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Sunglasses 3D modeling | Meshes to CAD in SolidWorks

Power Surfacing RE for SolidWorks Freeform Reverse engineering Power Surfacing RE (Reverse Engineering) is the solution you need to get your job done ...

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CHANEL Sunglasses Model 5377-A c.714/3D Brown Gradient Lens gold Studded sides $316.00

CHANEL Sunglasses Model 5377-A c.714/3D Brown Gradient Lens gold Studded sides


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[09/06/18, via ]
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[08/28/18, via Green Valley News]
Tech Series: Into world of virtual, augmented reality For now it's just glasses, but the social media monger is letting users try on accessories virtually, like Michael Kors sunglasses. AR isn't the only option to view something in a 3D model. When programmed for a game-like feature, VR can be used to [...]

3D Printing Industry [08/29/18, via 3D Printing Industry]
3D printing with quantum dots could protect us from UV rays A new, luminescent 3D printer material has been created in experiments at the University of Miami and, according to results, it could be used to make sunglasses or other devices that protect us from damaging rays of UV light. The ink, made for light [...]

Resident Advisor [09/05/18, via Resident Advisor]
Dimensions Festival 2018: Five key performances As they worked their way through hits like "Numbers," "The Man-Machine," "Radioactivity" and "Tour de France," glowing numbers, musical notes and spaceships floated into the crowd courtesy of 3D glasses distributed on entry. Looking back from the dance [...]

The Seattle Times [08/09/18, via The Seattle Times]
Outlawed 3D gunmaker fights on as a dozen states, including Washington, sue him of opponents — the U.S. government. His cause: Legalize the distribution of weapon-design files that allow Americans to 3D-print firearms at home. Now he is being sued by a dozen states, He removes his black sunglasses when he enters the [...]


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A new chapter in sports eyewear has begun. Introducing 3D printed sunglasses from Adidas. Ultra-lightweight due to… 

I think this is the coolest thing ever. Took 50 pictures of my sunglasses on a book and then used them to create a… 

Meta 2 is the next big step towards augmented reality - BetaKit

sunglasses 3d model render inprogress alias Photo by g.sysko on Flickr

Meta has officially launched its Meta 2 Development Kit just two weeks after the device debuted on the TED stage in Vancouver, and nearly three years after the company’s original Kickstarter campaign for the first Meta device. The Meta 2 Developer Kit is a big leap from the company’s first device, and marks a significant step towards the AR future they have always done a great job of marketing in slick aspirational videos filled with special effects. Instead of a cool Rayban-esque pair of AR sunglasses Meta was previously working towards as seen in its Meta Pro prototype, the Meta 2 is.


Nascent Objects, a Sustainable Electronics Platform, Wants to Make Gadgets More Green - Curbed

street portrait sexy girl sunglasses leather female night fetish 3d model photographer kim boots avatar gimp babe sl secondlife virtual babes definition second moonlight domme dominatrix domina dench slbabes kimdench definitionstudio Photo by Kim Dench on Flickr

A new startup, Nascent Objects , believes there’s a better way, creating an ecosystem of electronics that allows users to not only design their products, but reclaim and reuse the key components for their next tool or toy. To create more earth-friendly electronics, his company, based in San Carlos, California, started with an experiment that may not seem so sustainable in hindsight. Along with other members of the Nascent Object team, he purchased 585 consumer electronics products—smart thermostats, action cameras, basically anything with a WiFi or Bluetooth connection and a computing chip—and gutted them, pulling out the...


[03/10/16, via Euronews]
Dior offers Paris elegance with a twist at fashion week show The technique, called “3D Steam Stretch”, uses steam to shrink clothes ... Bold colours were splashed on clean shapes and many of the models wore sunglasses giving the collection a wearable vibe that belied its skyscraper heels. Accessories included ... [...]

[03/03/16, via NDTV]
From a Click, to Your Face - How Buying Glasses Online Works In the case of Lenskart, a website that specialises in prescription glasses and other eyewear, there's an additional complication ... this is a high accuracy tracing device that creates a 3D model of the frame - you only have to put the empty frame ... [...]

[01/30/16, via 3dprint]
Did You Know You Can Turn a 2D Photo into a Printable 3D Model? Do you have a favorite photo of a beloved pet or a special person that you’d like to see as a printable 3D model? This is certainly possible, as we’ve seen time and time again — and as explored in a recent Sculpteo blog post. It seems like 3D ... [...]

[03/11/15, via 4 Traders]
Materialise NV : New Additions to 3D-Printed Cabrio Eyewear Collection Showcase Materialise’s Long-Term Collaboration with Hoet Design Studio aim to add to the collection with new models every six months to showcase the added value of 3D Printing for eyewear manufacturing. With the victory of the Silmo d'Or award for Materialise and Hoet's work on the SEIKO Xchanger collection of sports eyewear ... [...]

Sony 46in glasses-free 3D TV

The most noticeable thing about 3D at the 2012 CES was its absence. Samsung hardly bothered with it at all, while for many other brands it only got secondary billing to their new Smart TV functionality. Only LG really went a bundle on it.With this in mind, it was no great surprise to find most brands completely ignoring glasses-free 3D technology. The only two serious exceptions were Toshiba, which still reckons its going to launch a glasses-free 3D model by April, and Sony.Sony had two...

Spend That 2017 FSA Money On These Bespoke Glasses You Can Order From Your Phone

Topology EyewearTopology EyewearFinding eyeglasses that fit well, look awesome and perfect your vision is at least as difficult as finding a swimsuit you're happy with—possibly less emotionally fraught, but equally frustrating.Topology Eyewear aims to turn the experience around by facilitating custom prescription eyeglasses orders from your iPhone. Other companies offer online try-ons and at-home try-ons of stock eyewear, but no one else offers this level of...

Ring in the New Year with Some Fun Things to 3D Print

New Year’s Eve is one of those holidays that comes with a lot of pressure. You’re kind of made to feel like there’s something wrong with you if don’t have plans – big plans, full of glitz and glamour. Sometimes, though, you just want to stay in and watch a movie – or 3D print some things, and that’s perfectly okay. Speaking of 3D printing, though, there are plenty of things out there to 3D print for the New Year – whether you’re having a party, or just staying in and doing some printing by...