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[10/25/18, via ]
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Yahoo Sports [10/24/18, via Yahoo Sports]
FDA warns against using 'risky' colored contact lenses for Halloween Decorative contact lenses are actually medical devices, the FDA explains, and even though they're readily available at beauty supply stores and Halloween suppliers, you should always have a prescription to wear them. Wearing these lenses is “risky” and [...]

Valley News Live [10/23/18, via Valley News Live]
Doctors caution using costume contacts this Halloween "This particular contact lens here is much more likely to cause an infection in your eyes than one that you would have gotten from your optometrist," Bagan said. But they're easy and cheap to find online. We even found some at a local store today and [...]

Celebrity Baby Scoop [10/10/18, via Celebrity Baby Scoop]
3 Tips to Buying Contact Lenses on a Budget Buying contact lenses when on a budget is a simple task, but can be challenging, costly and dangerous if you do not have the right prescription. Although cheap contact lenses are available, it is always good to get the right ones. Before you buy [...]

Wall Street Journal [10/24/18, via Wall Street Journal]
The Eyes of Oklahoma A constant democratic struggle is protecting the public from professional guilds that use government power to block competition. A ballot measure in Oklahoma next month would make it easier for patients to get vision care, if voters can overcome the [...]

Picked up my first ever pair of contact lenses today. We had to order and wait for 2 weeks because of the ridic deg… 

I’m having my Lasik touched up soon and can’t wear contact lenses for a while. I had to go buy a cheap pair of glas… 

Walgreens continues to take 30% off a selection of contact lenses via coupon code "DISCOVER8". Plus, cut an extr... 

"Cheap Contact Lenses"
Published by
ISBN 9781105103964,110510396X
6 Important Facts About Contact Lenses 6 Important Facts About Contact Lenses
Published by Lulu Press, Inc 2015
ISBN 9781329659315,1329659317
"Cheap Contact Lenses"
Published by Publishing For U 2014
The Best Contact Lenses The Best Contact Lenses
Published by Clinton Gilkie

**Budget Beauty** Nivea Daily Essentials Double Eye Make-up Remover Review

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So as this is the Double Effects remover it comes in two phases oil and water. The oil will effectively remove all traces of waterproof mascara, kohl liner, dark shadows, glitter liners, you name it. And the water will gentle cleanse and care for your lashes leaving behind no oily residue. Now some of you might ask is eye makeup remover necessary. We are all guilty of putting in that extra time applying makeup but not so much when it comes to taking it off. I even used to sleep with my makeup on. I know, I know shock horror but I wouldn't think twice about it now. It is so important to look after your skin now and get into a routine because your skin will really thank you for it later. Hi, my name is Lisa and as the name of the blog suggests I am a mom to an amazing little boy called Cailan.

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Component 1- Film Task (Weekly Blog)

macro eye gimp reversed cheap contactlens Photo by Adrian Midgley on Flickr

The past week, in and out of our AICE Media Studies class, my group and I have been planning our project in depth in order to shoot adequate shots today, March 13th. Each person in my group has been assigned a certain item to the shot location in... I am responsible for going over to GoodWill and purchasing cheap clothing to ratter them up and develop the meaning with Mise En Scene. These clothes will not have any creative design that could potentially distract the viewers from more important parts of the scene. I am also in charge of bringing the GoPro for the P. O. V shots in the beginning. Again, I will refer back to Zombieland in order to see how to effectively shoot these shots Eli has an extremely important job affecting Mise en Scene, which is purchasing the fake blood and the more vital part, the zombie contact lenses .

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[03/15/16, via PRWire]
Amazing Offer From Ezyvision – Lenses Must Be Delivered Within 48 Hours Or They Are Free They contract to deliver their contact lenses within 48 hours or they are free! For anyone looking for cheap contact lenses New Zealand wide, Ezyvision is the place to find them online. Their contact lenses are extremely competitively prices, with up to ... [...]

[03/07/16, via ABC 15 Taking Action]
Contact lens discounter, 1-800-Contacts, complains about Arizona optometrists The complaints mark a new tack by the discount contact lens supplier in an ongoing battle with contact lens manufacturers and retailers over pricing. The company alleges the optometrists failed to follow federal and state laws requiring them to provide ... [...]

[03/08/16, via Arizona Capitol Times]
Contact lens discounter complains about Arizona optometrists The complaints mark a new tack by the discount contact lens supplier in an ongoing battle with contact lens manufacturers and retailers over pricing. The company alleges the optometrists failed to follow federal and state laws requiring them to provide pre ... [...]

[03/04/16, via The Baltimore Sun]
Maryland lawsuit accuses maker of contact lenses of illegal pricing strategy Pricing policy on Johnson & Johnson contact lenses is illegal, Maryland attorney general says ... of Acuvue lenses based on a pricing strategy imposed on club membership discount stores, Attorney General Brian E. Frosh said. "We live in a world where ... [...]

[03/04/16, via The Business Journal]
Maryland Attorney General alleges Acuvue price fixing Maryland's attorney general has filed suit against the maker of Acuvue contact lenses, alleging it violated state antitrust law by conspiring with discount clubs to raise prices by as much as 50 percent. The Office of the Attorney General Antitrust ... [...]

Wearing cheap costume contact lenses may have consequences, UW prof warns

If you are wearing costume contact lenses as part of your Halloween costume this year, a University of Waterloo optometry professor says to be cautious as there could be scary consequences."Many of these contact lenses are made in non-approved establishments and often the quality of the lenses, unless you get them from an official sources like your optometrist, are manufactured without any quality control," Lyndon Jones, director of the Centre of Contact Lens Research...

Republicans Created a Free Market in Contact Lenses Before, Will They Protect It Now?

One of the most significant medical innovations of recent decades has been the creation of affordable, cheap retail contact lenses. In 2016, the global contact lens market was estimated at $9.91 billion, with the bulk devoted to corrective and therapeutic lenses. As consumers increasingly transition to contact lenses, the market is expected to reach $18 billion by 2024.Many users of contact lenses can attest to how quickly costs can add up. While there are many variants, lens supply can...

Soaring rate of eye infections 'linked to cheap internet contact lenses'

People are buying lenses online to avoid having to pay for a prescriptionBut in doing so hundreds of people miss out on 'vital' eye checks  Experts believe this puts people at risk of infections that can damage eyesNumber of cornea-damaging Acanthamoeba cases has doubled since 2010In a third of cases a part of the eye has to be taken out and replacedBy Martyn Halle and Stephen Adams for The Mail on SundayPublished: 17:32 EST, 20 September 2014 | Updated: 03:08 EST, 22...