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The Best Glasses For Your Face Shape

Glasses should enhance your face! Not conceal it! So here's a guide on how to find the right glasses for your face shape! Sorry for the late upload. My hard drive ...

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Business Insider [10/12/18, via Business Insider]
The best women's work bags you can buy a classic look and a sturdy build. You may also like Dior's So Real sunglasses to make you feel like a celebrity, Warby Parker for some great prescription frames, Ray-Ban's Clubmasters for a classic design, and MVMT for shades that won't break the [...]

WIRED [10/07/18, via WIRED]
These Magical Sunglasses Block All the Screens Around You The angular, '80s-inspired frames might not work for everyone—but Cash says they definitely spark conversations. Plus, the shape's grown on him. “It's not a style I'd necessarily buy for myself, but now that I've been wearing them, I feel like this [...]

New York Times [10/10/18, via New York Times]
New This Week, Under $250 But fashion never stops moving, and neither should you. In other words, it's time for a little hair of the dog. Here, five new releases — celeb-endorsed eyeglasses frames, Sia-designed ballet flats, French girl denim and more — to get you excited [...]

Business Insider [09/27/18, via Business Insider]
The best bootcut jeans for women A Zappos commenter noted that even the regular length is great for petites because they retain their silhouette nicely when hemmed: "[S]ome jeans I can't buy to hem bc taking off so much of the leg ends up looking funny." The Signature Bootcut Jeans [...]

Cheap Spectacle Frames

A myodisc or myopic disk is a corrective lens with a steep concave curvature that is fitted on the posterior surface of a carrier lens, or a high power single-vision lens specially ordered with slab-off the edge, creating a central prescription disc. These are used for correction of extremely high myopia often seen in low vision patients. Myodiscs are not a preferred lens type, but are the least expensive option among available lenses fitted for minus powers beyond -12 diopters. They are cheap to produce but cause scotoma, a ringed blind spot. As a result, most practitioners encourage using other lens styles.
The myodisc, has been categorized as a lenticular lens. These are rarely prescribed sets of specialty lenses used in cases of extremely poor vision, or near blindness. The...

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Vision Expess It seems that these money grabbing opticians who sell you cheap chinese spectacle frames and massive… 

Top 25 Films of 2015

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In the time between drafting a list and publishing it, I rearranged the titles within innumerable times, and axed at least four from it completely. The list, as it stands, is one I intend to stand by, for the films praised very well have the potential to be timeless. Not every one will make it that far: I will no doubt quibble here and there a year—nay, a few hours— from now, but I feel my taste has recently evolved for the better. I am somewhere between the auteurist and the Reverse Shot or Film Comment crowds, in some unholy marriage by my lonesome, and naturally I think it’s a good place to be. I am sure to change some more by this time next year, and I vow to shake off... Mad Max: Fury Road. Directed by George Miller. Mad Max: Fury Road single-handedly restored my faith in.

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Esthetic Entities

gay aids heavymetal bighair casio duranduran dangermouse capitalism breakdancing 1980s billybragg trivialpursuit wham ghostbusters whitesocks ronaldreagan glamrock backtothefuture coldwar hairgel thatcher vcr rubikscube boygeorge thesmiths rundmc fivestar grangehill newromantics rentaghost michaelfoot bucksfizz tradeunions footballhooligans mexico86 shellsuits ironlady falklandswar brightsocks thatcherism minersstrike whitetrainers raybansunglasses bmxbikes filofaxes thethatcheryears relaxfrankiegoestohollywood gordonthegopher shewasthelongestservingbritishprimeministerofthe20thcentury innercityriotsandunemployment massivephones flashsuits thatcherismwasthebellringingheraldofanageofunparalleledconsumptioncreditshowoffwealthquickbucksandsexuallibertinism theassassinationindecemberofjohnlennon memoriesoftheeighties spendspendspendandmorespending itwastherushdienovelpublishedin1988thatwastoofferaglimpseofanuglierfuturebritain flyingaunionjackwhenthefalklandswarstarted georgemichaelandandrewridgeley theroyalweddingofprincessdiana consumeristparadise britaininturmoilunderthatcher thatcherthemilksnatcher sasendedahostagecrisisbystormingtheiranianembassyinlondon itwasthedecadeofthatcher ponceypoodlefashions zxspectrumcomputers pepsiandshirley youturnifyouwanttotheladysnotforturning memoriesofthe1980s yuppiesandbigphones greenhamcommonandmolesworth Photo by brizzle born and bred on Flickr

Retroactive self-referentiality . In the last 10 years entities with a complex esthetic operativity emerged in the zones of dance and visual arts of Bucharest. Apart from the necessity to grasp what are you part of, to figure these entities out, self-reflection functions as an engine that self-constitutes them. Self-conceptualization is an internal dynamic for substantiating an esthetic entity, but once a dynamic of self-referentiality is in place, this often extends to the outside. In the case of Kunsthalle Batiștei, another esthetic entity, a self-referential intervention is made in the basic layer of identity formation, in the correspondence between the name and the project.

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[03/17/16, via Smart Company]
Are we about to see virtual reality finally go mainstream? It was a novel way of introducing children to VR, but was it just a marketing stunt – similar to the cheap and gimmicky 3D glasses we see rolled out every once in awhile – or was it a sign VR is moving closer to mainstream adoption? The look of the ... [...]

[03/16/16, via Chicago Tribune]
7 ways to make your BYO wine experience better Showing up at a BYO with cheap, so-so wine is like going to a Halloween party ... 5. Ask for a second set of glasses. This way, you'll always have two different wines to taste. No server of mine has ever denied this request. In fact, most BYO servers ... [...]

[03/16/16, via Geek]
Geek deals: 55-inch Samsung 3D UHDTV for $1500 with a $400 gift card LED backlighting (with local dimming), active 3D support (with included glasses), a wide selection of streaming apps, four HDMI ports, a component/composite input, three USB ports, an ethernet port, 802.11b/g/n/ac WiFi support, two RCA audio line-ins ... [...]

[03/16/16, via The Daily Express]
Dr Rosemary: Is an eye test at my age really necessary? A AN examination by an optometrist can sort out exactly what type of glasses you need and it's not always straightforward. For example, I have an astigmatism which means that the front surface of my eye is slightly irregular and although cheap reading ... [...]

[03/15/16, via NWA Online]
Retailers born online open stores The discount chain operates a popular loyalty rewards program ... While living in Iowa, Carmen Machado, 29, for example, ordered Warby Parker glasses online and was mailed five frames at a time to try on. When she moved to Philadelphia four years ago ... [...]

A Homemade Prescription Diving Mask

I took my "el-cheapo" diving mask to Bermuda and saw that the island's underwater wonders were everything my friends had promised.PHOTO: GARY SZELEThis homemade prescription diving mask glue-it-yourself project is perfect for the short-sighted and short-funded snorkler. A Homemade Prescription Diving MaskI'd never even dreamed that I might someday have a chance to visit Bermuda . . . until some friends of mine came up with a low-cost vacation package to that balmy paradise. As my...

Buying cheap reading glasses? Then go in with your eyes open

By Lucy Elkins for MailOnlineUpdated: 20:25 EST, 3 January 2011 Costing as little as £1, it is easy to see the appeal of over-the-counter reading glasses. There’s no need for an eye test — you can walk in off the street and buy a pair. ‘Ready readers’, as they are known, are aimed at the over-40s — those who find they have to start holding the page away from them in order to read the words. This is due to an age-related ­condition called presbyopia and is caused by the lens in the eye...

Yelp [LA] 100 Challenge 2018

I considered going to an Optometrist closer to my workplace so I would have easy access on the weekdays so I looked up a list of nearby providers. America's Best had 2 locations equidistant to my office so I had cross referenced those locations with Yelp reviews and decided to go to this location. I called ahead of time to make my appointment and the receptionist was very nice. I like her so I guess you can consider this star for her. I gave her my insurance information so she can check and...