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New CARRERA CA8819 U01 Men's Eyeglasses Frames 57-17-145 $69.00

New CARRERA CA8819 U01 Men's Eyeglasses Frames 57-17-145

New CARRERA CA8818 F31 Men's Eyeglasses Frames 55-17-140 $69.00

New CARRERA CA8818 F31 Men's Eyeglasses Frames 55-17-140

New CARRERA CA6637/N G3S Men's Eyeglasses Frames 52-17-145 $69.00

New CARRERA CA6637/N G3S Men's Eyeglasses Frames 52-17-145

New CARRERA CA8803 94X Men's Eyeglasses Frames 57-19-140 $69.00

New CARRERA CA8803 94X Men's Eyeglasses Frames 57-19-140

New CARRERA CA 7417 02A7 Men's Eyeglasses Frames 51-19-145 $69.00

New CARRERA CA 7417 02A7 Men's Eyeglasses Frames 51-19-145

New CARRERA CA7417 02A7 Men's Eyeglasses 51-19-145 $69.00

New CARRERA CA7417 02A7 Men's Eyeglasses 51-19-145


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[08/12/18, via ]
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Yorkshire Post [08/06/18, via Yorkshire Post]
Luxury items stolen from house in Yorkshire village "Among over 20 items stolen were a men's Tag Carrera auto-chrono watch, a women's Gucci watch, several diamond rings, a Tiffany heart chain, ring and necklace, a Vivian Westwood white watch and a pair of Chanel sunglasses." Anybody who has been  [...]

Peterborough Telegraph [07/23/18, via Peterborough Telegraph]
Manhunt launched after boy robbed by three men in Peterborough park underway for three men who robbed a young boy in a Peterborough park. At about 3pm on Friday (July 20) three men approached the boy in a park in Fulbridge Road in Peterborough and stole his dark grey Carrera mountain bike and Ray-Ban sunglasses. [...]

[08/01/18, via Mobile Marketer]
Hearst's head of influencers on finding the right fit and why women dominate the industry For example, we did a piece with Carrera sunglasses in Elle featuring female pilots — very "Top Gun" with their uniform and sunglasses on the tarmac-turned-photo shoot. Only around 5% of the That's not to say that men can't be influencers. Some [...] [05/10/18, via]
How to Find the Perfect Sunglasses for Your Face Shape Knowing which sunglass frames are right for your face shape will help you pick a style that complements your features instead of fighting with them. It'll also stave off the paralysis of choice that's left you with the same busted pair of drugstore [...]

Carrera Fashion Men & Women's Matte  Retro Sunglasses+Carrera Case&Cloth… 

Carrera Men & Women's WHITE&RED Retro Fashion Sunglasses+Carrera Case & Cloth 

Carrrera Men & Women's WHITE&BLACK Retro Sunglasses+Carrera Case Made in Itay! 

How do you resist the high #temperatures? Carrera 1006S☀️  #men #boys 

Brands and Their Companies Brands and Their Companies
Published by Gale Cengage 2007
ISBN 0787622877,9780787622879
3798 pages
Skiing Skiing
238 pages
Sailor & Lula Sailor & Lula
Published by Seven Stories Press 2011
ISBN 9781609800765,1609800761
Brands and their companies Brands and their companies
ISBN 0787622915,9780787622916
455 pages

The search for records in Medellin, Colombia

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It all started because I got a wild idea to search the city for a record shop. My friend and I start walking in one direction, trying to make sense of what is a calle and what is a carrera , and what direction the numbers are going to at least be able to orient ourselves a bit. We are in Medellin, a city at 5000 feet above sea level, and we have had food poisoning and not eaten much for three days, yet I am determined to find at least a single shop selling vinyl in this city. And then, we see it. A single black circle pained on a wall, with the words Libros y Musica (books and music) and inside some record covers hang on.

[via Cocktail Napkin Travel Guide]


Founded in 1926 by P. Oliver Goldsmith, OG sunglasses have have been the trend defining eyewear since the 1960's and 1970's, when sunglasses went from eye protection to a fashion statement. The eyewear of choice by such 20th Century style icons as Grace Kelly, Audrey Hepburn, Peter Sellers and The Rolling Stones, in addition to the design houses of Dior and Givenchy, Oliver Goldsmith continues to create the most stylish of sunglasses. Check out their vintage archive for fun too and see the original Space Visor, Butterfly and Tennis Raquet sunglasses. The hip shade du jour comes from the team of Bill Barton and Patty Perreira, otherwise known as Barton Perriera, a relatively new company from two Oliver Peoples alumni.

[via Global Sport News]

[11/10/15, via Busbyway] Launches New Collection of Burberry Sunglasses for Women Carrera, Breil, Emporio Armani, Fendi, Ray Ban, Gucci, and so on. All these are being offered at affordable rates while exclusive discounts are also provided occasionally. Besides women sunglasses, customers will also find sunglasses under men's and unisex ... [...]

[07/26/15, via Ask Men]
Cycling Sunglasses As former pro David Millar commented recently in the Telegraph, “sunglasses are,” in a world of matching ... we consider the shades that make the men in the peloton and, just as importantly, their permanence in what it means to look pro. [...]

[07/03/14, via]
Empire State building: Red white blue THIS is New York Hockey!!! #NYRBelieve via New York Rangers on Facebook 20130513 The Empire State Building is Red, White and BLUE after every New York Rangers win Men's Aviator Red, White Blue Sunglasses More Carrera Watch, Men S Aviator, Blue Sunglasses ... [...]

[06/24/14, via Beauty World News]
Designer Sunglasses On Sale: How to Shop What Sunglasses Are In Style & Fit Your Face Shape 2014 Part 2 Sites like Gilt Group and often feature discounts of 50 to 60 percent off designer eyewear and sunglasses from brands like Ray Ban, Alexander McQueen and Carrera. Keep cheap pairs handy. If you recently splurged on a new pair of shades then be ... [...]

[03/20/14, via Hollywood Reporter]
Kit Harington Is the New Face for Jimmy Choo Men's Collection and its first men's sunglasses collection, in partnership with Carrera. "Kit perfectly embodies the Jimmy Choo man," said Sandra Choi, Jimmy Choo's creative director, in a statement to Vogue UK. "He has a natural and alluring masculinity and an effortless ... [...]

High fashion meets high tech at Optique Opticians

Elaine O’Sullivan FAOI, optometrist and owner of Optique Opticians, stresses the importance of expertise in the art of skilfully and stylishly “dressing” the face. Optique Opticians will help you choose eyewear which is right for your look, your prescription, and your lifestyle.Visit Optique Opticians for an unparalleled experience for high-fashion eyewear and sunglasses collections. Shapes are cat-eye or square and oversized, inspired by the fifties and sixties, or aviator styles for the...

High-tech thieves used phone-jammer in $74K sunglass heist, cops say

Jesus Guillen Consuegra, 24, and Fabian Fabian, 38, were jailed in Orange County on Thursday, records show.Jesus Guillen Consuegra, 24, and Fabian Fabian, 38, face numerous… (Orange County Jail )October 28, 2011|By Jeff Weiner, Orlando SentinelA pair of high-tech thieves armed with a cell-phone jammer tunneled into an Orange County sunglass shop, deputies say, making off with almost $74,000 worth of designer shades. Court records show both men suspected in the unusual heist, 24-year-old Jesus...

When Ranveer Singh blazed his way with a whimsical and sartorial drama!

Unarguably, destroying stereotypes and leading the pack is the Bajirao aka Khilji aka Ranveer Singh! With a penchant to reinvent looks and add a whimsical dimension to trends, Ranveer Singh never fails to push the fashion boundaries with his astounding game. Enlisting the styling precision of the maverick Nitasha Gaurav, the duo manages a mean feat of leaving everyone speechless with looks that are unconventional and zany to the T. Blessed with a persona that seamlessly blends it all in,...