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Oakley Sunglasses Lens Tint Review (Part 1): Most Common Iridium Colors

A look at the most common lens tints Oakley offers from the perspective of looking through the lens as well as from the outside. The following lenses are featured ...

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[08/01/18, via ]
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Runner's World [07/13/18, via Runner's World]
The Best New Running Sunglasses Lens Tint: There's a dizzying array of colors on the market now. And, despite what many still believe, a darker tint doesn't necessarily offer better protection. Be sure to look for lenses that deliver UV protection, regardless of tint. Many sunglasses [...]

Singletrack [07/26/18, via Singletrack]
Review: Smith Optics Attack Max ChromaPop Sunglasses Joining the PivLock Overdrive and PivLock Arena – glasses that we've got on very well with in the past, the Attack range consists of a large coverage single-piece lens and a clever quick release system for changing the arms and nose piece from one lens [...] [07/11/18, via]
Christian Siriano Owns 'Maybe 20 Pairs' of Glasses, But Always Wears the Same Ones Every Day When you think of designer Christian Siriano, it's hard to imagine him without accessorizing with his signature black-rimmed glasses. So when the opportunity to partner with Transitions Optical to celebrate the the brand's colorful, fashion-forward [...]

KXXV News Channel 25 [07/11/18, via KXXV News Channel 25]
Felix Gray gears up for summer with blue-light filtering, stylish sunglasses They're also usually ugly, butFelix Gray wants to change that perception. The New With the sunglasses, the yellow tint is tough to see because the lensesare dark, but you can still notice warmer hues when you look through the lens — especially on [...]

RT @DadandBuried: Those glasses/sunglasses hybrids that change their tint based on the sun except they lighten up whenever you look at your…

RT @DadandBuried: Those glasses/sunglasses hybrids that change their tint based on the sun except they lighten up whenever you look at your…

RT @DadandBuried: Those glasses/sunglasses hybrids that change their tint based on the sun except they lighten up whenever you look at your…

Those glasses/sunglasses hybrids that change their tint based on the sun except they lighten up whenever you look a… 

Smart Glass out of the Shadows - Urban Land

whatsinyourbag whatsinmybag contents Photo by drive by shooter on Flickr

Visitors to the Spirit Lake Casino & Resort in North Dakota are drawn to the View restaurant for its panoramic vistas of a lake and marina. Outdoor sensors activate the window tinting process, and curtains and blinds are no longer needed. At the Spirit Lake Casino & Resort in northeastern North Dakota, the fine-dining restaurant is called the View because its third-floor panorama looks out on Devil’s Lake and its marina. But during the restaurant’s renovation in 2014, glass that automatically changes tint was installed across nearly 80 feet (24 m) of windows, replacing the curtains and blinds. Now at sunset, outdoor sensors activate the window-tinting process to block glare but still allow diners to enjoy the vista.


Consumer reports - Brazosport Facts (subscription)

n Progressives ($260) provide a smooth, gradual change in lens strength for seeing well at any distance. Consider them if you need glasses for distance and reading and find the split-screen of bifocals or trifocals uncomfortable. n Blue light-blocking coatings ($30 to $180) are said to reduce exposure to computer screens’ LED light. But there’s “no strong evidence that blue light affects the retina in any way we have to be worried about,” says Neil Bressler, M. D. , chief of the retina division at the Johns Hopkins Wilmer Eye Institute. The orange or yellow tints may give you the perception that the tint is soothing to your eyes when you’re on a computer, but there is no strong evidence that you need them for eye health or safety. PLEASE TURN OFF YOUR CAPS LOCK. Don't Threaten.


[03/15/16, via Uloop]
Spring 2016: The Season Of Boho-Chic Fashion This wonderful season might be known for colorful flowers and the buzzing of bees, but I’m more focused on a different aspect of the changing seasons ... I recommend wearing it with a simple solid-color fitted top with a kimono over your shoulders. [...]

[03/15/16, via GamesRadar]
Resident Evil 20 years later: the many faces of Biohazard 173,760 hours of Albert Wesker insisting on wearing sunglasses at night. You’re almost old enough ... but stranger still was the fact that the campy live action intro was in color rather than black and white. Resident Evil 2 was supposed to come out ... [...]

[03/14/16, via Los Angeles Daily News]
Successful aging: Before you ‘wash that gray’ out of your hair, consider what’s trending Joan Didion in a Celine ad poses with a short, gray haircut and gigantic sunglasses. The 80-year-old ... be vital and attractive regardless of hair color. The biased perception of others is what needs to change and our response to it. [...]

[03/08/16, via Abilene Reporter-News]
What the Reporter-News liked and disliked about the past week Before traffic was diverted, any vehicle traversing the intersection became two-tone in color. That pothole-patching machine ... into a fitness center brought a few smiles. That's a change in product. Then, Councilman Steve Savage, who otherwise is known ... [...]

[03/11/16, via]
Ready for the time change? Why you should grab a banana and avoid blue light "You want to get a minimum of seven or eight hours of sleep on the nights preceding the time change ... with really dark sunglasses," says Hattar. "They're missing out on all this great sunlight. They should at least wear a weaker tint." [...]

Electrochromic polymers create broad color palette for sunglasses, windows

Related images(click to enlarge)Credit: Rob FeltRob FeltCredit: Rob FeltArtists, print designers and interior decorators have long had access to a broad palette of paint and ink colors for their work. Now, researchers have created a broad color palette of electrochromic polymers, materials that can be used for sunglasses, window tinting and other applications that rely on electrical current to produce color changes. By developing electrochromic polymer materials in a range of primary and...

Navy Testing High-Tech LCD Sunglasses That Instantly Auto-Tint

And you thought your Ray-Bans were cool.The Office of Naval Research, the high-tech research and all-things-awesome arm of the Navy, has begun testing blast-proof ballistic eyewear that instantly alters tints in response to changing light conditions -- going from shaded to clear in barely a quarter of a second.The super sunglasses -- to which the ONR has assigned the functional yet boring name of Fast-Tint Protective Eyewear -- rely on unique LCD lenses that react to environmental conditions,...

CTRL Eyewear use LCDs to claim world's fastest tint-change

Developed from a product used by the US Special Forces and endorsed by Tour de France winner Andy Schleck, CTRL ONE are tint-changing glasses that use cutting-edge liquid crystal technology to adapt to changing light conditions. The product of US based company CTRL Eyewear, CTRL ONE glasses are on their way to market after a successful Indiegogo fundraising campaign that raised in excess of $500,000. They're now available for general pre-order for those who like being near the front of the...