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Do It Yourself, "SPY" NightVision Sunglasses !

Have you ever wanted to see in the dark ? How about those cool James Bond Movies where he just wears a pair of sun glasses to view in pitch black darkness.

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Beison Womens Night Vision Goggles Driving Glasses Polarized Sunglasses Black $23.18

Beison Womens Night Vision Goggles Driving Glasses Polarized Sunglasses Black

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Soxick HD Metal Polarized Night Vision Driving Glasses Sunglasses Square Full

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BLUPOND RALLY Night Vision Polarized Sunglasses, Metal Frame Glasses for Driving

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HD Night Driving Glasses Polarized Anti-glare Rain Day Night Vision Sunglasse...


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[04/15/18, via ]
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IFLScience [04/13/18, via IFLScience]
Light-Sensitive Transition Contact Lenses Are Coming Soon “Very simply put, it is a contact lens that behaves like [light-responsive] eyeglasses, darkening in the sunlight to act like sunglasses and lightening up in the dark to not interfere with night-time vision,” clinical ophthalmologist Dr Rahul Pandit [...]

Hollywood Reporter [04/05/18, via Hollywood Reporter]
Ulla Johnson Launches Eyewear Line With Garrett Leight and Confirms an LA Store Is Coming Actresses January Jones, Mandy Moore, Minka Kelly, Lake Bell and Jordana Brewster; celeb stylist Cristina Ehrlich; accessories designer Clare Vivier; jewelry designer Jen Meyer; and Hollywood beauty gurus Kristie and Ashley Streicher were in the crowd [...]

Allure Magazine [04/09/18, via Allure Magazine]
This Is the Lipstick Cardi B Wore to Announce Her Pregnancy on SNL Just in case your episode of MTV Cribs would take place under a rock, allow me to catch you up: Cardi B is pregnant. The rapper promoted her new album, Invasion of Privacy, by performing two songs as the musical guest on Saturday Night Live this past [...]

Smithsonian [04/09/18, via Smithsonian]
Puffin Beaks Are Fluorescent, and They're Not the Only Ones Though scientists still aren't positive why they glow, one possible reson is to help with their night vision. As Ed Yong wrote for Discover in 2011, by fluorescing, scorpions could be converting UV light from the moon and the stars into the color they [...]

Sunglasses Night Vision

Bushnell Corporation, also known as Bushnell and Bushnell Outdoor Products, is an American company specializing in optics and imaging. Its products include binoculars, spotting scopes, telescopes, night vision equipment, GPS devices, laser rangefinders, riflescopes, holographic weapon sights, game cameras and other high-end optical equipment. The company also sells Bollé Performance Eyewear ski goggles and sunglasses (which includes the H20 Optix sunglasses brand), and Serengeti Eyewear all-purpose sunglasses. It was founded in 1948 by David P. Bushnell, during his time in Allied-occupied Japan.
Bushnell's mission statement at their main web site is:
"To develop and market superior optical products that enhance the experience of outdoor and sports enthusiasts"

Source: Freebase, licensed under CC-BY.


#Kingseven Yellow Polarized Sunglasses Men Women Night Vision #Goggles #Driving #Glasses #Driver #Aviation Polaroid… 

KINGSEVEN Yellow Polarized Sunglasses Men Women Night Vision Goggles Driving Glasses Driver #Aviation Polaroid Sun… 

Popular Mechanics Popular Mechanics
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Field & Stream Field & Stream
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Kiplinger's Personal Finance Kiplinger's Personal Finance
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Environmental Vision Environmental Vision
Published by Butterworth-Heinemann Medical 1993
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How To Survive The Afterlife: Human Edition INSTALLMENT 2

coyote sunglasses 35mm canon eos shot 5d flektogon polarized product mkii lasik f24 wavefront carlzeissjena Photo by Dr. RawheaD on Flickr

Here is your long awaited (well, you know, because it's updated once a week, every week. If this is your first time reading it. maaaaaybe go and read the first one since you know. Please remember to share this if you like it--that's a great way to show a writer love. Well I mean and to read their work yourself. When last we left our friend Ben (now Benny), he had discovered he'd died and that the world of the dead is awfully strange. Left with the choice of pondering if a soul could grow a beard or leaving with a slightly insane looking man named Ringo, Benny of course chooses to leave. He now finds himself back in his hometown, New York. But why did Ringo take him there. Looking at Ringo I realized just how out of place he was among all the business suites passing us by. He had five scarves hanging around his neck, each in random glittery colors.

[via Writing On the Edge]

I got laser eye surgery! – post op Day 3

street sleeping portrait reflection girl face sunglasses tattoo vancouver hair nose nikon hand arm legs boots cigarette teeth homeless poor towel streetscene sidewalk reflected filter purse bracelet cropped vignetting handbag scabs fag vancouverbc dents crossedlegs buttock d600 onecigarette cityofvancouver vancouvercity innamoramento druguser simplysuperb tedsphotos nikonfx d600fx Photo by Ted's photos - For Me & You on Flickr

I am logging my healing process from PRK eye laser surgery because I found it extremely helpful and reassuring to read others’ recovery stories. Yes, the burning, the dryness, the sensation of sand in my eyes, the extreme sensitivity to light, the halos around light at night, and the blurry vision waxing and waning are all a normal part of the healing process. While increased safety is the advantage, the disadvantage is longer healing time – it takes 3 months or more for the eyesight to stabilize after the procedure. Several days before the surgery, I used the prescribed antibiotic eyedrops. I was instructed to take gabapentin just before the procedure (to control pain), and valium (to minimize anxiety and to help me take the recommended 4-hour nap post-surgery).

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[03/16/16, via]
China Fights Losing Battle Against Tomb Raiders Grave-robbing technology includes directional blasting equipment, night-vision goggles, electric saws, oxygen canisters, gas masks, walkie talkies, metal detectors, and the specialized shovels. By 2012, China’s tomb raiders were running more professional ... [...]

[03/16/16, via Maidenhead Advertiser]
Thames Valley Air Ambulance launches new night flight operation ... of night-vision goggles. A full range of life-saving equipment is carried on board, including two state of the art ultrasound devices, a blood transfusion kit and an immediate blood analyser, helping to shave off valuable seconds in an emergency. [...]

[03/16/16, via YNET News]
IDF announces equipment return amnesty drive "We believe members of the public are in posession of IDF binoculars, night vision goggles, tear gas canisters, stun grenades, flares, and other equipment," a military representative said. The last time a return drive of this nature occurred was in 2008 ... [...]

[03/16/16, via BBC]
Thames Valley and Hampshire air ambulances launch night service The Airbus H135 aircraft, which are fitted with spotlights and carry night-vision goggles, can be deployed for 19 hours a day and until 02:00 GMT. The £5m service will cover Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. [...]

[03/16/16, via]
AIR AMBULANCE OFFICIALLY STARTS NIGHT OPERATIONS HIOWAA’s Airbus H135 helicopter is flown by highly-trained and experienced Bond pilots operating with the latest-generation of night-vision goggles. The aircraft is fully equipped and optimised for night operations, meaning the Charity’s specialist ... [...]

Freedom from glasses and contact lenses ... without surgery?

Many people have heard of Lasik, which is a surgical laser procedure to correct vision. It works by reshaping the cornea, which is the clear “window” in front of the colored iris, and is an excellent surgical option for those who want freedom from glasses and/or contact lenses. While many people desire this type of permanent vision correction, there is another non-surgical option to consider for some to consider: ortho-keratology.Freedom from glasses and daytime contact lenses without...

Program screens Las Cruces students for vision problems

Las Cruces firefighter Kyle Kozloski, playing the role of Kaptain KidSight, and Leslie Kozloski, playing the role of Super Eyeris, talk to students at Alameda Elementary School about the importance of getting regular eye examinations and wearing glasses, if needed.(Photo: Courtesy)LAS CRUCES - According to the American Optometric Association, children with uncorrected vision conditions face a variety of academic, social and athletic barriers. This is why, since 2011, the New Mexico Lions Club...

Vision Quest

Lauren and Wintour shade themselves from their own brilliance I've never owned a pair of sunglasses—shades, if you prefer. Not because I dislike them, but because if you are as seriously myopic as I am, any filter that blocks light, however bright, reminds you of your poor sight. I could wear contact lenses and buy whatever shades I desire. I could have laser eye surgery to correct my vision, buy a pair of aviator sunglasses, and pretend I am an off-duty pilot, or Howard Hughes as played by...