Instagram Introduces Snapchat Inspired Live Video Face Filters

Instagram has now added live video face filters for streaming via its app. The feature works like the one on Snapchat. In fact, Instagram had earlier introduced face filters in May this year, but that was only available for video and images that were already captured. Instagram will automatically detect your face and allow you to use elements like sunglasses and other items as face filters.


With the face filters available for live video, one can simply choose a filter during an ongoing live video session. Apart from all the existing face filters, Instagram has also added a new sunglasses filter with lens reflection and ability to change the scenery. That being said the feature is currently only available for live streaming and the only way to check it out would be by going live.


Instagram gives an option to add and apply the filters to the video or even while broadcasting the live stream. One can simply type the face icon on the bottom right, and this will display the filter carousel. The rollout has already begun but just like with any other features the Live Video Face filters will also roll out incrementally. Instagram says that the entire rollout process might actually take “several weeks.”

In the recent past, we have been witnessing how the platforms like Instagram, Snapchat, WhatsApp, and Twitter are busy in borrowing features from each other and trying to perfect the same. For instance, Instagram borrowed the Stories features from the Snapchat and was able to scale it up with 250 million active users, the same happened with WhatsApp live status as well. The Live face filter is yet another Snapchat inspired features, and in all likelihood, it will potentially appeal to the Instagrammers taste.

While Instagram is fundamentally different from Snapchat adding certain features like the Live Filter may help them gain a brownie point with users. In the near future, it’s quite possible that all these apps offer an identical set of features and the one with the best implementation will win the race. On a related note, Facebook had acquired video filter app MSQRD, and the acquisition seems to be bearing fruits now.


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