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How to Pick Sunglasses for Men

Learn how to pick the perfect pair of sunglasses with Gary Black, owner of Black Optical in Tulsa, OK. (

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WIRED [07/28/18, via WIRED]
Weekend Tech Deals: Google Pixelbook, Vizio, Apple Watch | WIRED Whether you're looking for a discounted 4K TV or an affordable Apple Watch, we have deals for you. [...]

Business Insider UK [07/26/18, via Business Insider UK]
Felix Gray, the startup behind a sold-out line of computer glasses, just released a much-anticipated collection of ... Owen Burke, Insider Picks buying guides reporter: Felix Gray's Turing sunglasses in Horn are lightweight, sleek, and the small fit is perfect for my narrow face without pinching anywhere. The no-frills acetate frames have a straight, almost shapeless [...] [07/25/18, via]
Your guide to Iowa's tax holiday: 110+ items you can buy tax-free (and 90 you can't) Your guide to Iowa's tax holiday: 110+ items you can buy tax-free (and 90 you can't) How the tax holiday works; How to calculate "buy one, get one free" and other deals; 110+ items you won't pay tax on; And which items won't qualify . Barrettes [...]

Runner's World [07/13/18, via Runner's World]
The Best New Running Sunglasses Just as important as wearing sunscreen on a midsummer day, a pair of sunglasses is needed to protect your eyes from the sun's harmful UV rays. Those same rays can pose damage even when the sun is hidden behind a layer of clouds, so it's important to  [...]


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How-to Guide for Buying Sunglasses 

How-to Guide for Buying Sunglasses 

@LVServices hi I am buying some ladies sunglasses and sizing is either E or W can you tell me what this indicates p… 

THE BEST 10 GIRLS' SUNGLASSES TO CHECK OUT #girlssunglasses #girls #sunglasses #glasses #kids #children #fashion… 

The Ultimate Guide to Sunglasses The Ultimate Guide to Sunglasses
Published by Lulu Press, Inc 2015
ISBN 9781329712577,1329712579
The Shopaholic's Guide to Buying Fashion and Beauty Online The Shopaholic's Guide to Buying Fashion and Beauty Online
Published by John Wiley & Sons 2007
ISBN 9781841127798,1841127795
272 pages
Consumer Reports Buying Guide Consumer Reports Buying Guide
The Complete Beauty Bible The Complete Beauty Bible
Published by Rodale 2004
ISBN 1579549993,9781579549992
668 pages

[03/16/16, via MSN]
How to become an expert haggler This is especially true when buying products such as handbags or sunglasses off the street ... It’s worth noting that, legally, you’ll need a licensed guide to take you and the shopper through the souks. Some, like Kati, may arrange this. [...]

[03/15/16, via The Business Insider]
The best sunglasses for every face shape — and how to figure out which one you are Warby ParkerWarby Parker's Barkley Sunglasses in Striped Beach With Crystal (pictured ... Have a look at each shape's description, figure out which frames you like most, and go about buying a pair from there. If you're having a difficult time deciding ... [...]

[03/09/16, via vogue]
Antiques, Tati, and the Perfect Soufflé: Iris Apfel’s Favorite Spots in Paris Wistfully, she wishes she’d asked Bill Cunningham where to buy Parisian work clothes ... a downy Mongolian wool bag, jumbo round Selima sunglasses, an oversize silk black Cinabre bow tie in honor of her husband Carl, who passed away last year ... [...]

[03/04/16, via Vibe]
Here’s The Revolutionary Thing That THINX Is Doing About Periods “I’m totally buying a pair, trying it out, then writing about it.” And then it happened. From my peripheral vision, I saw it. The man in khaki. Wearing sunglasses inside a ... READ: Misogynist Author Writes Guide To Dating Latina “Species ... [...]

[03/03/16, via Issuu]
Homer Simpson's guide to Bandar Bolas Homer Simpson's guide to Bandar Bolas Tennis is a sport which is played ... The tennis apparel line includes tennis shorts, socks, shoes, sunglasses, bags, t-shirts along with racquets to become able to title the few. Since, these products tend to be ... [...]

The Best Time to Buy Almost Anything in 2018

January. Keep an eye on office furniture, as retailers target entrepreneurs launching ventures in the new tax year. With winter weather setting in, department stores lure shoppers with "white sales," making this the best time to buy linens. The annual Consumer Electronics Show spurs price drops on digital cameras, TVs, tablets, and other electronics to clear shelves for new models. Also on sale: holiday items, winter apparel, select toys, and home fitness gear."...

2017 Holiday Gift Guide

When it comes to buying holiday gifts, some people are easier to shop for than others. For some, it just comes easily and instinctively, as we have their tastes and desires firmly established.But then there’s those people. The ones we always end up buying a gift card for at the local pharmacy, because we’re desperate and don’t have the precious mental energy to brainstorm ideas. Perhaps they’re extended family or a significant other’s family. Maybe it’s a co-worker or a secret Santa. Either...

Top 5 Best Running Sunglasses 2018: Your Easy Buying Guide

Protect your eyes from the sun and the elements as you pound out the miles on your favorite running routes. These running sunglasses offer features such as larger lenses and secure rubber grips that hold the glasses tightly in place even when you begin to perspire.Fit is one of the most important considerations, as sunglasses that are too small or too large can cause frustration and discomfort. You’ll find sunglasses specifically designed for women, those with smaller heads, or those...