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How To: 3D Print Sunglasses

In this video I show you how to design and 3D print your own pair of sunglasses! You can find my design files below:

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New 3D Printed Sunglasses Display Stands Any Color Oakley 1 2 3 or 4 Tier $31.00

New 3D Printed Sunglasses Display Stands Any Color Oakley 1 2 3 or 4 Tier

14K 3D Enamel Cheetah Leopard Print Sunglasses Charm/Pendant Yellow Gold  *89 $189.95

14K 3D Enamel Cheetah Leopard Print Sunglasses Charm/Pendant Yellow Gold *89






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Outfit: Your name rhymes with pain

Photo by Danny Choo on Flickr

I'm usually not a huge fan of the faux leather pants + faux leather jacket combo as it tends to look like motorcycle gear. I probably chose it because I really, really want summer. NOW :D When I went through my memories on Facebook I realized that two years ago it was already 20° C at this time of the year and we were having BBQs. Same goes for the sunglasses - I want to believe. What's special about it is that it's 3D printed and people always go crazy about it when I tell them. I also got another necklace and two rings and people simply can't stop touching them and asking questions about them :D As I'm a computer scientist and I'll probably be doing a 3D print project this semester myself I'm totally into this new kind...

[via Liza LaBoheme]

Eclipse Glasses Protect Eyes Better Than Sunglasses

One event that cannot be viewed directly is a solar eclipse. Fortunately, there are eclipse glasses people can wear to safely view this type of astronomical event. The Important Features While people might think they can wear any type of sunglasses to view a solar eclipse, the truth is that sunglasses are not made with the same high quality filtering materials as the eclipse glasses. The material used for glasses designed especially for viewing an eclipse, will block out more than 90 percent of the sun’s harmful rays. Not only do they provide the best defense against the harmful rays of the sun, they also provide complete coverage. They best way to view an eclipse is through glasses that do not allow any light to enter around the edges of the frame.

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[03/11/16, via The Business Journal]
MasterCard and Parsons let you pay with shoe, sunglasses, handshake Yet a third created a standardized way to embed chips in wearables, starting with a pair of sunglasses that had a tiny slot for ... it goes beyond just producing apparel (which these days includes 3D printing prototypes), and into actually incorporating ... [...]

[02/18/16, via Daily Mail]
Is this the most lifelike robotic hand ever? Engineers create 3D-printed digits complete with crocheted tendons and rubber tissue They first scanned the skeleton of a human hand and 3D-printed bones to duplicate types of joints. They then connected these artificial 'bones' with man-made joints 'whose range of motion, stiffness, and dynamic behaviours are very close to their human ... [...]

[02/15/16, via Daily Mail]
'Fifth Element 3D printer' creates first human ear with blood vessels in breakthrough that paves the way for printable body parts Scientists have created a 3D-printed ear with blood vessels and cartilage for the first time in a breakthrough that paves the way for machines to print body parts. Similar to the iconic scene in sci-fi movie Fifth Element, medicine students have ... [...]

[02/09/16, via Whatech]
Exploring the 3D printing market The idea of printing 3D objects is no longer a concept but a reality. Companies like Concept Laser GmbH, 3D Systems, Inc., and Arcam AB are turning this once novel concept into a working business model that's paving the way for some exciting new opportunities. [...]

[01/08/16, via MSN]
Custom 3D printed Lego heads are now a thing If you have always thought your face would work well on a Lego Minifigure, you are in luck! Keri Lumm (@thekerilumm) explains how you can become a Lego. [...]

3D printed 'Age Suit' lets young people feel what it's like to be old

Jan 11, 2018 | By BenedictGet Models Now, a modern design studio based in Poznan, Poland, has designed a 3D printed “Age Suit” that lets wearers experience what it feels like to be elderly. The suit, made from PLA and other materials, restricts movement to replicate the feeling of age.Walking, bending over, crouching down, sitting on a chair, getting up, climbing the stairs, reaching objects from the shelf: these are all simple tasks that most of us would do without a second thought. But for...

‘Adversarial glasses’ can fool even state-of-the-art facial-recognition tech

You may have heard about so-called “adversarial” objects that are capable of baffling facial recognition systems, either making them fail to recognize an object completely or prompting them to classify it incorrectly — for example, thinking that a rifle is actually a 3D-printed toy turtle. Well, researchers at Carnegie Mellon University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill have just found a practical, scaleable, and somewhat scary application — anti-facial-recognition...

Luxexcel Partner with Vuzix for 3D Printed Prescription AR Headset Lenses

Those of us requiring glasses already know how frustrating it can be to wear certain ill-fitting virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) headsets, but now thanks to Luxexcel, we’ll be able to put on our headsets without any concern very soon.Luxexcel are, it is claimed, the only company in the world with the capability to 3D print speciality ophthalmic lenses, allowing them to create custom ophthalmic products, and now thanks to their partnership with Vuzix, you’ll be able to get...