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How to See Without Glasses

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[07/07/18, via ]
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Brit + Co [07/06/18, via Brit + Co]
How to Buy Sunglasses That Will Actually Protect Your Eyes You might also see sunglasses labeled as having 99 to 100 percent UVA and UVB protection, which is also effective, as long as they live up to that promise. UV blocking on glasses is usually created with a special tint on the lenses. It shouldn't wear [...]

Allure Magazine [07/06/18, via Allure Magazine]
The Scary Way Blue Light From Your Phone Can Affect Your Eyes and Vision eyes feel like sandpaper. Given all the health PSAs about blue light and digital eye strain, you'd think staring at your computer screen was going to eventually blind you — but that's not the case at all, according to the experts. she says [...]

WDTV [07/06/18, via WDTV]
Protecting your eyes from the sun Macular Degeneration. The skin around our eyes is also very sensitive, and a good pair of sunglasses can protect that skin from developing skin cancer and wrinkles. And of course, you can make sure you're taking care of your eyes by visiting your [...]

KGO-TV [07/06/18, via KGO-TV]
Shopping for a new pair of sunglasses? Don't fall for this scam A summer scam is ramping up because the bad guys know we like our sunglasses. Elizabeth Wetherell is So that's why an Instagram ad offering free Ray-Bans caught her eye. Click here for a look at more stories by Michael Finney and 7 On Your Side. [...]

RT @shannennnnn_: Hello pervy men of the world, Yes I am wearing mirrored sunglasses. That means you cant see my eyes, but I can still se…

Hello pervy men of the world, Yes I am wearing mirrored sunglasses. That means you cant see my eyes, but I can st… 

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[09/05/15, via The Business Insider]
You can buy the only sunglasses made with NASA-certified technology for less than $80 They came up with a special material& "capable of absorbing, filtering, and scattering dangerous light," and 10 years later, that material was commercialized and a company named Eagle Eyes Optics started making sunglasses with it. Now, you can buy them for ... [...]

[05/06/15, via Medicine Net]
Eye Strain you can take steps to reduce eye strain. Common precipitating factors for the onset of eye strain include extended use of a computer or video monitor, straining to see in very dim light, and exposure to extreme brightness or glare. Many people will blink ... [...]

[02/07/15, via YNaija]
Nina Anyinuka: Nigerians, can’t you see? If you can’t, then use my eyes Can’t you see the hungry, poor, struggling Nigerians roaming around with beady eyes and forlorn expressions ... of the writers only and do not represent the opinions of Y!/YNaija. [...]

[10/12/14, via Medicine Net]
Selecting Sunglasses for Healthy Eyes SATURDAY, Oct. 5 (HealthDay News) -- A good pair of sunglasses can help protect your eyes from sun-related damage, so you need to know what to look for when shopping for a new pair, experts say. In the United States, there are no federal standards for ... [...]

[06/26/14, via BBC]
Can you trust your sunglasses? Many sunglasses carry symbols saying that they protect your eyes from the sun's harmful UV rays. But can you trust what they say? Scientists in sunny Brazil have developed a quick way for you to be really sure, as Ben Tavener reports. [...]

Trainee beauticians do models’ make-up in the Bundeskunsthalle

Bonn. Beauticians-to-be from the Robert Wetzlar College did the models’ make up for a fashion show in the Bundeskunsthalle. 16.02.2018„Strikingly discreet“: The theme requirements of make-up and hair-dos which the students of the college had to create for the models in a fashion show as part of the „Wednesday Late Art“ project in the Bundeskunsthalle could not sound more paradox. But for aspiring make-up artists this should be an everyday task. Nothing too extravagant, yet an...

Ein Leben voller Musik

14. Februar 2018Lüneburg. Die großen Bühnen der Welt sind ihr seit Mitte der Sechziger vertraut. Und seit dreißig Jahren belebt Janice Harrington auch die großen und kleineren in Lüneburg. Fast so lange ist die temperamentvolle Entertainerin, Sängerin und Produzentin, die Gründerin des ersten Lüneburger Gospelchors und Organisatorin mannigfaltiger Konzerte und Workshops mit dem Lüneburger Posaunisten und Klavierexperten Werner Gürtler verheiratet. Nicht wenige ihrer Fans, die ihr Life-Story-...

Hilary Duff: Herzzerreißender Abschied von Hund Dubois

Ein Foto vom letzten Weihnachtsfest, das Hilary Duff mit ihrem Hund Dubois verbringen durfte | InstagramZiemlich genau ein Jahr, nachdem Hilary Duff ihren Hund Coco verloren hat, ließ sie ihre Fans wissen, dass ihr geliebter Hund Dubois gestorben ist. In einem rührenden Brief verabschiedete sie sich von dem Vierbeiner, der 10 Jahre lang an ihrer Seite war und sie in guten wie in schlechten Zeiten begleitete.„Ich konnte mir niemals vorstellen, wie dieser Tag aussehen oder wie er sich anfühlen...