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All About My: Contact Lenses! • Grey Freshlook Colorblends on Brown Eyes •

THESE ARE THE GREY ONES... NOT THE STIRLING GREY ONES It's the video a lot of you have been waiting for! I give you all the details about my beloved ...

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SGS-3502 Montana West Boot Scroll Collection Fashion Sunglasses with Bling $26.50

SGS-3502 Montana West Boot Scroll Collection Fashion Sunglasses with Bling


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Things I have bought online this weekend - boots, coloured contact lenses and a replacement Nespresso coffee milk f… 

Your Book Of Hobbies Your Book Of Hobbies
Published by St Pauls BYB
ISBN 8171080006,9788171080007
Cassell's cyclopaedia of mechanics Cassell's cyclopaedia of mechanics
Statistics of the Dominion of New Zealand Statistics of the Dominion of New Zealand
Statistics of New Zealand Statistics of New Zealand

Pressure dressing: what to wear when everyone's watching -

old uk england english digital photoshop nikon north lancashire adobe british manual nikkor manualfocus lenses nikond1x digitalcameraclub macrolenses nikkormicro199093105mmf28autofocus miranda700cdflash industar53mmf28 Photo by norbet1 on Flickr

When I was a teenager spending hours laboriously putting together an outfit in which to exit the house, my mother would call up the stairs, shouting, prophetically: “It’s not a bloody fashion show. You might think working out what to wear to a job interview is stressful. Working out what to wear to a place where your peers have an encyclopaedic knowledge of the net-a-porter. com stock listings, where silent judgment comes via photographers, crammed around the entrances of the shows, as they gently point their lenses to the floor when you walk past, where an acute hierarchy exists based on the number of your Instagram... ictoria wears Cos top, 1205 skirt, Sacai Luck coat and Prada shoes. On top of this excruciating judgment, throw in some added elements: New York was -15 degrees this season.


What can I wear on World Book Day 2016? – in pictures - The Guardian

snow newyork umbrella boots manhattan broadway upperwestside wellies iloveny ilovenewyork wellyboots Photo by Ed Yourdon on Flickr

The costume was easy: the only thing actually bought was a black beret that I got from a costume shop priced £5. 99 + hair dye. The yellow hand bag is actually made out of cardboard, I already had some boots (not red but who cares. ) and the best thing of all is I made Hilda’s little foxy frend of card and painted it. So cute. We made the hat from card and covered it in felt and found an old silk scarf to tie around the bottom. Lucy made the 10/6 card to pop in the side. The coat was an old dressing up coat which I sewed patches of fabric to, but glue would be just as effective (and quicker.


[03/12/16, via Summit Daily News]
High Gear: The Backbowl from Native Eyewear's new goggle line Sunglasses and goggles are like shoes: the best models combine style and function ... Pro: Incredible lenses Without exception, everyone agreed that the rose-colored lens with polarized coating was incredible. The sun was out one minute and covered the ... [...]

[03/01/16, via The Street]
Global Contact Lenses & Intraocular Lenses Market Assessment & Forecast: 2015-2019 The study includes analysis of various product segments such as spherical, toric, multi-focal, ortho-K, cosmetic or colored lenses among others. It also sheds qualitative and quantitative insight into the market of intraocular lenses by optical design such ... [...]

[02/26/16, via Yahoo News]
Amber Valletta, Amber Heard Honor Women Behind the Lens at Net-a-Porter Luncheon From Amber Heard in a chic cream-colored silk pantsuit to Amber Valletta in a long summer ... Independent Spirit Awards dresses, and jewelry, shoes and sunglasses to think about. Charlotte Tilbury, in town from London to make up some nominees and ... [...]

[02/24/16, via Al Bawaba]
Kuwaiti policewomen break fashion rules while enforcing the law The women in uniform must not wear heavy makeup, ostentatious accessories, coloured contact lenses, nose studs or long lashes ... The policewomen are to wear their official shoes provided by the ministry, the circular said, putting out stilettos and ... [...]

[11/16/15, via InStyle UK]
How To Put In Contact Lenses (For People That Don’t Have A Clue) Contact lenses : once just for people who needed a little boost to their eyesight, but now? Coloured lenses are a beauty staple for the A-list, and we're not talking about zombie lenses for Halloween. Everyone from Kendall Jenner to Selena Gomez ... [...]

Christians of Color Are Rejecting “Colonial Christianity” and Reclaiming Ancestral Spiritualities

This is how quickly it happened. One moment we were passing sumptuous kebob platters around the table making polite introductions, and the next we were swapping trauma stories that we—all people of color, many LGBTQ—had experienced in what were essentially white Christian spaces.*There was the black nonprofit worker who attended a Christian conference in the rural Southeast, where she had to walk past white men staring her down from pickup trucks draped in confederate flags; there was the...

Mike Drew: Skunked ice fishing

I was a little disappointed that I didn’t see any fish.I know they’re in there and the ice on Gap Lake was as clear as glass but as I walked along looking down past my feet, I could see rocks and drowned trees on the lake bottom. But no fish.This was my second trip out here in as many days. The first time I was out here hoping to find some sheep and maybe spot a swan that I’d heard was wintering on the Bow River close by. But as I rounded the curve at Gap Lake, I noticed that most of the snow...

Equinox’s version of a New Year’s resolution? Social justice, stilettos and journalism.

A sweatsuit from hospital scrubs designed by Virgil Abloh. (Steven Klein for Equinox)Fashion loves nothing more than churning out one-off oddities that challenge the imagination and defy logic. The fashion industry also loves nothing more than a collaboration, and there is no greater proponent of the unexpected collaboration than Virgil Abloh, the founder of the street-style brand Off-White. Abloh has partnered with Nike, Vans, Levi’s, Moncler, Ikea and host of other companies to make a...