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Corey Hart - Sunglasses At Night

Music video by Corey Hart performing Sunglasses At Night.

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COREY HART First Offense 1984 CD with hits Sunglasses At Night It Ain't Enough $44.99

COREY HART First Offense 1984 CD with hits Sunglasses At Night It Ain't Enough

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Corey Hart First Offence Rare 80’s CD Ft Sunglasses At Night

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COREY HART Japan Promo White Label 7"/45 SUNGLASSES AT NIGHT


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[09/21/18, via ]
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Red Bull [09/21/18, via Red Bull]
Jori Hulkkonen is coming to South Africa I started playing the riff of 'Sunglasses at Night' and Tiga said “Oh, Corey Hart is from Montreal, I know this track!” so we did a version in like one or two hours and we did four other tracks on the same day and we didn't think too much of it at the [...]

Prince George Citizen [09/08/18, via Prince George Citizen]
Readers want Loverboy at next year's Cariboo Rocks Trailing behind while Wearing his Sunglasses at Night, Corey Hart came in with 17 per cent and 121 votes. Sass Jordan came in with 10 per cent and 71 votes, The Northern Pikes, with nine per cent and 64 votes, and Men without Hats, with eight per cent [...]

Montgomery Advertiser [05/04/18, via Montgomery Advertiser]
Sunglasses at night: Malzahn relives Corey Hart concert The first singer Gus Malzahn remembers seeing in concert wore sunglasses at night. “Corey Hart,” a smiling Malzahn said. “That's old school.” Like 1984 old school. Hart's hit single “Sunglasses At Night” reached No. 7 on the Billboard Hot 100 charts. [...]

House of Frankie (press release) (blog) [08/14/18, via House of Frankie (press release) (blog)]
Tiga's Turbo Celebrates 20 Years With 'Sunglasses At Night' Remix Package Soon the label started to release singles and albums, and Tiga began producing. His first single in 2002 was the classic 'Sunglasses At Night', his cover of the cult Corey Hart synth classic alongside Zyntherius, released via Gigolo Records. Listen to [...]

Sunglasses at Night

"Sunglasses at Night" is a song recorded by Canadian singer Corey Hart. It was the first single to be released off his debut album, 1983's First Offense, and became a hit single in the United States, rising to #7 on the Billboard Hot 100 in August 1984. The song is a staple of 1980s pop rock and new wave music, combining an unflagging synthesizer hook, characteristic arpeggio, rock guitar and obscure lyrics. AllMusic described it as "an instant classic with its distinctive melody and catchy chorus."
The song is included in numerous hits collections of the period, especially in the U.S., but it was not as popular throughout the rest of the world at the time. Peaking at #24 in Hart's native Canada, it was not a hit in Europe and failed to chart at all in the UK.
In 2002, 19...

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irishjenny: Took this screenshot and an old song from the 80′s by Corey Hart “Sunglasses At... 

Sunglasses at Night (7" Single Version) by Corey Hart 

I added a video to a @YouTube playlist  Corey Hart - Sunglasses At Night (Official Music Video)

Took this screenshot and an old song from the 80′s by Corey Hart “Sunglasses At Night” cames to my mind. Ash looks… 

I was reminded today on my drive that no one can take away your right to fight and to never surrender. Thank you… 

SLCR #233: The Art of Time Ensemble (March 3, 2016)

sunglasses 80s wilwheaton coreyhart Photo by WilWheaton on Flickr

There was no big announcement for this show – at least not one that I saw. Instead, I heard about it on Twitter – really, just offhandedly retweeted – a unique one-off concert with a favourite singer joining forces with the Art of Time Ensemble to perform an evening of covers of one of their biggest inspirations. I didn’t seriously think I could go – I mean, I’d have to hop on a plane for it – but I checked the ticket availability just to satisfy my own curiosity and dang if there wasn’t one seat still available in the very front row. I look forward to copying and pasting that paragraph in a few months’ time when I have to write about Hawksley Workman and the Art of Time playing Bruce Cockburn songs in Toronto. This is not as much of a one-off as the Hawksley show (which.

[via This is the story of the overly ambitious eagle…]

To LA Marathon; Love, The Traitors

80s wilwheaton coreyhart Photo by WilWheaton on Flickr

For the third year in a row, Devin Tait & The Traitors woke up extra early to perform for the runners in the Los Angeles Marathon. To be honest, I didn't have all that much enthusiasm in the beginning and almost didn't even apply for it. We are down one member since Brandon has departed, and also the marathon is just a lot of work. Also, we were roughly nearer to mile 11 than mile 5 so it was a slightly later start time. So I tried to use mainly the songs he had already performed with us, and only added in a few that he hadn't already done with us. The only truly new.

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[03/15/16, via SPIN]
Tiga: From Montreal to ‘Planet E’ Fifteen years after the 2001 release of his breakout single, an aggressively modernized update of Corey Hart’s 1984 synth-pop smash “Sunglasses At Night,” he has provided remixes for the xx and LCD Soundsystem, collaborated with Soulwax and Hudson ... [...]

[03/03/16, via]
Tiga's Delirious 'No Fantasy Required' LP Is Streaming in Full It's a potent combination that the Montreal native has refined further over the course of three albums and a 15-year-long career that started with his 2001 breakout single, a brash cover of Corey Hart's "Sunglasses At Night" that helped launch a thousand ... [...]

[02/29/16, via The Onion(satire)]
Corey Hart Still Performing 'Sunglasses At Night' Somewhere MIAMI—Striding briskly onto the stage and walking directly toward the podium without stopping to wave or smile at the cheering crowd in attendance, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton reportedly issued a single-word victory speech after ... [...]

[10/04/15, via Canada]
Jonathan Roy shifts from fighter to lover Enter Corey Hart, the multi-million-selling hitmaker best known for the 1980s faves Sunglasses at Night and Never Surrender. They connected online, and Hart invited Jonathan to his home and studio in the Bahamas. When Hart heard his soulful voice ... [...]

[07/16/15, via Georgia Straight]
Canadian songs for Pride: "Truth Will Set U Free" by 1Love feat. Corey Hart Corey Hart, the '80s pop heartthrob with a perma-pout who had hits such as "Sunglasses at Night" and "Never Surrender ... the song as a dance track with revised lyrics entitled "Truth Will Set U Free". It was released in 2012 and marked Hart's first ... [...]

What's on TV: Sunday, November 19

Classic CountdownABC, 6pm Classic Countdown revisits 1984: Boy George. Photo: SuppliedThe hair's getting bigger and the music increasingly electronic as Classic Countdown revisits 1984, the year the Apple Macintosh was launched and pop musicians began challenging conventions; in tonight's episode there are performances from Marilyn, Culture Club, drag queen Divine and Corey Hart in his nocturnal sunglasses. In the era of World Wrestling Federation's reign, even the macho bands were...

Corey Hart Talks "Sunglasses At Night"

Corey Hart Talks "Sunglasses At Night"Sep 30, 2011It wasn't until Corey Hart was finished recording his debut album First Offense that he had the brainchild for "Sunglasses At Night". After returning to Canada from Britain, he had a vision of the song, recalling his days in the UK studio when he would wear his sunglasses - you got it - at night. Now, 29 years later, Corey Hart took some time to tell us the inside scoop behind the making of this Canadian classic!"Sunglasses At Night" was...

Corey Hart completes an emotional final lap in Montreal

MONTREALThere was something moving about seeing Corey Hart put away his sunglasses for good at his hometown Bell Centre.The ’80s and ’90s pop star held his final concert on Tuesday night, accompanied by his longtime band and his spouse of 20 years, singer Julie Masse.Their four children walked a red carpet at the arena prior to the farewell concert.Teenagers India, Dante and River, and their little brother Rain, might have discovered for the first time just how much fans still love their dad,...