Marietta Optometrist Sets Sights on Helping Residents in Need

MARIETTA, Ga., Oct. 26, 2017 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- A Marietta, Georgia optometry center is placing a special focus on assisting area residents in need achieve and maintain optimal eyesight. According to Marietta optometrist Dr. Mita Patel, who works with fellow optometrist Dr. Mark Machen at Eyes On Providence, their clinic is working in association with MUST Ministries to provide both free eyeglasses and discounts on eyeglasses for individuals and families in need. 

"We are excited by the prospect of helping to make sure our friends and neighbors in the Marietta area have the eyewear they need to enjoy the clear vision everyone in the Marietta community deserves," says Dr. Patel.

The optometrist explains that the effort depends in part on the donation of old eyeglasses by customers. When a customer donates a no-longer-needed pair of glasses, the frames are retained by the clinic for re-use as long as the frames are still in functional condition. Eyes On Providence then gives the frames to needy patients free of charge, along with lenses crafted for their individual prescriptions. Each donating customer receives a $50 discount on the next lens and frame purchase. (Both items must be purchased to take advantage of the discount.)

Free eye exams are included as well. "The eye exam is a critical starting point for these services. For one thing, every pair of eyes is unique, so it isn't as simple as just transferring one person's glasses to someone else," says Dr. Patel. The optometrist also notes that many of the eye diseases that can eventually lead to blindness may lurk silently for years without detection when a patient in need cannot afford regular eye exams.

"We can quite literally save people's eyesight by detecting and dealing with these problems as early as possible, before permanent damage has caused irreversible loss of vision," she says.

Eyes On Henry is partnering with MUST Ministries in this endeavor. According to its official website, MUST Ministries is a faith-based non-profit organization dedicated to providing essential services for adults and children in need throughout Cobb and Cherokee counties. The organization also participates in various programs for surrounding counties.

Eyes On Providence's sister practice in Marietta, Classic Vision Care, is also taking part in the program. Dr. Patel serves as an optometrist at both clinics, and expresses enthusiasm for the program. "I want to get the message out so everyone in the Marietta area will be aware of this option," she says. "If you know someone who could use some extra help in getting the eye care and eyeglasses they need, please refer them to us." Interested parties are invited to call the clinic office at (678) 560-8065 for details.

Eyes On Providence provides personalized eye exams, corrective eyewear, eye disease treatment and other ocular services for the Marietta GA area.

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