, via ]
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Coastalwatch (press release) (blog) [03/13/18, via Coastalwatch (press release) (blog)]
Sean Doherty On: Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast Day 2 As Ronnie and I called the heat Pottz paced inside the stuffy booth with his arms crossed and sunglasses on like he was in a Gotcha ad. Then when the moment came to draw on the screen and the producer screamed, “Draw!” Ronnie froze, worried his hand [...]

Shop-Eat-Surf.com [03/13/17, via Shop-Eat-Surf.com]
WSL Announces New Partnership with Visa In addition to being the official payment partner at this event, Visa will pilot a new and unique wearable product at the Quiksilver and Roxy Pro Gold Coast: payment-enabled sunglasses. The stylish shades feature contactless payment capability, merging [...]

Daily Mail [02/01/18, via Daily Mail]
Coastguard abandons search for missing Quiksilver boss after his boat was found washed up in France The emergency was then escalated, with two speedboats and three helicopters scrambled to try and fined Mr Agnes, who was officially declared 'Missing At Sea'. The 'Eole', a ship that was in the area, also got involved in the search for Mr Agnes, a [...]

South China Morning Post [02/19/17, via South China Morning Post]
The 'Manolo Blahnik of eyewear' launches new sunglasses brand from Hong Kong He started his career in the late 1980s, heading up marketing and business development for the likes of Oakley before designing for major brands and groups, including Luxottica, Quiksilver, Arnette and Ray-Ban (and those are just the gigs he's allowed [...]


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168 pages
Moon Northern California Moon Northern California
Published by Avalon Travel 2016
ISBN 9781631211539,1631211536
680 pages
The History of Surfing The History of Surfing
Published by Chronicle Books 2010
ISBN 9780811856003,0811856003
495 pages
Companies and Their Brands Companies and Their Brands

[02/25/16, via Daily Mail]
Big swells mean rare surfing meet to happen in Hawaii HALIEWA, Hawaii (AP) — Organizers of the rarely held and invitation-only Eddie Aikau big-wave surfing competition in Hawaii say the event will be Thursday. The competition in memory of legendary big wave surfer hasn't been held for six years. Organizers ... [...]

[04/28/15, via Daily Mail]
Suit's up! The two-piece WETSUIT that goes from surf board to board room (and comes with a waterproof bow tie) The line of wetsuits come from surf and snowboarding retailer Quiksilver Japan and resemble actual smart business attire. Supposedly designed to be as effective in a meeting as they are on a board, the suit is constructed from a combination of 2mm jersey ... [...]

[09/13/10, via Transworld Business]
Quiksilver Newport Beach Surf Championship Returns to Echo Beach, September 25-26 80’s Inspired Weekend Also Includes The Quiksilver Echo Beach Challenge ... their own boards onto a pre-selected twin fin to earn at least one score during their heat. That score will be added to their top score and the team’s total. [...]

[07/09/10, via Surfer Magazine]
QUIKSILVER AND THE STANDARD EXPAND COLLABORATION Summer 2010 Four new custom designed Standard Boardshorts by Quiksilver will be sold alongside new Standard Sunglasses By Quiksilver, a reversible Standard Bikini By Quiksilver and Shiseido sunscreen. The Standard, Hollywood and The Standard Spa, Miami Beach will now ... [...]

[04/27/01, via Transworld Business]
Quiksilver Pro 2001 – Day Three helping him to advance handily in the marquee heat on Day 3 of the Quiksilver Pro, the first stop on the 2001 Professional Surfing Tour of America (PSTA).Conditions continued to be highly contestable, with slightly smaller but better shaped lefts and ... [...]

Mick Fanning and Julian Wilson In Top Form At Burleigh Heads, but Kolohe Andino is the One To Beat

PRESS RELEASETwo-time World Champion Mick Fanning showed he is well and truly ready for the 2012 surfing season with a strong opening heat win at the Association of Surfing Professionals Breaka Burleigh Pro at Burleigh Heads...In front of a large patriotic crowd, Fanning 's fast, fluid and powerful style was on display and he looks set for a big 2012 assault on the world title.Fanning comprehensively defeated highly rated young Brazilian Peterson Crisanto on a scoreline of 14.40 to Crisanto...

An East Coast Latino Lifeline, on the Road for 30 Years

ABOARD OMNIBUS LA CUBANA — It was shortly after 1 p.m. when the bus, its garish designs glinting in the late summer sunlight, pulled away from the curb on Broadway in Upper Manhattan and headed toward Miami. The mood inside was pensive as the passengers tugged sweaters, snacks and travel pillows from their bags and prepared for the long trip. They were all Latino and mostly immigrants, each with a different reason for being there. Taking vacations. Looking for work. Fleeing bad decisions....

Cash in the Curl

THE SKY WAS BLUE, THE sand was white, and Tom Carroll, one of the best surfers in the world, was "getting tubed." The fans who had clustered on the beach for the Marui Pipeline Masters Competition burst into applause as Carroll shot through Hawaii's legendary Pipeline, but something else was going on over at the judges' stand. "Better put on your caps," said the contest director, "here comes the guy from Coors." Offshore, the wave ejected its rider, and a spray of salt...