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Rare Early 1800s Sunglass with original Case invented by Benjamin Franklin $100.00 - $390.0

Rare Early 1800s Sunglass with original Case invented by Benjamin Franklin


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[09/21/18, via ]
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[09/20/18, via The Daily Caller]
I Tried These Revolutionary New Cordair Sunglasses; They Changed Everything They were invented by an ophthalmologist named Dr. Troy Carter, who realized that many of his patients' visits could have been avoided had they been wearing proper eye protection. But why don't people wear sunglasses all the time? Two main reasons. [...]

FashionBeans [08/31/18, via FashionBeans]
Why You Need A Pair Of Polarised Sunglasses Where better to buy polarised sunglasses from than the company that invented them? Polaroid today may be best known for its instant cameras and being a lyric in an infuriatingly catchy Andre 3000 song, but before any of that stuff, it introduced the [...]

Buffalo News [09/18/18, via Buffalo News]
From Kiss to soda pop: A day with serial entrepreneur Gene Simmons This was another in a days-long string of appearances for Simmons, who was wearing silver-studded boots and dark sunglasses that rarely left his face, a button-down with sleeves rolled to reveal a chunky silver bracelet, and those fitted leather pants [...]

EDMTunes (press release) (blog) [09/14/18, via EDMTunes (press release) (blog)]
Ray-Ban Launches Collection with Nina Kraviz Ray-Ban is continuing to show its support for talented musicans in a new limited edition collaboration with Russian DJ Nina Kraviz. The internationally acclaimed DJ has re-invented the iconic cat-eye style from the Ray-Ban archives, first seen in the 60s. [...]

Sunglasses Invented

Lord Zedd zaps a pair of special sunglasses Billy's invented. When he & Zack put them on, they're placed under a spell where they think their teammates are Putty Patrollers! If that wasn't bad enough, the fire-breathing Saliguana monster is created.

Source: Freebase, licensed under CC-BY.

@jiminology18 crystal. Oof so many things to say first of all, i love u. Tbh u look soo cool when u wear 

They freakin' invented sunglasses 

i invented these new sunglasses which protect your eyes from the ugliness of the world aka myungsoos tweets who wants limited edition only

What year were sunglasses invented?

RT @juicyjzz: He invented thug life sunglasses. 

The Ultimate Guide to Sunglasses The Ultimate Guide to Sunglasses
Published by Lulu Press, Inc 2015
ISBN 9781329712577,1329712579
Cool Shades Cool Shades
Published by Bloomsbury Publishing 2014
ISBN 9780857854643,085785464X
192 pages
Weekly World News Weekly World News
44 pages
Amazing Facts in Science, Grades 6 - 12 Amazing Facts in Science, Grades 6 - 12
Published by Carson-Dellosa Publishing 2008
ISBN 9781580377201,1580377203
128 pages

Object of Intrigue: Disneyland's Flirty, Talking Trash Can - Atlas Obscura

toy toys punk doll dolls pastel barbie 80s blonde pullip 1980s agnetha fashionroyalty fashionfever miema dynamitegirls eltin celsiy genuinebarbie toypincher monsterhigh Photo by partymonstrrrr on Flickr

There's a Disneyland sweetheart you may never have heard of, though if you were hoping to meet him, you’re out of luck—PUSH the Talking Trash Can retired two years ago. PUSH, a radio-controlled robot, was a highly beloved garbage receptacle. Over the course of his 19 years of service at the theme park, PUSH drew many fans and admirers at home in California, as well as in Florida, Hong Kong, Paris, and Tokyo. The controller’s words went through a voice processor to come out with a quirky robotic tenor, enabling PUSH to tease and flirt with guests, its preference in humans more indicative of the gender of the operator than anything else. Invented by Daniel Deutsch (who owns multiple patents for gadgets such as an ultraviolet illuminated fluorescent drinking vessel ),.


Welcome To The New World Order: Reflections On CTM 2016 - The Quietus

ocean california seascape mike smile sunglasses photographer boots earth noparking bigsur shades licenseplate highway1 hoody toyota socialist morrobay anarchist centralcoast morrorock 2010 twohats niceguy rangerrick skywater goodguy highway46 goofyhats lawlessness michaelbaird mikebaird findhimifyoucan photomorrobay michaellbaird mmifmm funnydresser Photo by Elizabeth Haslam on Flickr

Haus Der Kulturen Der Welt is an art gallery and performance space that stands on the banks of the Spree near the Reichstag in Central Berlin. Paid for by the Benjamin Franklin Foundation and designed by the architect Hugh Stubbins, the foundations for the HKW were laid in on October 3rd 1956. It was described as "America's gift to the world" or, as its curving roof rose over the... Or, as some critiqued it, a physical manifestation of American cultural imperialism in the ideological battle against Communism, the soft power reinforcement to the tanks stationed near the wall in West Berlin. Someone tells me that this event inspired Einsturzende Neubauten (their name 'collapsing new buildings was itself a satire on West Berlin's shoddy post war architecture) to call their debut album Kollaps.


[03/07/16, via Metro International]
5 women who changed the world with their inventions But her greatest invention was the anti-reflective glass used as material for camera lenses and later for computer screens, automobile glasses and sunglasses. ‘Hello My Name is Doris’ Director: Michael Showalter Stars: Sally Field, Max Greenfield ... [...]

[03/03/16, via MensXP]
10 Types Of People You Find On Instagram But that’s not all. She has a #NoFilter selfie, a #NoMakeUp selfie, a #Sunglasses Selfie, a #Random selfie, a #BlackAndWhite selfie—basically, she invented the selfie and then improvised the invention with several new inventions. Lo and behold ... [...]

[03/01/16, via Yahoo News]
5 Things You Didn't Know The Military Invented We all know that items like the jeep and aviator sunglasses come from the military but you will be shocked by how many everyday products came from the battle fields throughout history. In lieu of the Air Force’s birthday on September 18, The List [...]

[01/29/16, via WALB 10 News]
InventHelp Client Patents Ms. Anns Designs Interchangeable Sunglass Lenses for Custom Design Style InventHelp, a leading inventor service company, announces that one of its clients, an inventor from Kansas, has redesigned stylish sunglasses that feature interchangeable lenses that are decorative in their appearance. This invention is patented. [...]

[01/27/16, via Glamour]
Jenna Lyons launches sunglasses and we want them all If ever we're in need of wardrobe, we turn to pictures of J Crew president and creative director Jenna Lyons. She has an ... "Necessity is the mother of invention - and, more than anything we needed navy and neon sunglasses," Lyons told us. [...]

Conceived 80 yrs ago, neon-tinted sunglasses still adding bling to life

PUNE: They were invented over 80 years ago, served pilots during great wars and today, have evolved to include the latest in fashion and colours. Sunglasses now come in quirky colours, shapes and sizes. Utility, it seems, has accomodated changing trends. Even the hottest colours of the season — neons — find a reflection in the sunglasses market. "The thing about neon-tinted sunglasses is that they can actually brighten your look, even if you are wearing plain and dull colours. There...

Appreciations for some of the legendary writers, musicians, actors and artists that the world lost in 2017

His death on July 27 at age 73, from complications of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis, or Lou Gehrig’s disease, comes as a particular shock, not only because of his prolific output — he wrote nearly 50 plays, 30 of them produced before he was 30 — but also because his etched-in-granite profile was so recognizable. His in-demand acting career in film and TV owed more to his chiseled, Marlboro Man visage and seductive stoicism than to emotive depths, although his range of roles...

Interaxon measures brainwaves to give VR devs more data for game design

Interaxon started out developing wearables like its Muse headband meditation tool, and it’s now applying its learnings to virtual reality. Its new Muse Virtual Reality aftermarket add-ons will attach to the HTC Vive and Samsung Gear VR headsets to pick up users’ brainwaves and collect information about how they’re reacting to stimuli. The company is planning on sending out software development kits to developers in Q2 of this year, and rolling it out to markets in Q4.Like Interaxon’s Muse...