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Emojis On Snapchat Explained

In a recent update, Snapchat added emojis as a more private method of indicating users 'best friends'. My Source: ...

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[09/19/18, via ]
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TechCrunch [09/05/18, via TechCrunch]
Snapchat adds new styles as Spectacles V2s get used 40% more than V1 Snapchat isn't revealing sales numbers of version 2 of its Spectacles camera sunglasses, but at least they're not getting left in a drawer as much as the V1s. The company tells me V2 owners are capturing 40 percent more Snaps than people with V1s [...]

The New Yorker (satire) [08/29/18, via The New Yorker (satire)]
Sylvia Plath Doesn't Write a Poem she asked, followed by the sunglasses emoji, baby-face emoji, and saxophone emoji. “Goddammit,” Sylvia . Sylvia had occasionally been accused of being “a downer” but the philosophical implications of Snapchat made her look like Mary goddam Poppins. [...]

Markets Insider [05/07/18, via Markets Insider]
Here's what those mysterious emoji on Snapchat actually mean Each emoji has a different meaning, and serves as a reminder of who you snap and how often you snap them. Snapchat calls them "friend emojis," and they exist to symbolize things like your best friends, or your ongoing Snapstreaks. The emoji are pre-set [...] [03/21/18, via]
What do the Snapchat emojis mean? your food every day, do you have any idea what the Snapchat emoji meanings actually are? Here's a full explainer of what the Snapchat emojis mean, if you're trying to tell your pink hearts from your sunglasses, or your hourglass timer from your [...]

People please put a photo of you without your face hidden behind sunglasses/ski goggles/snapchat filters/photoshopp… 

The Skinny Confidential The Skinny Confidential
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Burned Burned
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368 pages
The Japanese Skincare Revolution The Japanese Skincare Revolution
Published by Kodansha USA Incorporated 2016
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[03/16/16, via Daily Telegraph]
Lewis Hamilton investigated by police over Snapchat motorbike selfie in New Zealand Just days before beginning his title defence in Melbourne, Hamilton posted the videos on Snapchat, the social media service ... Local media suggested that Hamilton, who often wears sunglasses and baseball caps, had become engaged in the row after ... [...]

[03/16/16, via]
Lewis Hamilton facing a police probe over Snapchat FORMULA 1 world champion Lewis Hamilton is being investigated by New Zealand police over a bizarre drive-by Snapchat video ... The other video shows Hamilton filming his own face as he drives before tilting the camera to look over his shoulder at the ... [...]

[03/15/16, via Hollywood Life (blog)]
Kim Kardashian Shows Off Massive Plumped Up Lips — Bigger Than Ever? She tried to hide behind a big pair of sunglasses but her lips were totally visible. You’re not fooling us, Kim! But let’s be honest, Kim is gorgeous and we love anything she does. Her face is fierce ... Kylie posted a funny Snapchat video with ... [...]

[03/16/16, via]
Police review Lewis Hamilton incident caught on video Lewis Hamilton's customary sunglasses were on display. Photo: Snapchat New Zealand Police are reviewing footage ... Grand Prix for spraying a clearly uncomfortable hostess in the face with champagne. Also in 2015, he was turned away from tennis grand ... [...]

[03/07/16, via The Oracle]
Spring Weekend: the EDM experience of a lifetime Merchandise carts carrying everything from sunglasses to T-shirts will also be scattered throughout the festival grounds. On the Spring Weekend Snapchat, the lineup for ... “He’s kind of like the face of, not only USF but also one of the huge Tampa ... [...]

Facebook Making Funky Face Filters a Reality for All

Earlier this year, Facebook announced that it would give some hand-selected outside developers permission to build augmented reality features for Facebook's in-app camera. HBO built a face mask so "Game of Thrones" fans could turn themselves into the Night King. "Star Wars" built one, too, so users could look like bad guy Kylo Ren. Now the company is opening the floodgates to everyone with a mask idea -- or an idea for other AR features we haven't even heard of yet. Starting...

Captain Morgan told off for Snapchat lens: That grog be aimed at kiddies

Arrr! Booze brand in Davey Jones' locker with ads watcherRum peddler Captain Morgan has come under fire from the UK ads watchdog for using a Snapchat lens that could appeal to underage teenagers.In response, the drinks firm has suspended all its advertising with Snap globally, while it assess the incremental age verification safeguards that Snapchat is implementing.The lens made the user's face look like Captain Morgan in an ad depicting a cartoon icon of the 17th century Welsh privateer who...

Captain Morgan Snapchat lens smacked down by UK’s advertising regulators

The UK’s Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has upheld a complaint against a Snapchat lens from global drinks maker Diaego, which allowed users to make their face look like Captain Morgan, over fears it may appeal to children.The lens also included two glasses of a drink clinking, followed by text that said “Live like the Captain,” a voice-over that said “Captain,” and some cheering.The ASA’s concern was this advert may be seen by those under the legal drinking age, and that it would be...