Welding glasses might not keep your eyes safe

Most welding glasses are not strong enough to keep your eyes safe if you planned to watch the eclipse with them.

A large number of people have decided if they cannot find eclipse glasses they will use welding goggles or glasses. The problem is most of these items are not dark enough to protect your eyes.

Our Spokane affiliate KREM 2 News called three different local locations to see if they had welding or eclipse glasses, all of them were completely sold out.

NASA recommends only using the darkest shades, 13 or 14, to view the eclipse. All the hardware stores we talked to were sold out of shades as low as shade 4.

"The ones we have are not strong enough to use and they still buy them," said ACE Hardware employee, Rick Colby.

Some people are running into a different problem, because all the welding glasses are being bought.

"I came in to look for welding glasses for my helmet, not thinking everyone was buying them up for the eclipse," said Oxarc Welding customer, Steve Northway.

Welding glasses at ACE Hardware are sold out, even though they were only shade 8. The only usable thing left is a $130 welding mask, it has a shade 13 tint.

"I wouldn't recommend it. Just to be extra safe. You know, you only got one set of eyes,' said Oxarc employee, Javontae McCain.

The American Astronomical Society has a detailed list on their website of what will work to protect your eyes. There is no mention of welding glasses or goggles on the list. This does not mean all of them are unsafe, but you should exercise caution if you are using welding goggles or glasses to watch the eclipse.

So what can you do if you don't have eclipse glasses?

Seattle's Museum of Flight and Pacific Science Center plan to distribute safety glasses to paying customers on Monday morning. Most stores have already sold out.

But here's how you can experience the eclipse with an easy and cheap homemade kit: How to make an eclipse box.

Here's how to watch with KING 5 while staying indoors:

If you can't get to the path of totality Monday, or missed your chance to get safe eclipse glasses and want to avoid looking at the sun, you can watch the eclipse – and all of the news coverage surrounding the historic event – on all of KING's platforms.

Here's how you can watch:


KING will start eclipse coverage on KING 5 News at 4:30 a.m. and go through 1:00 p.m. Join KING's team of reporters around the state and watch as KING's cameras capture the totality, from Lincoln City to Madras.

On KING5.com

KING5.com will also stream the broadcast coverage commercial-free starting at 5:30 a.m. on a live feed here: http://kng5.tv/KING5Newscast

And KING5 will have a live stream that simply follows the eclipse as it crosses the U.S.

On Facebook

KING will run a Facebook Live leading up to the eclipse, and another once the eclipse starts in Oregon. Like KING on Facebookto watch continuing coverage and join the conversation around this once-in-a-lifetime event.

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