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Magic Sunglasses - Short Film (2005)

MAGIC SUNGLASSES - Directed by Vinnie Langdon III Synopsis: Magic Sunglasses is a short film about a nutty salesperson who convinces customers in a park ...

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[05/08/18, via ]
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Anchorage Press [05/02/18, via Anchorage Press]
Mexican Cinema: A Golden Treat at the Anchorage Museum Among the offerings are film showings in partnership with the Mexican Consulate in Seattle that present a couple of jewels from Mexico's first age of cinema (1930s-1960s): Flor Silvestre (1942) and La Perla (1947) by Director Emilio Fernández [...]

The Guardian [05/06/18, via The Guardian]
Chloë Sevigny: 'I didn't want to name names. I think they're commonly known as assholes anyway' She is starting to direct short films: the first, Kitty, from 2016, based on a short story about a girl who turns into a cat, and more recently Carmen, about a fortysomething standup comedian. “Creating opportunities helps ease anxiety and focus [...]

HelloGiggles [05/07/18, via HelloGiggles]
Kristen Stewart's garter belt skirt is giving us badass boudoir vibes Her latest look at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival is no exception. Kristen Stewart rocked a garter belt-esque skirt that we're swooning over. Her entire ensemble, however, is nothing short of chic. Kristen Stewart paired the black see-through skirt [...] [05/07/18, via]
Met Gala 2018 Live Blog: The Latest Updates From the Red Carpet It's the first Monday in May, and that means the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Costume Institute gala is tonight. Hosted by Rihanna, Amal Clooney, Donatella Versace, Anna Wintour, and Stephen and Christine Schwarzman, the gala is expected to draw crowds [...]

Sunglasses Short Film

Bigfoot: The Unforgettable Encounter is a 1995 American independent family film about the legendary creature Bigfoot and a young boy he befriends. The film was written and directed by Ilyas Akram, and stars Zachery Ty Bryan as the young boy Cody and Mike Hunt as Bigfoot. It was distributed by Republic Pictures Home Video in1995. All-movie film guide gave it two stars, a sentiment mirrored by local film critics Alfie Baker and Benjamin Hunt-Stewart. Rival critic Jack Crowe said the scene where the kid puts the sunglasses on bigfoot as the most memorable he'd ever witnessed in his short life. The film was rated suitable for children.

Source: Freebase, licensed under CC-BY.

Sunglasses and reading glasses to a short film screening. Does that make me nerdy or cool? 

Writing the Short Film Writing the Short Film
Published by Taylor & Francis 2012
ISBN 9781136048579,113604857X
312 pages
How Not to Make a Short Film How Not to Make a Short Film
Published by Hachette Books 2009
ISBN 9781401395452,1401395457
288 pages
Sunglasses After Dark Sunglasses After Dark
Published by Open Road Media 2014
ISBN 9781497637368,1497637368
254 pages
Cool Shades Cool Shades
Published by Bloomsbury Publishing 2014
ISBN 9780857854643,085785464X
192 pages

Hawkeye 'Captain America: Civil War' Figure From Hot Toys Comes With An Ant-Man Arrowhead - Tech Times

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Not only has the collectible manufacturer perfectly recreated actor Jeremy Renner's likeness and costume, but it even comes with a number of true-to-film accessories that fans will get a kick out of. What kind of accessories are we talking about. After all, Hawkeye needs a different type of arrow for every occasion, and this collectible figure comes with 11 different arrowheads to customize the figure with. He also comes with a number of different hands, a pistol (for some reason), sunglasses and last but certainly not least, Ant-Man. You may remember a shot from the most recent Captain America: Civil War trailer in which Ant-Man can be seen leaping off one of Hawkeye's arrows and running up Iron Man's arm. Now fans can recreate that iconic moment with this figure, as it comes with a micro-sized Ant-Man riding atop one of Hawkeye's arrowheads.


Surfer Towed by Shark? -

portrait sunglasses guitar retrato guitarra peña gonzalo corto shortfilm bort torrelodones gafasdesol kco lumixdmcfz50 nembis Photo by Kco Bort on Flickr

In January 2016, a 2008 video purportedly showing a surfer being towed by a great white shark started recirculating online. While this video is frequently shared along with the claim that it features a real incident, the short film is actually an advertisement for the "Notorious" line from Arnette Sunglasses. One giveaway is that the video ends with the "Notorious" logo: His ambitious debut, the how'd-they-do-that viral "Sunglass Catch," led to similar fun-loving, playful projects for Levi's and Arnette. "Shark Surfing," for the latter, features a brah getting towed into a wave by a shark, and "Hollywood Jungle," for Levi's, has an orangutan take the bus to a casting call. Benzo says the voyeuristic, in-on-the-joke feeling of a lot of his work stems from his time on Jackass, shooting video for the TV series and stills on the films.


[03/16/16, via]
See the new Chanel sunglasses get made in this fascinating short film Chanel already had us gawking at the new laser-engraved quilted sunglasses from its SS16 eyewear collection, but this new short film only doubled our appreciation for the accessory. Watching the perfection of it all is incredibly satisfying, much like ... [...]

[03/14/16, via JoBlo Movie Network]
Exclusive: Don Coscarelli talks Phantasm, Phantasm: Ravager and much more! I'm so stoked because there are so many Phantasm fans out there who tell me, "I've watched the film 20 times, 30 times," and it's like they've been watching the film with sunglasses on this ... but it's really soon. In a short while we're going to make ... [...]

[03/14/16, via Consequence of Sound]
SXSW Film Review: Rainbow Time Todd, for example, gamely plays a part in his brother’s short films, in which Shonzi carries an uzi and spouts halting one-liners from behind oversized aviator sunglasses. But when he catches Shonzi filming an intimate moment between he and Lindsay ... [...]

[03/12/16, via Los Angeles Times]
Have you seen the new Gucci? Thank its latest creative director and Beyoncé On the runway, we're seeing inside the head of a man who hasn't short-changed us à la "True ... Phoenix and Tilda Swinton in a Wes Anderson film. So as we put on our new, oversized Gucci statement sunglasses that go with new, naturally curly hairdos ... [...]

[03/12/16, via Orange County Breeze]
Martin Short joins Pacific Symphony Pops for night of song, dance, and humor Short is also featured in the animated film “Madagascar 3” and the Tim Burton film ... a limber singer and dancer who exudes a fiery energy that makes you want to reach for your sunglasses.” Short returned to television in an Emmy-nominated ... [...]

13 places to watch movies outside of mall cinemas

Manila (CNN Philippines Life) — We live in a time that has allowed us to enjoy all the movies we want in virtually any way we please, whether it’s on-demand, crystal-clear Blu-Ray, downloading, or streaming. But sometimes, even instant gratification can’t make up for the one-of-a-kind experience of settling into a seat in a crowded theater and watching a film on the silver screen.Sure, smaller theaters don’t have La-Z-Boys, cup holders, or 3D glasses. But what they offer is something every...

Geek movies to keep an eye on – Winter 2018

Pacific Rim: Uprising (March 23, 2018)The original Pacific Rim was a love letter to Kaiju movies like Godzilla and to sentai shows like Voltron/GoLion and Power Rangers. It took the ideas of both seriously and made a fun world with memorable characters like Mako Mori and Charlie Day’s Newt Geiszler. It also happens to look absolutely stellar on 4K HDR. After the original movie, director Guillermo del Toro had said he had ideas for a sequel, but it was looking for a while like it wouldn’t...

The Post review: More publishing than reporting drama but a great and timely film

The Post is more of a boardroom drama than a newsroom drama. The story that the Washington Post chases in the film is one that has already been broken by the New York Times, and the drama revolves around the decision of the publisher, Katherine Graham, to publish secret military documents that revealed government dishonesty about the Vietnam War.Graham, the first female Fortune 500 chief executive, risked financial ruin – the Washington Post was in the process of becoming a public company...