Prescription glasses for under $20?

No the title is not a gimmick or exaggeration. You can really get a decent pair of glasses or sunglasses WITH prescription lenses for under $20!

If you live in a home with a toddler, you most likely have experienced a pair or two of broken glasses before. Like many other Americas, My husband and I would pay well over $100 for our glasses from optical retailers and even at the big warehouse clubs. We never thought twice about the price, we assumed this is just what it costs to buy prescription lenses and frames.

After my last pair of $100 prescription glasses started to peel and crack, the inevitable happened, my toddler broke them in half. That’s when I turned to the internet to see if I could get a better deal online. What I found was hard to believe, companies offering prescription glasses for a fraction of the cost, and the reviews of these websites were very promising. So I took a chance and ordered my first online pair from and was pleasantly surprised at the quality of the frames and accuracy of my prescription lenses.

To order glasses online you will need to have your PD (pupillary distance) measurements. There are tutorials on how to measure it yourself online, or you can ask an optical store or office. When I went to get my PD measured they asked why I was needing the measurement. I was honest and told them I was planning on buying a pair of glasses online. I was LAUGHED at and told that I would be buying a plastic piece of junk that would last for a month and my lenses would not be accurate. Well I’ll tell you something, my “cheap” glasses are still going strong 2 years later, and has withstand many trips to the beach, a cruise, trips to theme parks and countless falls and grabs from my kids. Who’s laughing now?

I always get a kick out of when my husband comes home from work and tells me about the compliments he gets on his aviator style glasses. He’s often asked where he bought his glasses from, and tells me about the disbelief on people’s faces when he says they only cost him $15.

My Rx is not very high, so I pay under $20 for my glasses online. Those of you with a very high Rx and require hi-index lenses will spend more, but if you price them out on different sites you should be able to easily keep them under $100, which should be a big bargain, as it would normally cost you $300+ in retail stores.

Some of the more popular online retailers include Zennioptical, CoastalContacts, and EyeBuyDirect. You can also get great deals on contact lenses online. Many of these online retailers offer warranties and have great customer service. You can sign up for their email lists to know of special offers such as buy one get one free, or free shipping. I also like to check for codes on

Now I can’t promise you that your small child won’t BREAK these glasses, or that you won’t sit on them, or scratch them. But I can assure you that if you do break them, buying a new pair online WON'T break the bank! :)

Melissa Cid is a Miami Lakes Mom of two, blogging about coupons and deals to help keep money in your family's pocket at

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