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Prescription Eye Glasses: Online Buying Guide!

Hi Everyone, Just wanted to share with you my experiences with buying glasses in general and online! A helpful tool if you are unsure about buying online!

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EBE Bifocal Buy Prescription Sunglasses Online Women Men Polycarbonate Lenses


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[09/28/18, via ]
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The Sun [08/30/18, via The Sun]
Brits buying sunglasses, handbags and selfie-sticks from Majorca beach sellers to face whopping £700 fines BRITS caught buying dodgy sunglasses and fake clothes in Majorca are to be hit with massive £700 fines after the island was flooded with bogus goods. Cops in the Spanish holiday resort are to hammer those caught buying off illegal beach sellers after [...]

[09/24/18, via Digital Journal]
Sunglass Market - Positive Outlook for Industry Opportunities & Trends for Expansion in 2018 Sunglass Market: Trends and Opportunities. Sunglasses are used majorly for cosmetic purposes, coupled with enhancing the person's appearance. This is credited to convenient facilities a buyer gets while buying the product. Online retail segmented is [...]

Business Insider [09/12/18, via Business Insider]
Save up to $450 on Apple MacBooks at Best Buy — and more of today's best deals from around the web Best Buy is having a big sale on Apple products and the selection of MacBooks includes some of the best deals. You can save up to $300 on the latest MacBook Pro and MacBook Air Watch and sunglasses startup MVMT is having a huge end of summer sale [...]

Business Insider [08/21/18, via Business Insider]
I found a reliable site to buy prescription sports sunglasses online — it's making the process easy and risk-free Finding ski goggles that fit over glasses can be difficult, and running and biking is genuinely annoying, as my usual glasses and sunglasses tend to slip down my nose when I get too sweaty. Enter: SportRx. SportRx is an online shop that sells [...]

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@P_Hendrickson Frustrating, I know. Buying online glasses can be pretty reasonable...I love my prescription sunglas… 

Thinking about buying Major - Rose Gold & Black - Black Croc Band? Read the latest review by Jamey H.  via @yotpo

Life with art: Why not decorate home with your favorite paintings, objets d'art? - The Japan News

park newyork grass sunglasses female student mac women manhattan laptop bryantpark workfromhome macbookpro axzz2omm9zpqfuwvxg7lirg ixzz2tylyyopd Photo by Ed Yourdon on Flickr

A mirror shaped like sunglasses hangs on the wall, along with a painting depicting a rock singer being mobbed by fans. Chiho Tsuda, designer of the chigo jewelry brand, enjoys her life with these and other artworks decorating her home. A music lover, Tsuda mainly buys works with rock’n’roll touches. However, the Japanese art market accounts for only 1 percent of the global market, indicating Japanese people seldom buy artwork. Artworks can easily be bought at interior furnishings shops and online. Some people buy artwork to support its creators, as well as just enjoy them.


Virtual reality must get past the BluBlocker phase - Ocala

newyork sunglasses manhattan laptop washingtonsquarepark dell sunflowers murray greenwichvillage Photo by Ed Yourdon on Flickr

Count me in as someone buying the virtual reality hype. While I’ve only tasted the morsel that comes with shoving my iPhone inside a piece of cardboard, I’m already dreaming of the entree to come. I’m shamelessly giddy because I’ve smelled what The Rock is cooking and I’m already bellied up at the table. VR dreams have been percolating for years but there's really no tangible experience to match. The coming messiah of VR flashed all the miracles and fulfilled all the prophecy but seems to be stuck in the tiny town of Galilee, not yet reaching the masses in Jerusalem. I might be armchair quarterbacking here, but if I’m throwing down that kind of cheddar, there must be something very promising about the technology. As with anything else, it comes down to the experience and in that regard VR seems to be stuck in neutral.


[03/15/16, via Daily Mail]
'A little kiss for the birthday girl': Simon Cowell's son Eric gives Terri Seymour's daughter Coco a cute little peck With her trademark flowing brunette locks cascading over her shoulders, Terri looked simply stunning in the beaming sunshine, which she shielded with designer sunglasses ... in cash and a further $4.6million to buy a home in Beverly Hills. [...]

[03/14/16, via USNews]
11 of the Best St. Patrick’s Day Sales Get your fill of light-up green sunglasses, green sequin headbands and a whole lot more at the buy one, get one free sale on St. Patrick's Day jewelry and accessories at Claire's. This promotion is available online only. Save 30 percent on everything green ... [...]

[03/14/16, via]
An Open Letter To Inbox Spam (And Other Unsolicited Visitors) I don't want to buy sunglasses from your online store. I don't want your jewellery, even with the 70 percent discount. I don't want to attend your shoe sale. I don't want to leave online reviews. I don't have four minutes to fill in your satisfaction survey. [...]

[03/14/16, via]
DesignMarch 2016 | DesignTalks She then took a big risk and accepted an offer from Facebook to buy it and described the acquisition process ... a space-inspired art installation with swarowski crystals and sunglasses made with human hair. Their project “Sea Chair” received ... [...]

[03/09/16, via Hamilton Spectator]
Millennials’ idea of luxury keeps retailers guessing In the past, luxury was a pair of $400 Prada sunglasses or a $2,900 Louis Vuitton handbag ... they still find the money to buy quality. "The level of craftsmanship is critically important to them as well. It's not just about 'I can get more for less ... [...]

STATE Optical takes aim at Warby Parker with Chicago-branded glasses made in the USA

A Chicago startup wants to ride the trendy eye-wear movement—with luxury spectacles designed and assembled in America.STATE Optical, co-founded by Scott Shapiro, Jerry Wolowicz, Marc Franchi and Jason Stanley, launched in early 2016 to tap into what they saw as a growing demand for domestic products."We thought the market was different than it was 20 years ago, not because of patriotism, but because of craft culture and the craft movement," said CEO and Co-founder Scott Shapiro in an...

How it works: A step-by-step guide to buying glasses online with Warby Parker

Stop overpaying for "designer" glasses.Image: warby parkerBy Emily HellerMashable Deals2018-01-16 20:06:56 UTCIf you're a glasses-wearer, you've probably heard of affordable designer eyewear company Warby Parker. If you haven't tried out their glasses yet and are still picking from the small selection at your optometrist's office, you're probably overpaying and you're definitely missing out on some pretty cool frames.Warby Parker was founded in 2010 by Warton School students who noticed that...

How buying designer knock-offs puts your family at risk (VIDEO)

As this shocking TED talk reveals, buying counterfeit items is not a victimless crime. Most of us could probably admit to buying a “fake” at some point in our lives, whether it was a chic Louis Vuitton tote off the street corner during a trip to the big city, or a pair of otherwise $500 sunglasses from a “seemingly” reputable site online. Okay, maybe that site did look a little sketchy, but for 75 percent off, it was worth the risk. Who’s it really hurting, right?No, so wrong. Very very...