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Introducing Oakley Quarter Jacket: Adult sized lens quality and impact protection standards packed in a youth sized frame. "Summer Boys" by Greg Kuehn ...

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NEW RAWLINGS YOUTH Baseball softball protection sunglasses White/Green Mirror $21.99

NEW RAWLINGS YOUTH Baseball softball protection sunglasses White/Green Mirror

Youth Kids Sunglasses baseball beach cool wrap around frame sporty Lot of 12 $24.29

Youth Kids Sunglasses baseball beach cool wrap around frame sporty Lot of 12

NEW OAKLEY - Quarter Jacket - Polished White / Prizm Baseball, Youth, OO9200-09 $84.95

NEW OAKLEY - Quarter Jacket - Polished White / Prizm Baseball, Youth, OO9200-09


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[09/08/18, via ]
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Promo Marketing (blog) [08/17/18, via Promo Marketing (blog)]
Little League World Series Players Get a Ton of Free Stuff The Little League World Series brings together some of the best young talents in baseball from all around the world to Williamsport, Pa. Aside from its universal audience, it's hard to root against any of these kids. They are kids, after all, despite [...]

Washington Post [08/09/18, via Washington Post]
'Blue Eye,' 'The Animal,' 'Sheriff': Nats' Players' Weekend nicknames have arrived Major League Baseball is again getting ready to let its freak flag fly and allow players to — gasp! — choose nicknames to replace their names on the backs of game jerseys. The second consecutive “Players' Weekend” will coincide with the climax of the [...]

MyAJC [08/20/18, via MyAJC]
How a camera that sees like a shrimp could save baseball pitchers months of recovery time Both Dugas and Smith cited the rise of year-round baseball and single-sport specialization of youth players as likely factors in the rise of these injuries in adolescents. Pitch style and speed can also factor into the likelihood of injuring the UCL [...]

Miami Herald [09/04/18, via Miami Herald]
In Miami, getting a street named for you is an honor — until a bigger donor comes along When Sunglass Hut zillionaire Sanford Ziff in 2011 wanted his late wife Dolores' name removed from the Arsht Center's opera house, just eight months after her death (he wanted to replace it with that of his new wife), he predicted breezy compliance [...]

RT @AlanGil37634417: O2O [Polarized Sports Sunglasses [Tr90] Frame [One of the Lightest Sports Sunglasses] Only 0.044 Lb for Running Golf D…

O2O [Polarized Sports Sunglasses [Tr90] Frame [One of the Lightest Sports Sunglasses] Only 0.044 Lb for Running Gol… 

Coaching Youth Baseball Coaching Youth Baseball
Published by Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN 9780762762590,0762762594
Survival Guide for Coaching Youth Baseball Survival Guide for Coaching Youth Baseball
Published by Human Kinetics
ISBN 9781450429177,1450429173
The Matheny Manifesto The Matheny Manifesto
Published by Crown Archetype 2015
ISBN 9780553446715,0553446711
224 pages
International Symposium on Safety in Baseball/Softball International Symposium on Safety in Baseball/Softball
Published by ASTM International 1997
ISBN 0803124759,9780803124752
113 pages

Escape in LA - Bike Magazine

newyork sunglasses manhattan highfive congratulations clapping uppereastside stickball streetsofnewyork everyblock Photo by Ed Yourdon on Flickr

and we’ve joined Jon Buckell and his grandfather David at their regular pre-ride breakfast place 10 miles east of Pasadena in Monrovia. “My family saw how much I enjoyed riding, and it was a fun way for my grandfather and I to explore new places together,” explains Jon, who is the lead mechanic at Pasadena’s InCycle bike shop. “It really became a team effort between my grandpa and grandma Annie, as she would drive us all over the San Gabriels giving us the chance to ride so many new places. She kept a journal of each ride she took us on, the locations and distances, and even wrote down the rides we did together that she wasn’t able to be a part of. There are certain trails in those mountains I’ve done hundreds of times since I was a...


O say can you sing the 'Star-Spangled Banner?' - Sarasota Herald-Tribune

usa ny newyork sunglasses unitedstates manhattan score scorecard uppereastside stickball scorekeeper everyblock Photo by Ed Yourdon on Flickr

Lauren Taylor-Nock, 6, of Longboat Key sings the national anthem. The Pittsburgh Pirates Spring Training games are almost upon us at Bradenton's McKechnie Field. " are heard it's America's national anthem and the Canadian anthem when the Toronto Blue Jays are in town. Auditions were held Saturday morning and 53 people showed for a chance to sing at the upcoming spring games and the Bradenton Marauders, who start play soon after the Pirates leave for their regular season. O, say, can you see, by the dawn's early light, More than 50 singers showed up for a winter audition to perform the national anthem before spring training games at McKechnie Field. “It's not written as a performance. It's written as a tribute to the flag.


[02/22/16, via]
Top 10 sights to see in the Cactus League There are so many things to see during the Cactus League season, and only so much time. Here’s a handy list of the best sights to catch as you traipse across the Valley of the Sun in search of the best spring training experience. Batting practice may be ... [...]

[11/29/15, via]
The Best Oakley Lenses for Baseball Photo Credit Tomwang112/iStock/Getty Images When considering what Oakley lenses to buy for baseball, take into account tinted versus polarized sunglasses ... the best Oakley lenses for baseball are Flak Jacket XL and Fast Jacket. For youth, quarter jackets ... [...]

[10/09/15, via Tulsa World]
Kevin Grover GMC sponsors Wagoner Youth Football Association In support of Wagoner’s youth, Kevin Grover GMC will provide the Wagoner Youth Football Association with football kits, which include equipment bags, hand shields, water bottles, wrist coaches, sunglasses, towels and stadium cups. [...]

[08/19/15, via Reuters]
Former Subway pitchman seeks to plead guilty to child pornography, sex charges Federal Judge Mark Dinsmore must now review the plea deal Fogle's attorneys reached with prosecutors and decide whether to accept it. In the meantime the court entered a technical plea of not guilty on Fogle's behalf. Fogle, who became famous after losing ... [...]

[07/31/15, via Limaohio]
Chris Erskine: When baseball hits, sunglasses get the save (Los Angeles Times/MCT) I took a baseball to the ... a few days after the sunglasses saved my mangy little life, I lost them while diving for a tackle along the surf line at the beach. It was a splashy attempt to regain my youth in a football game that ... [...]

A Prescription for Handling the Sun

Red Sox pitcher Joe Kelly likes the fashion statement and comfort. But other professionals and amateur ballplayers might opt for prescription sunglasses for on-field play simply for the protection."They are kind of like outfits," Kelly said, "you have to have fashion-forward eyewear and if you have to wear glasses, show it off."Kelly mixes and matches his eyewear options, working with California-based SportRx to ensure he has a variety of options, both for days he takes the mound and those...

Keith Strudler: The Cost Of Sunglasses

Contrary to popular belief, Donald Trump is not the only American who can travel to Asia and cause an international incident. It seems members of the UCLA men’s basketball team have that same talent, which was on full display this past week, the opening for college basketball programs across the country.To set the stage, UCLA, one of the nation’s premier Division I basketball programs and part of the sport’s aristocracy, did a one-week tour of China where they played their season opener...

BASEBALL; Russia Discovers Another Pastime

Even in a country where the mandate seems to be ''Let's Make History This Week,'' the European Juvenile Baseball Championships have been an event out of the ordinary for the Russian baseball federation.The weeklong championship for boys ages 10-12, with nine countries represented, began on Monday at the Moskvich stadium in Moscow and ends Sunday evening. It is the first time in the 50-year history of the European Baseball Confederation that the Russians have played host to a major...