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Richmond magazine (blog) [10/12/18, via Richmond magazine (blog)]
Field of Vision She is a tight end for the Black Widows, Richmond's semiprofessional women's football team. Cole joined the team in 2016. "I have been Cole played basketball at Winthrop University in Rock Hill, South Carolina, and also played basketball [...]

Vanity Fair [09/25/18, via Vanity Fair]
Maggie Smith Had No Patience for Laurence Olivier's Diva Antics Speaking from the English countryside home that Plowright built with her late husband, Laurence Olivier, the women don't let anyone behind the cameras—or at home—forget who is in charge. When Michell prompts the Smith—who played Desdemona to [...]

Daily Mail [09/18/18, via Daily Mail]
Thigh's the limit! Fitness fanatic nicknamed Miss Iron Bum wins over an army of admiring fans with her raunchy rear ... Originally from Azerbaijan, the fitness model is instantly recognisable thanks to her killer thighs, buns of steel and black pupils, which she achieves with dark contact lenses . A slave to her workout regime, the 22-year-old's mantra is: 'My goals don [...]

Refinery29 [10/04/18, via Refinery29]
Women's Rights Film On The Basis Of Sex Can't Come Soon Enough Add some grey contact lenses and a hairpiece to the mix, as well as Ginsburg's distinct posture and comportment, gleaned from home footage provided by Stiepelman, and you've got a pretty passable version of Ginsburg. “She looks like a movie star, the [...]

Contact Lenses For Black Women

A black eyed person is said to be a being who appears human, but whose eyes are pitch black with no pupils. These beings are said to stare at other people for prolonged amounts of time and encounters with these beings are said to be accompanied with senses of dread, foreboding, or discomfort. There is a wide variety of hypotheses attempting to explain this phenomenon, ranging from extraterrestrial activity to contact lenses.
One of the first and most wide-spread reported incidents appears to have been in 1998 by a newspaper reporter named Brian Bethel, who stated to have seen two black eyed children while paying a bill near an inexpensive movie theatre. As he was writing out the check in his car, he says he was approached by two children who requested a ride back to their mother’s...

Source: Freebase, licensed under CC-BY.

@Saaaa_hot When Black women dress up in flowing Blond hair & green contact lenses (**Because it makes them more acc… 

The Color Complex The Color Complex
Published by Anchor 2013
ISBN 9780307744234,030774423X
287 pages
The Gender/sexuality Reader The Gender/sexuality Reader
Published by Psychology Press 1997
ISBN 0415910056,9780415910057
574 pages
The American Body in Context The American Body in Context
Published by Rowman & Littlefield 2001
ISBN 0842028595,9780842028592
335 pages
Jet Jet
64 pages

Good Grief

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Everyone says I need to give myself time to grieve. But in honesty, I knew for a long time that I couldn't go on forever with the way things were. I know what love and a good relationship ought to be like, and it wasn't what I was getting and no matter how I tried to communicate my needs and worries, nothing changed. So I knew it was a matter of time. I even asked for this several times but he wouldn't agree to it. So when he was ready he knew I would say yes. I want to do everything and I want to do NOTHING. Now I have a house, two kids, a dog that needs a lump removed, utilities, kids who area always asking to do things that cost money (I wish they would just be happy sitting with me to draw and paint = there's plenty of that stuff around).

[via Leaving New York]

The Meaning Of Repeated Dreams About The Same Topic

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Recurring dreams are dreams with the same or similar dream scenes, but repeated dreams about the same topic have different dream scenes, even though the dream messages are the same. Sometimes the same dream symbols appear in a series of dreams, or dream symbols that have a similar meaning. Repeated dreams about the same topic show you that you are repeating the same mistakes and you don’t want to do something, even after understanding that you have to do it. They are a series of different dreams that always show you the same things... This is an idiotic attitude, but many people don’t stop making a certain mistake even after having many dreams with the.

[via Scientific Dream Interpretation]

[03/14/16, via iNews880AM]
RCMP asking for your help to find a missing woman She wears glasses with thick lenses, and is most likely wearing a hat. She was last seen wearing a black and yellow windbreaker, baggy jeans and new white and turquoise runners. If you have seen Viola Legrelle, you’re asked to contact the Wetaskiwin RCMP ... [...]

[03/14/16, via The TownTalk]
Alexandria Police seek help finding missing woman The woman, Virginia V. Irwin ... a gray muscle shirt and a black bandanna on her head. She has short black hair and may be wearing blue contact lenses . Anyone with knowledge of her whereabouts is asked to call the Alexandria Police Department’s main ... [...]

[03/12/16, via Death And Taxes]
Richard Simmons: Aging recluse or prisoner of black magic? In a lengthy report in the New York Daily News, several people close to Simmons explained that he cut off all contact with them around 2014, often times with no explanation. One such example in June Park, a woman who ... (caused by) black magic, witchcraft. [...]

[03/08/16, via]
Contact lens discounter complains about Arizona optometrists One of the nation's largest contact ... Black! Folks driving on Arizona State Route 77 near Holbrook Friday morning got quite a surprise. Call the Men in Black! Folks driving on Arizona State Route 77 near Holbrook Friday morning got quite a surprise. A ... [...]

[03/08/16, via The Huffington Post]
Lynne Coté & Kimberly Inskeep : Women Empowering Women I hope from these stories you will look at your own situations, struggles and accomplishments through a different lens ... the lives of women and we wondered if we could do that beyond the living room. Back in '08, we came into contact with an organization ... [...]

Woman goes in for cataract surgery, has 27 contact lenses removed from her eye

EnlargeGetty | UniversalImagesGroupSometimes, there’s more to old age than meets the eye—sometimes, it’s 27 contact lenses jammed in there, according to a case study published this month in the British Medical Journal.A 67-year-old British woman, complaining of eye discomfort and dryness, was scheduled last November to have routine surgery to remove cataracts when doctors discovered a “blueish mass” of 17 disposable contact lenses stuck in one of her eyes. Upon further examination, they...

Contact lenses found when Janet Abaroa's body was exhumed

Durham, N.C. — An exhumation of Janet Abaroa's body more than five years after she was found stabbed to death in her Durham home revealed that she had been wearing contacts when she was buried.Images: Janet Abaroa murder caseDr. Charles Zwerling, a Goldsboro ophthalmologist who examined the remains of the 25-year-old's eyes, testified Thursday in the first-degree murder trial of her husband, Raven Abaroa, that he found fragments of Acuvue lenses in samples he received from Durham police.Raven...

Colored Contacts: Celebrities Who Wear Them and What You Should Know Before Buying Them

*If you’ve been thinking about updating your look, consider colored contacts. Unlike a new wardrobe, this makeover won’t cost you a fortune.Worried light-colored eyes won’t look natural on you? Look at the beautiful celebrity women like Tyra Banks and Rihanna. They both wear light-green contacts that look natural and enhance their beauty.The trick is getting the right contacts for your complexion and desired effect.Who’s Wearing Them?Colored contacts are a popular trend in Hollywood. You...