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Glasses should enhance your face! Not conceal it! So here's a guide on how to find the right glasses for your face shape! Sorry for the late upload. My hard drive ...

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[08/12/18, via ]
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The Gazette: Eastern Iowa Breaking News and Headlines [08/11/18, via The Gazette: Eastern Iowa Breaking News and Headlines]
Hawkeyes push away from the dock, and everyone still is aboard It's OK, though, head coach Kirk Ferentz said on Friday during the team's media day. They'll double back around and fish out the sunglasses in week 2. Obviously, the lost sunglasses are the four suspensions the Hawkeyes will have to overcome in their [...]

JOE [08/11/18, via JOE]
What your sunglasses say about you as a human being Some will buy a pair for €2 and feel no loss when they inevitably sit on them, but others spare no expense, shedding out absurd amounts of money on what is essentially just a logo attached to a pair of sunglasses worth no more than €10. So what does [...]

MIT Technology Review [08/08/18, via MIT Technology Review]
Magic Leap's headset is real, but that may not be enough He runs me through a slide show, pointing out years of prototypes ranging from the big one I saw (nicknamed “the bench”) to smaller and smaller versions (one wearable demo from 2015 looks like a Bladerunner prop and goes over the head, from the nape to [...]

Charleston Gazette-Mail [08/03/18, via Charleston Gazette-Mail]
Philip Maramba: Perspectives on the first pair of glasses (Daily Mail Opinion) Much to my mother's chagrin, I went through many pairs — some from a steadily increasing prescription, others from just breaking. And don't get me started on It seems I wear them atop my head almost as much as on my face these days. After more [...]

Sunglasses Going Over The Head

Des Taviner and Reg Hollis are in the Area Car enjoying the warm weather when Sergeant Craig Gilmore surprises them. He is unimpressed with their excuses and orders them to remove their sunglasses and get back to work. As they drive around, Hollis reveals that he is planning to propose to his girlfriend Helen. Unfortunately they are not currently on the best of terms having rowed after Hollis declined Helen's invitation to join her at a conference in Southend. Taviner announces that they are going to Southend and forces Reg to pretend that the car has broken down. Meanwhile Special Constable Terry Knowles and PC Nick Klein have arrested petty thief Derek Daly. As they head back for the station Knowles spots an attractive blonde in a car and persuades Klein to pull her over when she...

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Midnight Special -

travel shadow beach sunglasses shirt mexico glasses necklace belt sand nikon shadows hand buttons 4 tracks tshirt tourists moustache blond icecream bracelet cropped shorts cart pocket vignetting zihuatanejo sagger helados tiretracks ballcap beachscene 2014 blondhair d600 negotiating fourfingers barradepotosi tedmcgrath tedsphotos nikonfx zihuatanejoguerrero tedsphotosmexico d600fx heladosbering Photo by Ted's photos - For Me & You on Flickr

A parent must protect his out-of-this-world son in stellar sci-fi film for adults You're going to hear people talking shit about Jeff Nichols' unforgettable and unclassifiable Midnight Special. But Nichols is his own man. And in this spellbinding sci-fi chase movie, UFOs take a back seat to identifiable human emotions. Go with it. Let Nichols turn your head around. One caveat: Nichols drops you into the action, no backstory road map. Sidebar We do know this much: A divorced father, Roy Tomlin (Michael Shannon), has kidnapped his eight-year-old son, Alton (Jaeden Lieberher), with the help of old friend Lucas (Joel Edgerton). Alton's mom, Sarah (Kirsten Dunst), also wants her son back, and away from Calvin Meyer (Sam Shepard), the preacher leader of a Waco-like cult called the Ranch, which once counted Roy and Sarah among its flock.


Learn How to Finesse SXSW with Dante Ross' Trusted Survival Kit - Complex

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Dante Ross has been in or around hip-hop since the mid '70s. He got his start in the music industry as a messenger for Def Jam and worked his way up to becoming a very successful A&R. Dante has spent time at Tommy Boy and Elektra Records where he... One in particular involves a SXSW producer panel he was on with the RZA in 1999. They were the only two hip-hop people there, as he puts it. "I was on there talking about my work on Everlast's Whitey Ford Sings the Blues and how we used Protools,"... Fast forward some years later and SXSW is a hip-hop fuck fest. For the 10th consecutive year, Dante will head to Austin to check out some acts he's.


[02/27/16, via Daily Record]
Have-a-go-hero shopkeeper foils robber by breaking baseball bat over his head Batter: Muhammad fights off the knifeman with a baseball bat over his head AN armed robber was stopped in his tracks ... “I’m a father-of-four, I wasn’t going to argue with him. I just did as he asked and started emptying the till. [...]

[02/25/16, via The Columbus Dispatch]
John Kasich, Josh Mandel going head-to-head over budget websites "By doing this, I'm going to tick off a bunch of politicians in the state ... "While Josh Mandel and John Kasich squabble over bureaucratic responsibilities, Ohio taxpayers are paying the price,” spokesman Jake Strassberger said. [...]

[02/23/16, via MS News Now]
McGinty, O'Malley go head to head over prosecutor job He's going up against Michael O'Malley, who serves as Parma's safety director. In his opening remarks Michael O’Malley says, "I do not believe we could be any more different." The two candidates sparred over who will be the better prosecutor. Mike O ... [...]

[02/23/16, via WSMV]
McGinty, O'Malley go head to head over prosecutor job He's going ... head coaches hold rare joint press conference Tennessee's head coaches held a rare joint press conference Tuesday to say an unfair picture of the athletic department is being portrayed, two weeks after the school was sued over its handling ... [...]

[02/20/16, via Townsville Bulletin]
Mayoral rivals go head to head over proposed policy ... TWO rival mayoral candidates have gone head-to- head a month early, with one accusing the other of copying a proposed policy. Mayoral candidate Jayne Arlett yesterday vowed to splash out $5 million over four years to fix rural roads in the city’s ... [...]

Abandoning the Kurds What the Turkish Invasion Means for Syria

By invading Afrin, one of the last unscathed regions in Syria, Turkey is trying to prevent the creation of a Kurdish state. The U.S. is looking on powerlessly while Russia is rubbing its hands in glee. Ultimately, the true winner might be Bashar Assad.Getty ImagesFebruary 02, 2018  05:21 PMThe first victims on both sides of the front hadn't done anything. All they wanted was to survive. When the Turkish air force began bombing Kurdish positions in and around the Syrian town of Afrin...

Lady In Black The German Woman at the Center of the Manafort Case

A German national appears prominently in the investigation into the possible Russian contacts made by Donald Trump's associates. Did she serve as the strawman for illegal lobbying in the United States?Lobbyist Paul ManafortFebruary 09, 2018  06:01 PMIna Kirsch is sitting at a table at Berlin's Café Einstein. She has chosen to sit in a corner on the second floor because there usually isn't much going on there. The expression she wears on her face reflects what she had said earlier on...

Die Trainer-Gerüchte der NFL im Ticker: Zwei neue Kandidaten bei den Colts

Mike Shula: Neustart als Offensive Coordinator bei den NY Giants. © imago/ZUMA PressMünchen – Coaches suchen neue Herausforderungen, wollen sich verändern, NFL-Teams ziehen die Reißleine, wollen neue Impulse setzen oder einen Neuanfang starten: Viele Franchises stellen sich nach der Saison neu gibt einen Überblick, welcher Trainer wo im Gespräch ist.+++ Update, 13. Februar: Mike Shula wird...