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[10/29/18, via ]
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WIRED [10/23/18, via WIRED]
Are Focals the Smart Glasses You'll Finally Want to Wear? The problem, they found, wasn't in the communication method between human and lenses. The problem was that smart glasses freaked people out. They had overtly angular designs, obvious optical displays, or worse, built-in cameras. “We tried to wear them  [...]

Forbes [07/22/18, via Forbes]
How (And Where) To Buy Prescription Glasses Online This is crucial for online ordering since retailers want to ensure accuracy. Sometimes this is left off of prescriptions, so make sure it is on there. Where To Find Glasses Online. There are actually tons of virtual eyewear shops. The most important [...]

Daily Mail [10/27/18, via Daily Mail]
Revealed: The VERY clever tricks you didn't know you could use your dishwasher for - including cooking SALMON and ... In a new blog post, lifestyle experts from online electrical retailer has revealed the dishwasher hacks that will change the way you use your appliance, as well as the crucial mistakes you might be making. It turns out the Although most [...] [10/23/18, via]
Best Christmas food and alcohol gifts for 2018 If the way to someone's heart is through their stomach, a food or drink festive present is a no-brainer at Christmas. But with every retailer under the sun showing off their festive wares, it can be difficult to find a gift for your food-loving friends [...]

Best Online Glasses Retailer is an online prescription eyeglasses retailer that serves customers throughout the United States, Canada and Europe.
Its primary intent is to offer prescription glasses and frames at more affordable prices than traditional brick and mortar shops. The site was launched in 2005 by Roy Hessel.
The retailer features a virtual dressing room titled "EyeTry," which launched during a September 2007 redesign of the site. "EyeTry" enables online browsers to upload a photo and virtually experiment with thousands of frame and color selections. The selection can then be posted to Facebook or the site’s own social network, "The Wall of Frames," so that shoppers can ask friends (or strangers) for opinions on which glasses look best on them. According to Hessel

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New glasses. Adding to what has become a collection The best part about these? I paid $35 for them with my prescr… 

How to Rock Best Friends and Frenemies How to Rock Best Friends and Frenemies
Published by Poppy 2013
ISBN 9780316285797,031628579X
352 pages
Make Up Make Up
Published by Harmony 2014
ISBN 9781101903070,1101903074
240 pages
Song Reader Song Reader
ISBN 0571299407,9780571299409
112 pages
How to Rock Braces and Glasses How to Rock Braces and Glasses
Published by Poppy 2011
ISBN 9780316192897,0316192899
336 pages

Where to Shop for Home Goods and Furniture Online

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Share Spring cleaning at Racked includes a major refresh of our home goods shopping guide: our list of the very best places online to shop for everything that makes your place yours , be it a small city apartment or a sprawling country estate. This includes essentials like furniture as well as bedding and linens, decor, kitchen and tabletop, rugs, and outdoor (or semi-outdoor) living. 1stdibs Serious collectors take note: This is the industry's leading marketplace for vintage and high-end antique pieces — specifically the classics. Prices for statement-making items range from $160 for a classic chair to $3,000 for a sectional. many pieces are designed specifically with small spaces in mind.

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Lessons From Luc Belaire: When Savvy Marketing Meets Sparkling Wine

Photo by Danny Choo on Flickr

Luc Belaire is not your average brand. Started in late 2012, Luc Belaire was the brainchild of Brett Berish, CEO of Sovereign Brands. Despite being nothing more than an idea just three years ago, their Belaire Rosé is now the third best-selling rosé among all sparkling and Champagne in U. S. retail chains (with only 1% distribution), according to recent Nielsen numbers. Brett and his team have been refining their sales and marketing strategies since the inception of Sovereign Brands 15 years ago. In 2014 they sold off Armand de Brignac -- better known as "Ace of Spades" -- to Jay-Z, and also created partial interest in the famous D'USSÉ Cognac brand and sold that to Bacardi. According to Daniel Mazier, Brand Marketing & Communications Manager for Luc Belaire, it boils down social media and support from celebrities.

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[03/16/16, via Herald Times]
10 math holidays we need in addition to Pi Day Restaurants would charge randomly low prices to draw consumers in, and eyeglass retailers would offer a two-for-one deal ... He would also say he has the best slopes, and no one fixes slopes better than he does. Sine, Cosine and Tan Day We see these ... [...]

[03/16/16, via Digital Arts Online]
Sony Playstation VR: VR designers give their verdict on what games and experiences Sony's VR headset and tech is best for "Plus the PS4 has it's own app store already so users are used to buying content and ... The headset is lighter than it looks and fit comfortably on my head, even with my glasses on. The first job when slipping it on is adjusting it up and down so the ... [...]

[03/15/16, via NWA Online]
Retailers born online open stores In many cases, they are moving into prime real estate once reserved for top-performing ... and have [the glasses] adjusted by sales staff right there -- which is nice," said Machado, an adjunct professor of creative writing. "Online retailers are great ... [...]

[03/15/16, via The Johnson County Graphic]
Tech, glorious tech! Top last-minute gear gifts for every budget The top reason they ... Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses use Bluetooth to pair with Android devices, or you can connect to the Internet through Wi-Fi. Its integrated camera captures stills and video, and you can either store images and video on the glasses ... [...]

[03/15/16, via Slate]
Donald Trump Wears Red Hats When He’s Cranky, According to This Bonkers Profile of His Butler If it was red, it was best to stay away.” Senecal offers no indication in the article as to how the staff might have interpreted the black, blue, and camouflage caps available in the Trump campaign’s online store ... horn-rimmed glasses, a walrus ... [...]

Solar eclipse 2017 update: Where you can still find solar eclipse glasses online, in stores

UpdateSome smaller, locally owned stores are reporting they are receiving glasses this week. It's worth a shot to contact a local hardware or outdoor store.Prices online continue to go up. One pair claiming to be NASA-approved is listed for $129.99 on Ebay; a four pack is $91.There are still some available for delivery  before Aug. 21 on Amazon, costing $39.95.Don't want to spend big bucks or risk not receiving your glasses in time? Here's how to make your own pinhole viewer.Earlier...

Solar eclipse glasses are selling out like crazy — here's where you can still get them

ReutersAs August 21 nears, solar eclipse glasses are selling out across the US. Retailers including REI, Walmart, and Best Buy have sold of their eclipse glasses online. Amazon still has glasses available through third-party retailers — but some are arriving after the big event. Complicating matters is the fact that the market is being flooded with defective knockoffs. Watching the eclipse through glasses that aren't certified to protect your eyes can lead to serious...

Motivationstrainer Steve Kroeger gründet sieben Start-Ups

Personalmarketing (PR-Gateway, 26.02.2018 17:47:15)Qualifizierte und motivierte Mitarbeiter/innen zählen zum stategischen Erfolgspotential von Unternehmen1.BegriffsbestimmungUnter Personalmarketing im engeren Sinne werden im Seminar sämtliche Aktivitäten der Personalbeschaffung verstanden. Sie folgen dem Ziel, im Unternehmen zu vorgegebenen Zeiten die jeweils geplante Anzahl Mitarbeier/innen mit den gewünschten Qualifikationen in den relevanten Tätigkeitsbereichen einsetzen zu können....