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Women’s Eyewear: 1930s - Now

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Women's Health [08/21/17, via Women's Health]
Amazon Just Recalled A Ton Of Eclipse Glasses As you're probably aware, there's a total solar eclipse going down on Monday, and people are beyond stoked about it. Most people know you're not supposed to look directly at a solar eclipse, which is why eclipse glasses have been selling like crazy. [...]

The Weekly Standard [08/14/17, via The Weekly Standard]
Scaramucci Loves His Women's Sunglasses The Mooch now knows he wears women's sunglasses. And he's damn proud. Former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci responded this weekend to a report from THE WEEKLY STANDARD, which revealed that his famous polarized  [...]

Women's Health [08/09/17, via Women's Health]
'I Bought Super-Cheap Prescription Glasses Online—Here's What Happened' But one thing I've never been able to order and have shipped to my door is prescription glasses. My friends rave about Just so you know: While Women's Health editors independently select all products we feature, product links may be from affiliate [...]

The New Yorker [09/04/17, via The New Yorker]
The Fight Over Women's Basketball in Somalia Somalia has a club league, in which hundreds of girls and women play on eight teams in Mogadishu and several more in other parts of the country; the best players are recruited for the national team. “My father told me, 'Either leave basketball or [...]

Savannah Morning News [08/24/17, via Savannah Morning News]
Savannah school, museum collecting eclipse glasses for donation effort AWB also led an initiative prior to the Great American Eclipse during which they distributed more than 100,000 donated glasses to places that wouldn't normally get them. Schools, halfway houses, veterans homes, abused women's shelters — the list goes [...]

Womens Glasses

Cat eye glasses are a form of women's eyewear. They are horn-rimmed glasses with flared outer edges where the arms join the frame. They were mainly popular in the 1950s and 1960s among fashionable women and are usually associated with the Beehive hairstyle. They preceded the large bug-eye glasses of the '70s, '80s and '90s. Notable wearers of cat eye glasses were: Marilyn Monroe, Barbara Windsor, Dinah Manoff, Lisa Loeb, Samantha Arsenault, Mary Whitehouse, Amy Lame, and Barry Humphries as Dame Edna Everage, amongst others.

Source: Freebase, licensed under CC-BY.

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2015 Debbies Book 27th Edition EBOOK 2015 Debbies Book 27th Edition EBOOK
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A History of the World in Six Glasses A History of the World in Six Glasses
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'After The View': March 16, 2016 Video - ABC News - ABC News

me glasses photobooth internethelpmedecide warbyparker Photo by brixton on Flickr

And lay out live streaming after the viewing joining us is political commentator and Miss America. Tragic one year was that the year I was there. I'm glad I was 2008 election year which is crazy to be traveling around the country during that time my I was it was insane I couldn't believe that I want I was nineteen years old. Into that opt asked 2006 I want my local one my skate and then found myself not in some states madness America don't like now it was crazy app but an an amazing job and how. Does it annoy you visit it's like why we still parading around was telling the weirdest Barrett says soars to mask Miss America. Where's stemming you can chase you where I want you Sergey V skyward to appease because I recovered from anorexia that was like a huge part of my personal stories lighten. Really proud of recovering like loving my body like India and we're in now you have actually enjoy quiet.


Ireland's Guantanamo Granny by Margaretta D'Arcy: innocence in pursuit of sanity - Irish Times (blog)

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Amid a mass of refugees at Euston Station intent on getting out of England at the outbreak of war in 1939, the five-year-old Margaretta D’Arcy saw a grown man brought low. He was seated on his suitcase, his glasses slipping from his nose, tears running down his face. It was, she sensed, what war brought: fear, panic, humiliation. There she found she was living next to an RAF/US Air Force base housing nuclear missiles. She wrote a letter to the American commander of the base saying she and her family felt personally endangered by his weapons and asking him to examine his conscience, then cycled over with a baby on her back to deliver it. The commander’s reply,... In time the commander went away.


[03/16/16, via Middle East Monitor]
Showcasing Gazan womens crafts Food stands, tapestries, crochet, wood crafts and painting on glass, clothes and accessories and silver items, were all on display to showcase the women’s creativity. Participants said they were happy with the turnout as events like these help increase ... [...]

[03/16/16, via]
Network Limerick told tales of ‘Breaking glass ceilings’ Network Limerick Ireland hosted the special event last week at the Savoy Hotel, Limerick to celebrate International Women’s Day. Women in Business and the ... at Cook Medical and how she broke through 5 glass ceilings to get there. Having worked across ... [...]

[03/15/16, via My West Texas]
JC WOMEN’S BASKETBALL: Lady Chaps fall in heartbreaker to Walters State LUBBOCK -- The ninth-seeded Midland College women’s basketball team was looking to keep its dream ... MC’s Walnatia Wright missed a shot but Lisa Kaempf came up with the rebound off the glass and was fouled in the act of shooting with 2 seconds left ... [...]

[03/16/16, via Mumbrella]
Balloon animal selfies with Ira Glass On the eve of International Women's Day, Isentia's Claire Waddington fears the gender ... But if you happen to see Ira Glass, he’d prefer you ask him to make a balloon animal. It turns out the This American Life creator carries around balloons for ... [...]

[03/16/16, via]
Women’s Basketball Travels to Hofstra for WNIT First Round Crimson Colored Ivy Since women's basketball joined the Ivy League in 1974-75 ... The Crimson currently sits at 637-468. Cleaning the Glass As a team, Harvard is 12-3 when outrebounding opponents this year. A season ago, the Crimson outrebounded its ... [...]

Top 10 Best Women’s Sunglasses Reviewed

Sunglasses for women are essential everyday accessories that protect the eyes from sun glare. Well-built models also offer potent UV protection and have appealing contemporary designs that help women to make a style statement as they go about their daily activities. If you are conscious about your looks and want to look your best as you explore the outdoors, here are the top 10 best sunglasses to buy:10. Duduma Uv400 Aviator SunglassTable of ContentsDuduma Uv400 Aviator is a premium...

Here's How to Spot Fake Solar Eclipse Glasses

Terrifying news for anyone planning to watch the solar eclipse happening on Aug. 21: Amazon just issued a massive recall on some solar eclipse glasses, amidst reports of counterfeits. Though many sellers say their solar eclipse glasses — which are specially designed to protect one's eyes during the natural phenomenon — are legit, Amazon still pulled many of them out of "caution."As you may know, it used to be enough to check if your solar eclipse glasses had the international safety standard...

The flight of Lola Catalina Lorenzo: In the Philippines, “comfort women” demand long-delayed justice

Excerpted from "Lola's House: Filipino Women Living With War" by M. Evelina Galang (Curbstone Books, 2017). Reprinted with permission from Northwestern University Press.Catalina Lorenzo was born December 24, 1914 in Tondo City, Metro Manila. She was abducted by the Imperial Japanese Army in 1942, Davao City, Mindanao. She filed a postwar compensation suit in September 1993, Tokyo District Court.* * *Navotas, Metro ManilaJune 18, 1999The dalagas and I sit among a circle of forty lolas in a...