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How to Add a Reflection to Sunglasses in Photoshop

Adding a little Paris to your studio portraits is simpler than you might think! Learn how to add a reflection to sunglasses in today's episode. Start by scaling the ...

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[05/12/18, via ]
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Fashionista (blog) [05/02/18, via Fashionista (blog)]
The Rise of 'Instagram Brands': How the Platform Is Leveling the Fashion Playing Field Australian accessories designer Poppy Lissiman — whose narrow, angular "Le Skinny" frames helped usher in today's tiny-sunglasses trend — has gotten her wares on Bella Hadid more times than we can count simply by reaching out to her stylist. "I [...]

Fstoppers [07/12/17, via Fstoppers]
Quick and Effective Way to Remove All Reflections in Glasses for Portrait Photography Glasses can be a real pain when shooting portraits. Perhaps the subject's glasses don't have the anti-glare coating or even if they do, sometimes your light source can still wreak havoc with reflections. Today I want to share a quick tip on dealing [...] [01/19/18, via]
Proof that Photoshop makes everything better Photoshop is the gift that keeps on giving and when Redditors get their hands on an already hilarious image, you can be sure things can only get better. There's a whole subreddit dedicated to Photoshop Battles and each year, those passionate Redditors  [...]

Washington Post [08/11/17, via Washington Post]
Doggy glasses, doomsday omens and other eclipse myths — debunked On Aug. 21, the moon will pass between the Earth and the sun, throwing a wide swath of the United States into darkness. And guess what? It's all going to be okay. Your eyes won't shrivel, your skin won't burn. A plague of locusts won't descend on the [...]

@WolfPackFish People were saying if you look at the reflection on his sunglasses it just looks like a palomino with… 

Creative Photoshop Lighting Techniques Creative Photoshop Lighting Techniques
Published by Lark Books 2005
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192 pages
Photoshop CS5 Photoshop CS5
Published by Taylor & Francis 2016
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560 pages
Photoshop CS4: Essential Skills Photoshop CS4: Essential Skills
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The Best of Teen and Senior Portrait Photography The Best of Teen and Senior Portrait Photography
Published by Amherst Media 2003
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[08/31/15, via Technabob]
NoonWear Ones Sunglasses Make Screens Readable in Daylight: Glare Repair A few years ago we found out that you can obscure the content of your laptop to everyone but you by making specially polarized sunglasses. A startup called NoonWear is working on a pair of sunglasses that work similarly, but are designed to reduce glare ... [...]

[07/11/13, via Mashable]
Distort Reality Through Reflection for Our Photo Challenge For this week's Mashable Photo Challenge ... us that reflect — windows, puddles, sunglasses, eyes and more. You can focus on yourself as a portrait, or show the surreal environment that surrounds you. A good reflection photo is one that possesses layers ... [...]

[10/14/08, via]
How to: add a custom reflection to sunglasses I immediately thought it would be great to be able to recreate this effect in Photoshop, taking whatever photos you had at hand and using them as reflections on sunglasses. Follow this tutorial and you'll learn how to do it! 1. First, open the image with ... [...]

Blast INTO the past! Photographer cleverly edits himself as an adult into childhood images to make it look like he is hanging out with his younger self

McGill University student Conor Nickerson, who is based in Montreal, is sweeping the internet with his images, in which he edited new pictures of himself into his baby photosThe images are surprisingly convincing and show Conor holding his baby self, as well as portraying the duo playing music, posing in tuxedos, and going apple pickingHe says the editing process was a bit intensive to make himself look vintage, and he shares the final product is 'definitely is a bit strange' By Marlene...

Chess photography: Tips and Tricks

How to get your photos to stand outPhotos by Albert SilverI was once at a chess competition where a somewhat inexperienced photographer, with a very nice camera, was walking around, somewhat lackadaisically snapping images with apparently no interest. I approached her and asked if she had gotten anything good, any image that she liked, and she complained that there was really nothing to it, and it was all the same. As a result, the photos she showed me did indeed all look the same, and there...

Street Style Photographers Mourn the Loss of Their Colleague and Friend, Nabile Quenum

Nabile Quenum, the Parisian street style photographer, has passed away at the age of 32. Known for his popular blog J’ai Perdu Ma Veste, Quenum was a fixture on the Fashion Week circuit, covering street style across the globe for this publication and others, including GQ and New York Magazine.Quenum was born in Paris, though he spent the better part of his childhood in West Africa, and that rich, transcultural upbringing no doubt honed his point of view. “He had a great sense for color. He...