5 Upcoming Eyewear Trends this Fall

Beyonce can read people’s true colors with the help of eyeglasses.

Glasses make us sharper, either by honing our fuzzy vision with 20/20 clarity or by pulling all the elements of an outfit effortlessly together as an accessory. They are pop culture symbols for having smarts, represented by countless fictional nerds and geniuses.

But did you know that spectacles were categorized as “medical appliances” and were seen as socially humiliating before the 1920s?

Something happened and glasses became cool -- when Teddy Roosevelt, 26th President of the United States, was photographed often wearing pince-nez glasses. It was Teddy’s reputation of being “rough and ready” and being the prime example of American masculinity that challenged the notoriety of wearing glasses.

It wasn’t until Hollywood actor Harold Lloyd began donning a pair of horn rimmed tortoise shell glasses in movies that wearing glasses became a fashion craze. By the 1940s, plastics manufacturing became advanced enough to produce glasses in every color imaginable.

While only the stereotypical nerd is often seen wearing glasses in film and movies, in reality about 6 out 10 people need some sort of visual aid to go about their everyday lives. That’s over 4 billion adults! Of course we also wear glasses to add a touch of geek chic to our wardrobe and another dimension to our face. There is nothing wrong with that at all but it serves as a reminder that looking smart will always be stylish.

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Beyonce explains and demonstrates the power and effect of wearing glasses.

Let's take a look at the 5 upcoming trends in eyewear and glasses this fall.

Round specs are in! Often seen on those trendsetting K POP stars, round styled frames similar to those made famous by Harry Potter are showing up everywhere on social media. The round shape is an evolution of the classic square frame and gives wearers an extra cute yet retro edge.

Kristina Dolinskaya pairs her cute clean and simple look with a pair of oversized round frames to give a Sailor Moon anime girl look.

Whitney S. Williams pulls together her outfit with a pair of regal gold wire round glasses, giving her an aura of effortless elegance.

Tamara Bellis’s glasses bring together her outfit’s palette, giving her a beautiful and sophisticated cream and beige sophistication from head to toe.

Potter frames on Eyeglasses.com:

Find more similar styles here.

Giving off an illusion that your glasses are well, made of glass, it takes a certain type of cool to pull off this type of specs. These transparent frames hint at an irony and next level hip. Not only will you be turning heads, but you will be giving off an extra feeling of upscale cool. The feeling that your glasses are one seamless piece makes it stand out from any other style.

Racquel Brazer’s clear frame glasses give her casual outfit a cool and hip flare.

PVC skirt, check. Undeniably cool skull handbag, check. Clear framed glasses, check. These vintage clear square glasses definitely made it to Julia Loewenherz's exceptionally cool wardrobe.

Ciara Hinton's clear framed glasses beautifully highlight her ash silver hair, giving her a unique geek chic ethereal vibe.

Clear frames on Eyeglasses.com:

The 90s have been making whirlwind in fashion lately with classic looks like chokers, crop tops, plaid making comebacks. Tinted lenses have been the latest to hit the streets as everyone is looking for their pair of romantic rose colored glasses. Not only do these give protection from the sun, but you can now paint your world in your favorite color.

Rekay Style wears a style that both combines the clear framed style with tinted lenses in a subtle, sophisticated, and chic beige tone.

Amy Souter rocks a pair of sunnies tinted electric yellow. Definitely a statement piece for sure. Did you know that yellow tinted lenses are commonly used to make an environment brighters? Yellow tints work by blocking blue light commonly found in electronics and help prevent eye strain. The more you know!

Charlene O beautifully matches her rose colored glasses to her lip shade, giving her a rosy complexion and aura. Her whole vibe shines with romantic and gothic colors.

Tinted lenses on Eyeglasses.com:

During the 1930s, sunglasses first became popular as sunglass designs were made to help pilots during World World II. Since then, aviators styled glasses and sunglasses still have a strong presence in fashion as they represent a type of sunny Top Gun cool that you won’t find with any other style.

Claudia Villanueva adds a pair of clear aviators to her outfit to add an extra flare of hip and casual cool.

Marta Caban’s aviators are fixed with a light blue tint, matching her denim jacket and sunny summer vibe.

Dominika Rak’s aviators give her a chic bug-eyed look that makes her look like a character from a retro-futuristic sci fi thriller.

Aviators on Eyeglasses.com:

Find more aviator glasses here.

These are the classic cool glasses that started it all. They have been around forever and have evolved into different derivatives of styles such as the clubmaster browline frames, and cat eye frames. They go with any face shape, skin color, and/or age.

David Fernandez’s pair of black framed glasses pulls together all the pieces of his outfit. The boldness of his shoes match his beard and his cool retro frames.

The Day Dreamings adds another dimension of professional sophistication to her blazered outfit with a pair of oversized black framed glasses, giving her a classy and clean look.

Jenny Gvozdeva’s cat eyed black framed glasses give her an out of this world cool chicness when paired with her racer styled track jacket.

Black framed glasses on Eyeglasses.com:

Do you own any glasses that are part of 5 trends above? Which one is your favorite?

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