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Ray Ban Black Leather Red  Sunglass Case Nose support Piece lot of 4 #1 $49.95

Ray Ban Black Leather Red Sunglass Case Nose support Piece lot of 4 #1


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[07/27/18, via ]
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Singletrack [07/26/18, via Singletrack]
Review: Smith Optics Attack Max ChromaPop Sunglasses Joining the PivLock Overdrive and PivLock Arena – glasses that we've got on very well with in the past, the Attack range consists of a large coverage single-piece lens and a clever quick release system for changing the arms and nose piece from one lens [...]

Runner's World [07/14/18, via Runner's World]
The Best New Running Sunglasses They have a large lens and an even larger frame, but you barely realize they're there thanks to the low weight and a comfy rubberized nose bridge. No matter your pace, the glasses won't slip or budge. The Radar EV has several lens options; our favorite [...]

Runner's World [07/12/18, via Runner's World]
Upstart Brand Roka Has a Hit with the SR-1 Performance Sunglasses Roka wraps the nosepiece, arms, and temple pads in its Geko elastomer, a tacky compound that guarantees a secure fit, even on my narrow face. For the first time, I watched the sun rise and set in a pair of shades that wasn't either sliding down my nose [...]

Runner's World [07/10/18, via Runner's World]
The Julbo Aerolite UTMBs Are So Light You'll Forget You're Wearing Sunglasses Marathon runners will appreciate the lightweight construction as much as ultrarunners. That's because you don't even notice you're wearing the glasses, even after hours spent bouncing with them on your head. Credit the two-piece nose pads and [...]


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@Cernovich Your eyes are so damn close together, weird! Do normal sunglasses work for you, or does the nose piece obstruct your vision?

Nothing worse than getting your hair caught in the nose piece of sunglasses when you’re trying to use them as a headband

@Bolle_Eyewear big fan of these bolt sunglasses with b-clear lens but nose piece is falling apart and discoloring w… 

@JeffreeStar please tell me, how the hell can do you keep your foundation in place under your the nose piece of you… 

@SunglassHutUK bought these sunglasses today at LGW for my holiday- open them up and the nose piece is bent! Thes… 

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Life in the Time of Ohana Bam - The Hundreds

me face up sunglasses atarmslength nose eyes close piece day167 apieceofme 365days Photo by Mr.Thomas on Flickr

I was first drawn to Chicago-born, LA-based rapper Ohana Bam after hearing “ Oralgami ” on Pigeons & Planes and thinking it was Drake—albeit a sunnier, less-emo version. Through our first conversation, I learned that Bam—formerly BK Bambino (the name was changed after generating “legal issues”)—flew to California on his very first plane ride last January. Bam had $4000 in the bank at the time, knew no one in LA aside from a childhood friend and his future manager, and no plans aside from a sole meeting with Warner Brothers. For his first few months in the Golden State, Bam was lonely and depressed. ” The piece compared Bam’s “playful bars” to Chance the Rapper and Danny Brown.


Airline delays flight, changes route to catch solar eclipse - KOKI FOX 23

coyote sunglasses 35mm canon eos shot 5d flektogon polarized product mkii lasik f24 wavefront carlzeissjena Photo by Dr. RawheaD on Flickr

{* #registrationForm *} {* registration_firstName *} {* registration_lastName *} {* traditionalRegistration_emailAddress *} {* registration_postalZip *} {* registration_birthday *} {* traditionalRegistration_password *} {*... From 36,000 feet in the sky, the astronomer convinced the airline to delay and adjust one of its flights so passengers could see it. One of the passengers also brought specially filtered sunglasses for everyone on board.


[03/11/16, via Chicago Tribune]
Sunglasses from Under Armour eyewear protect your eyes with STORM lens technology This industry leading platform, designed in conjunction with ZEISS lenses, raises the benchmark in performance eyewear for the active ... STORM Titanium Grilamid frames feature adjustable nose pads with three point grip technology for a custom fit. [...]

[03/06/16, via Examiner]
Rheos floating sunglasses All frames come with sports-style nose and temple pads for additional grip. Each pair of sunglasses is equipped with impact resistant polarized lenses that give you 100% UV protection. Lenses come with an anti-scratch coating. And the best part about Rheos ... [...]

[03/04/16, via]
Garrett Leight and Mark McNairy Channel ’70s Counterculture for Liberty Sunglasses Los Angeles-based eyewear brand Garrett Leight has introduced a new range ... gradient – features a stainless steel frame with semi-hexagonal rims and titanium nose pads. The Liberty will be available for purchase starting Friday, March 4 on ... [...]

[02/22/16, via AskMen]
Best Sunglasses For Men They're decked out with smoky lenses, which are polarized for maximum glare reduction, and adjustable nose pads. Made in Italy, these understated sunglasses from Electric feature minimal embellishments, but total protection from ultraviolet rays. [...]

[02/17/16, via The Street]
Proof Is Changing The Game Of Sustainable Eyewear By Introducing Recyclable Aluminum Sunglasses Each frame features spring-loaded hinges, premium quality polarized lenses, wood accents on the temples and fully adjustable ear and nose pieces ... changing-the-game-of-sustainable-eyewear-by-introducing-recyclable-aluminum-sunglasses-300221465.html ... [...]

Top 10 Best Value Sunglasses for Fishing for 2018

Any experienced fisherman knows that a quality pair of polarized shades is an absolute must while on the water. The enhanced visibility that a good pair of fishing sunglasses provides gives you a huge edge when trying to spot underwater structure and of course, fish. Perhaps even more important is the added benefits of UV protection and relief from eye strain that a good pair of sunglasses will provide. Being out on the water for extended periods can really do some damage to your eyes if...

6 Things to Know When Buying Glasses Online

© robertsrob eye exam If you're shopping for a new pair of eyeglasses, you may get sticker shock when you pick up a pair of frames at your local optician's office. It certainly doesn't help that vision insurance doesn't always cover glasses — and when it does, it may not cover the whole cost. Another option is to take your shopping to the internet, where you'll find a better selection and lower prices. Here are six things to know when buying glasses online. Your Prescription Status You'll...

CEO Behind Amazon Alexa-Enabled Wearable: Why Smart Glasses Have Failed so Far

If there's one prevailing trend at CES 2018 this year, it's that Amazon's (AMZN) Alexa voice assistant is showing up in a lot more places than just your smart speaker. Plenty of devices are being taken over by Alexa, including light switches, TVs, refrigerators, mirrors and cars, but perhaps one of the most exciting additions involves the first-ever, Alexa-powered smart glasses. Enterprise-focused wearable maker Vuzix Corp. (VUZI) is the company behind the glasses, called the Blade, that...