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Do I need a Prescription to Wear Contact Lenses

Why you need to have your contacts evaluated periodically, and what I am looking for.

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@mfdoom_txt I invented the 1st solar system's globe in braille invisible contact lenses with or without prescriptio… 

RT @FTC: Anyone who sells you lenses without getting a copy of your prescription or verifying your prescription information with your presc…

RT @SeeSmileLive: Halloween Hazard: Never Buy Decorative Contact Lenses Without a Prescription… 

Anyone who sells you lenses without getting a copy of your prescription or verifying your prescription information… 

RT @SeeSmileLive: Halloween Hazard: Never Buy Decorative Contact Lenses Without a Prescription… 

The Advantages Weight Contact Lenses Without a Prescription The Advantages Weight Contact Lenses Without a Prescription
Published by Lulu Press, Inc 2014
ISBN 9781312556584,1312556587
"Contact Lenses Without A Prescription"
Published by Fishing 4 Great Publishing 0101
"Contact Lenses Without A Prescription"
Published by Butter Book Publishing 0101
Contact Lenses Without A Prescription Contact Lenses Without A Prescription
Published by Free eBooks Publishing 2014
10 pages

Getting Bionic Vision

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I haven't had perfect eyesight since I was 8: I got my first pair of glasses then, and I graduated to contact lenses when I was 18. Now that I'm turning 28 (there seems to be a rule of tens going on. ), and since my prescription (-3. 75 R, -4. 25... this flap is then flipped back by the ophthalmologist, and a laser is then used to ablate the underlying cells in a controlled manner. The old method of making this corneal flap uses what is called a microkeratome, which is essentially a very fine blade - I don't know about you, but the thought of having a blade near my eyeballs sounds extremely terrifying to me. The more modern...

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The View Through a New Lens: Ad Analysis

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A medium sized wooden varnished row boat with a build remanence to that of a gondola slowly creeps along a calm and vibrant coastal waterfront. The row boat is encased between two magnificent and expansive, vegetation capped peaks that seemingly peer straight out of an emerald green body of water and directly into a blue skyline. These two massive amalgamations of solid earth and green flora, spanning independently of one other stand directly behind and to the right of the humble boat, as it careens carefully and peacefully around the edge of one peak. Its looks to be midday, and the sun is at its highest point. This modest vessel is prepared for warm and bright conditions with two small awning both yellow and blue in color that cover the captain and a few passengers. Even with this shield from the sun brilliance, however, the vision of passengers attempting to enjoy the breathtaking natural beauty of the tall peaks in the distance,.

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[03/14/16, via]
FDA to declassify electroshock therapy to same risk category as condoms and contact lenses In January, reported that a bill had been introduced in Congress that would allow the testing of medical devices on patients without prior consent ... this is the same category as condoms, contact lenses and air purifiers. [...]

[03/03/16, via Techinasia]
Singaporeans can now get their contact lenses online from this startup But getting new contact lenses can be a hassle. For one, it’s illegal to sell contact lenses in Singapore without a prescription by an optometrist. So you have to arrange for an annual eye test, visit the doctor, and pay the relevant fee. And then go to ... [...]

[11/01/15, via Bills Insider]
Halloween contact lenses unsafe, illegal without prescription As you're putting the finishing touches on your Halloween costume this week you may want to leave out Halloween contact lenses. In the past two weeks, officials have seized nearly 5,000 pairs of unapproved, illegal and decorative contact lenses, many of ... [...]

[10/31/15, via KARE 11]
Halloween contact lens dos and don'ts They want people to know that contact lenses are medical devices – even without a correction – and while they are widely available, it is illegal to sell these contacts without a prescription. This is because they can be very scary indeed- in fact ... [...]

[10/30/15, via Electronic Urban Report]
Don’t Wear Cosmetic Contact Lenses For Halloween…Or At All Without A Prescription! Although selling cosmetic contact lenses without a prescription is actually illegal, they can still be found in stores and online. They are dangerous because they can scratch the cornea, which covers the iris and pupil, as well as cause ulcers on the eye ... [...]

Contact lens startup Hubble sold lenses with a fake prescription from a made-up doctor

The Hubble contacts sitting in front of me are everything the ads promised: two weeks’ worth of soft, daily lenses in robin’s-egg-blue packaging. They arrived promptly, one week after I placed an order on Hubble’s website, and three days after the company notified me the contacts had shipped. The lenses were packed in cream-colored boxes and came with a five-step guide, illustrated in different shades of pastel. There’s only one problem: I don’t wear contacts, and I ordered these using a fake...

Boston Celtics news: Jaylen Brown 'appreciated being able to see' after ditching goggles for contacts

BOSTON -- With less than one minute left on the game clock Wednesday night, Boston Celtics wing Jaylen Brown caught the ball deep in the left corner.By NBA standards, he was wide open. He just didn't know whether he should shoot the ball. You see, the Celtics led the Denver Nuggets by six points at the time. Brown thought his coaches might want him to run down the clock as much as possible. "I wasn't sure," Brown said after the Celtics preserved a 124-118 win. "I thought we were...

Novelty contact lenses present Halloween health hazard, agencies warn

Those vampire contact lenses that you bought to complete your Halloween costume may be even scarier than you think. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration and other agencies are warning consumers about decorative contacts, which when used improperly can cause serious damage to the eye - including blindness. Novelty lenses are inexpensive and especially popular around Halloween, and some costume stores and boutiques stock them in a range of crazy colors and styles. But it's illegal to sell...