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RT @canthavepudding: @Bill_Owen I have my main pair and a bunch of cheap non prescription laying around. So if I lose my glasses have glass…

@Bill_Owen I have my main pair and a bunch of cheap non prescription laying around. So if I lose my glasses have gl… 

Ebony Ebony
132 pages
Now That I'm Sixty Now That I'm Sixty
Published by Australian eBook Publisher 2015
ISBN 9781925177756,1925177750
40 pages
Ebony Ebony
Modern Law Enforcement Weapons & Tactics Modern Law Enforcement Weapons & Tactics
Published by Krause Publications 2004
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256 pages

Glasses! — Patnem, India

coyote sunglasses 35mm canon eos shot 5d flektogon polarized product mkii lasik f24 wavefront carlzeissjena Photo by Dr. RawheaD on Flickr

He's a really nice chap and he's got a great selection but he doesn't do eye tests in house so you have to have your prescription. No problem as we have ours with us. I wanted a pair of bifocal sunglasses so that I can read on the beach. I have 2 pairs of prescription sunglasses already from him but I find it a bit awkward to read in them with my distance lenses. Anyway, chose a really nice pair which will cost me the princely sum of £29 and will be ready next week. I also got a pair of non prescription sunglasses from him to use with my contact lenses. They were ludicrously cheap at about £3. Bob needed a top range pair of new glasses. With reactalight non scratch lenses etc his were a shade over £100. His last set from Specsavers were over.

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Out of Control

usa losangeles backyard pelican torrance iiiii lx3 pelicansnook Photo by twintermute on Flickr

I can't really even blame it on winter, considering we haven't really had one. I spent half of last week in bed when I should have been working around the house, and I spent most of today doing the same thing. I think it's worth considering, as I don't think anything could make matters worse, and I don't want to be on prescription drugs. I had two writers' meetings last week. The Tuesday meeting was interesting, despite the fact that our leader wasn't there. A long-standing member who hardly ever attends showed up, and she got all the younger members excited about Twitter pitches. They sound pretty neat, considering publishing professionals will pick certain days to read pitches with a specific tag and you could get published from it, or at least land an agent.

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[11/11/15, via Pine Island Eagle]
Lions seek eyeglasses and more Reminder: Drop box items we collect - used or new eyeglasses (prescription and readers), used or new sunglasses (prescription or non-prescription), glasses cases ... into new envelopes and sell them in their "store" - cheap. Also, they pack various ... [...]

[11/03/15, via The Independent]
Why you should never wear cheap contact lenses A man was left nearly-blind in one eye after wearing cheap non-prescription contact lenses ... Mr Hamlin often has to wear an eye patch or sunglasses because of the increased sensitivity in his eyes. Some studies have shown cheap lenses don't allow ... [...]

[01/20/15, via Voice of America]
UK Scientists Develop Cheap Adjustable Glasses Getting prescription glasses isn't a big deal for most Westerners ... which manufactures two types of adjustable glasses based on technology developed at Oxford University. The glasses, he says, are easy to use and offer a wide range of magnification. [...]

[11/22/14, via]
Sunglass Spot-Buddy Clear Lens 50mm Horn Rimmed Wayfarer Style Non Prescription Eyeglasses Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is a service we offer sellers that lets them store their products in Amazon's fulfillment centers, and we directly pack, ship, and provide customer service for these products. Something we hope you'll especially enjoy: FBA items ... [...]

[10/03/14, via The Gloss]
I Just Got Glasses After 15 Years Of Contacts And I’m Kind Of Freaked Out By How Thick They Are It’s certainly not a competition, but it has made me very jealous of people who can comfortably wear glasses without looking ridiculous. Having a high prescription and being very nearsighted means that when I wear glasses, they make my eyes look teensy tiny. [...]

Kickstarting Reflectacles: super-reflective glasses-frames that look amazing

Scott Urban's new Reflectacles glasses are Ray Ban-style frames that are embedded with the kind of retroreflective cat-eye materials used for highway markers, making them reflective at 500 yards at night, and nearly that visible by day. He's kickstarting them at an astoundingly cheap $85/pair, in seven colors. I've been wearing and writing about Urban's frames for more than a decade, ever since I noticed his hand-carved frames, and then discovered the other handmade glasses he was...

Shedding Light On The Right Sunglasses

Buying a pair of non-prescription sunglasses used to be a simple task: Slipping into a dime store on the run and picking up something inexpensive, or, spending a few pennies more for a pair that would last through August.Now, with heightened public concern about damaging sunlight, expanded technology in plastics and a deluge of designer labels -- and prices -- shopping for sunglasses is turning into a monumental chore.Is it necessary to spend $80 in a ``sunglasses`` specialty store or even...

A Brit in Bratwurstville: I love the German trains

Bonn. In this column, the author looks at life in Germany, as a Brit who is living in Bonn for years. In this edition, he actually admits to be admiring the Germans’ pet peeve on a regular basis: The train services… Von Bangers and MashI can’t remember when I first spotted the blue and white train chugging down the tracks from Bonn to Cologne.Emblazoned with the name National Express, I always wondered if the driver has taken a wrong turn at Dover or, like some role reversal of the Cold War,...